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  1. I know of all the struggles that kpop trainees go through, and I've even done my research. I know what companies I want to audition for. I really want to be in a girl group, not just because I'm inspired by all my favourites. I really want to become a rapper. I think I'm pretty good at rapping! The thing is, I don't know what my parents will say. How do I tell them I want to be in a girl group?
  2. Ooo, have fun with your blender! I don't really have any recipes for you, but if you visit AllRecipes' website, they have some good content you can use. P.S you could probably add a little mango or strawberry to your smoothie to add more flavour.
  3. False I think. I don't know what that is since I'm pretty new here... I don't think so? The next person's favourite season is fall.
  4. Probably not too fun... I went on my friend's boat over the summer and even though it's on the bigger side, I felt kinda trapped. If you can easily entertain yourself and like the water, maybe?
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