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  1. Guys, so i read some comments on myungsoo's insta and a lot of kfans are saying he plagarised snsd seohyun's parting message. The contents are indeed similar but isn't it overboard to say that he aint sincere and just copy someone else message? I mean its like writing a birthday message, theres bound to be a few similar things that everyone would write. I'm angry at those kfans. What u guys think?
  2. KBSCool FM 이수지의 가요광장 MS reaction to HS talking about how she act in front of someone she like 34:58 - 35:35 Dj: *giggle very happily* Look at them, already starting to bicker. (lee suji sounded like a happy soosun shipper) SHS: Sometimes I get so shy that I dare not make eye contact or I would feel embarrassed by the way i eat. Dj: *giggles* why would you feel embarrassed by the way you eat? When its a one-sided crush? SHS: There are times like this... when in front of the guy i like, for some reason, would feel embarrassed eating. Dj: ohh yes yes. Because you want to look pretty. SHS: yes. because I want to look pretty. What if food drop out of my mouth when i eat? What if my saliva drips? MS: When eating with me, you eat really well. (Is he disappointed she does not care about how she eats in front of him?? haha so cute) Dj: Well I'm sorry MS, filming ( sentence not finished but implying that SHS only likes MS in the drama) *everyone laughs* Dj: But you never know what will happen HS: *agreeing tone* you never know what will happen (Is she saying there is a potential for her to like him as a guy?) Dj: *teasing tone* you guys still have not completed filming so you still have a chance (I think lee suji is soosun shipper too)
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