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  1. What i like about the finale: 1. Pyscho died the way he tried to kill Sol/Sunjae - it was so so satisfying to watch. THE LEGENDARY WHITE TRUCK OF DOOM, HAHA. 2. The reunion of Sol/Sunjae - when Sol broke out in tears realising Sunjae remembered, it was so heartbreaking. Kim Hyeyoon really nailed it! 3. Wrapping up on side characters like Sol's bro/bff, Tae Sung, Tae Sung's dad, Sunjae's dad and Sol's mum etc - the funny moments, bromance, family love is just so funny to watch. I really dont mind all these fillers 4. Tae Sung's father words that pyscho's death may have meant another person get to live - he has never been so right! His death broke the curse between Sol and Sunjae. 5. Grandma's words to Sunjae - Byeon Woo Seok nailed it here too. 6. The "cancelled" proposal scene on the ship reminds me of when Sol tried to stop the restaurant owner from playing her Tae Sung song, haha, only that it was so hilarious when In Hyuk and Dong Seok had to pick up the flower petals! 7. The finale with Sunjae proposing at the cherry blossoms park is very romantic. Let's not dwell on how the ring suddenly appears in her hand, (not just in her hand, but under the petals?!) but how this is so much more than an elaborate and loud proposal. I really love that the scene was so bright, and they were wearing like white. This is a huge contrast to their previous kiss scenes where its mostly shot at night and it feels gloomy and sad. The bright setting shows like they are really going to enjoy happy days and everything will be OK! So i really like it. 8. Omg the imaginary wedding scene - is that a indication for a special episode? Hehehe. I do have some qns left unanswered, so just sharing here too: 1. When Sol travelled back the 4th time to stop their first meeting, she stayed there all the way and hence didnt fall in love w Tae Sung? 2. If so, did she encounter pyscho or not? Else why pyscho still hover around them after released from jail? (Tae Sung father caught him in 2008) 3. Is Sunjae part of Eclipse in final timeline or not? The ep where Sunjae dad spoke to Grandma at restaurant, he rambling about Sunjae's concert, yet thereafter it looked as if Sunjae is portrayed as just a famous actor? Slight confused. In all, i started this drama for Hyeyooni and didnt expect i will be so addicted to it. Really my fav kdrama of 2024. ❤️🩷🧡💛💚💙🩵💜 (Reminds me of the time when i was crazy over You're Beautiful drama, chuckles.)
  2. ep 15...i teared up...cant wait for tomorrow's finale! ❤️❤️❤️
  3. I m very curious to know how the plot will proceed, anything can happen. Remembering the previous memories may not always be good (look how it made uri Sol cry every ep). If SJ fall in love w Sol again, it's still great. But i have many qns - did Tae Sung in new future know anything? So since SJ/Sol didnt meet, freaking pyscho didnt abduct Sol in 2008/2009? How did Sol travel back to future after not meeting SJ? So their meeting was "cursed" for SJ's fate (to die)? Where is the watch now? Still have 2 more time travel chances? Now they both meet in new future, is the freaking pyscho going to attack them again? Hope we can get more flashbacks in ep 14!
  4. Been checking out the bts videos, it looks almost like wooseoki is having a crush on hyeyooni...the way he gazes lovingly at her, and he's always smiling and grinning...and very touchy...and hyeyoon is not wary...they are really very comfortable w each other...
  5. Parts of Ep 12 had me laughing like a hyena, it's just too funny. Kudos to the writer. Time for some noble idiocacy from uri Sol, but it's just who she is, poor Sun Jae. I hate the evil guy but i m really excited to know what "final" future lies ahead for our lovebirds! Will be re-watching the hilarious and lovey dovey scenes to tide me till next week! Hope the ratings continue to rise and exceed 6%!
  6. Ep 11 has a lot of comedic moments, lol. I laughed a lot but yet still squee-ing at the little fluttery moments between our lovebirds. Nice to see more scenes with Tae Seong and In Hyuk. I hope Tae Seong's father will be all right!
  7. 8 more hrs and i'll get to watch ep 9! Cant wait!
  8. I wonder...it seemed like in ep 3 by the pool, when drunk Im Sol and Sun Jae was listening to this song with earphones, the song version sounds like Yoo Hoo Seung?! (the vouce and music arrangement seemed different from original version)...
  9. I wouldnt mind at all if 2023 Sol and Sun Jae return to the past together and restart their lives again!
  10. Woo hoo, it's Monday again w Lovely Runner to chase away the bluess... Not sure if anyone asked before, do we know if Byun Woo Seok really sing w his own voice as Sun Jae? 😍
  11. Wow, you are very disciplined, i can never wait that long if i m excited about the storyline...>.<
  12. Some say Im Sol is immature for her age, as a fangirl myself i think it is normal and can relate. We do see that Im Sol will kinda act her age sometimes when she is with Kim Tae Sung, lol. Finished ep 5 and so eagerly waiting for ep 6 tonight. Ep 5 thots:
  13. Omg i m addicted to this drama...its an agony to wait for new ep next week...both leads are so cute and have good chemistry. and the time travel plot is interesting too.
  14. Finally it's the end... 1. BFF had it too easy just dying like like that, and she recalled the good times she had w JW before dying? What's the whole point of the revenge? A nonsensical evil character written just to create chaos. Duh, she even got to enjoy a day with Ah Rin being a pretty auntie in her memory. 2. I cringe when Teo called stepdad "Father"(too thick skinned)...I was so glad when JW passed the CEO baton to him and me thinking that puppy can focus on his career instead of hanging ard JW, but alas, JW decide to give him a chance aft all (even if it's in the unknown future)...well, our writer thinks she needs a man to have a happy ending, what to do? Maybe if the writer didnt write him as a grinning puppy but a more mature younger guy who stood by JW and supported her, i might be more supportive of their romance. Or maybe it's the actor who got it all wrong,lol! 3. Ya, i know, it's weird that JW got closure by hallucinating about her mum and she imagined her responses, I couldnt understand too when I watched it, but then again, her mum is gone, how else can she move on? Sometimes, even normal ppl who are hurt/wounded/sad will dream or imagine the ppl who hurt or make them sad, and the conversations are also imaginary. If we want to move on, the conversation will be in that correct direction, else vice versa. 4. I will rate this 1 star better than Family coz besides Jang Nara, i adore Son Ho Jun. Dont ask me how many stars Family got. Thanks to all who stayed around till the end!
  15. @partyon Yeah she is my fav too, i liked the badass part of Family but the family scenes mostly didnt work for me...
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