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  1. Not just a sex, maybe just a lip kiss he never do it. Everything with LX its first time. When LX kiss him first he like stone Virgin old dragon
  2. He never fall in love before i think. He always alone, never like noise. I remember at cong ji he say he so boring person.
  3. I think Jiu Chen must responsible to us. Actually watching and wait new episode at monday to friday. But now i feel empty. I never feel alone before met Jiu chen Btw, anybody know when JC cure his coldness disease???
  4. First A mo throw at river by her dad Second when kidnaped by bandit. 2 bandit was freeze by Jiu chen Third like you say, dying in JC arm before Ling Xi back to heaven.
  5. Behind scene last battle https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/87314099.html?weibo_id=4406046724786562
  6. Nian Er idolized Kai Yang. She is like her mom. Loves martial art. Nian Er doesnt know how great her father, God of War. Hahahhaa. So adorable little girl. I agree too, Ling xi take care everthing his daughter. 300 years just live in cong ji. We can see she peel an egg. And prepare a meal. That tell how responsible her to be mother. When she say 'lets Mom carrying you" at fuyintian, thats show mothers love. Carrying and hug her child.
  7. When bridge scene ep 58. I really want to know what Ling xi talk. I just can understand she want bring baize, she want plant peach blossom tree at congji yuan but she want JC help her because cong ji is cold area. And then she want kitchen like human realm because she like eat rice. Am i wrong? She ask what colour JC like. Color for what? Can someone help me please translate.. what detail they talked.
  8. I really like this scene.Ling Xi admirer GoW for a long time and when this scene feels like get big hit. She really really love him so much. Her dreams come true. Ling Xi so lucky get JC whole heart. He is yours now, little fairy. Maybe America have fairy tale story like Cinderella, China have this Fairy Tale.
  9. I hope like you say. Its better than they separated and many years come back again. Its old story.
  10. When he planning get married he really happy and dont know about anything. He planning stay at private residence after married. Ling xi aprove to stay at congji yuan too. Because at there dont see Shi san and Yui li. so happiness see Jiu Chen prepare every detail about his wedding. When he laugh at bridge i cryyyy.... because its so sadfull. He know he will separated. He say ling xi find someone kind for herself if he die. And Jiu chen eyes when see Ling Xi so make my heart hurt.
  11. Thank youuu. I will wait you translate the detail about Ling Xi talk about their future. Its not happy but sad when Yuan Feng back , i think i will happy but its not like that. Jiu chennn... Maybe when Jiu chen come back he will find out he have a child 3 years old. 3 years separated
  12. Behind scene about what happen tonight https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/86977341.html?weibo_id=4405666623619654
  13. Our Ling Xi is back. i hope today i can see my Yuan feng backk... kiss Qing Yao maybe.
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