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  1. Anyone recalled the dark alley scene? There was a homeless man sitting on the ground when DongBaek and YongSik walked by. I was startled when he actually coughed. Remember that DongBaek’s account of Joker was that he kept on coughing? If that man is always in the alley, that also means that he is watching DongBaek everyday since she will walk past the alley daily. Still not sure if Joker is working on his own or has an accomplice. HeungSik doesn’t seem to be off the suspect list yet (coz of the gloves and proximity to DongBaek and he definitely knows Camelia well and he installed the cctv so he knows the blind spots) but he is so adorable when he smiles. And He doesn’t sound like someone who will make that kinda of cough though. HyangMi and JungRyeol and annoying.
  2. Liking the drama so far! I am guessing...that Joker could be... Heung Sik (the guy who helps to repair stuff around Camelia? At the end of ep 4, we saw someone scratching the table w a lighter (we know the Joker’s msg was scorched later on)- during the time Yong Sik was re-painting the walls, i rem Heung Sik was around too... Sometimes, the character that usually go unnoticed could be the psycho...haha
  3. Hi all I have a question....so is Yi Kyung’s singing voice in the drama Lee Seol’s or Sondia’s???
  4. Hi everyone I m sure many of you agrees that the ost rocks? While i like both actress Lee Seol and singer Sondia voices, I sometimes can’t differentiate them, especially when in the drama, Lee Seol is singing the songs which mostly when released for the ost, the songs are sung by Sondia? Did anyone see any youtube links that extracts Lee Seol version from the drama? She sang quite a lot of songs... I am assuming the full song versions on Youtube are by Sondia...??? Or am I wrong? Or the uploaders used the wrong name? hmm...
  5. Someone just uploaded it (Magical Perfume) yesterday! Yeah! Apparently there is a Perfume BGM OST.
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