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  1. Yeah this is why I don't understand, why there were so many this "moments" where she looks at him like love, they could let her be only friendly with him, but no we get his confession and her some times looking at him ... and tahn throwing the princess at asule from 20-36 the whole time. but what I still don't like, Yuran is still married to Asule, she gave her word and than this kiss in 36? I mean it was political, but she did know what she was doing and said while marrige beeing on the floor infroont of the king "I am willing"...But she didn't closed her eyes while Ji Ye kissed her in the water...I think she is still confused like aunt said. I want her to go her way and asule his way, so that they all mature.
  2. @Erafera1 Same here, I mean the first thing when she said at 20, you are crown prince...so do some polictics and not nice night with your new wife. She is nice but she is to much and to nice and everywhere....I watched till 36 and still everywhere the princess. And she is always nice...Yeah she is nice, also beautiful...but also Asule did loved yuran till his memory loss and they are like throwing the princess all the time at him, that we love her and he also, but it is to much for me. Maybe if should be sometimes fun and not so lady and not everywhere where asule goes, I mean in 36 he goes alone from bed at night and she has to get up in the night and go behind him, little bit like stalker. He could go to toilette only, but no, let us follow him everywhere....Less would be nice, I would like her more I think she could be also nice for Asuele, because he knows and we know, Yuran is a girl who will not changed her direction. Yuran needs to mature, I agree, but I like her really a lot, her character is fun and lively. I am looking forward when Asule goes his way and gets stronger for himself and Yuran goes to her winged tribe and is stronger and Ji Ye, yeah Jiye wanted always one thing, be some great general...
  3. Wow 33-34, I would like to know what is aunt telling Yuran...don't understand anything Yeah subtitle only up to 19... I still like yuran more, because the princess is still the same character, I cannot warm up to her, she is really ncie and warm, but no smiling and and fun or some strong character.
  4. @liddi thank You so much for all the information and the song...ahhh my day is saved...
  5. I know this drama will end ...sad, but do You also think that the beginning, the first 3 Minutes from episode 1 is the end? I mean like one loanly surviver there with the boy putting the little boats ( like memory or something) on. can somebody read what is written there? Can we post links here? I will try, does anybody knows the totle and singer of this song? Love the song so much, but it is so short here
  6. Ohh my first post here...I love the series, watched it to 22 raw, and 14 with sub (youtube)...Now viki has the rights, yahooo.... I like asules character, like @tarjig wrote, Asule puts everybody ahead of himself, he think of the ppl, he is getting stronge rin head, but still at the beginning and his body, still ill, I think he will get stronger after some big deal. It is sad to see the rwas, where asule and Ji Ye are taking different ways...I have to say, Yuran was a girl when they met her, she is also the youngiest isn't she? Sometimes she is more mature, I still hope, she will see Asule for what he is. Sometimes she is looking at him. I don't like the new princess ...she is nice, looks like she is ok, but no fire no connection. Still waiting for yuran to mature and be good with asule... @liddi thank you for your long review and summary. It is really nice to read.
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