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  1. SSK is mostly bashed because some people hate her and use distaste towards her "acting" to make their hatred towards her,valid. She actually got so much undeserved hate from i-netz it's sickening. I have seen all her historical dramas before all the way from Land, Queen Seondok, Tree with Deep Roots and Six Flying Dragons and clearly, SSK is amazing in these. She's actually well-loved and referred to as " Historical drama goddess" in Korea. SSK is highly respected for her historical drama roles and mind you, you can't be a bad actor/actress when your acting ability is recognised in historicals. Thank you for recognising her talent here in RHGHR.
  2. And we haven't heard ost 5 and ost 6 yet right?? Gosh I'm so impatient with the last ep. I just wanna see how the writer will tie everything up nicely in just an hour.
  3. Omg!!! Why does it feel like the plot is just beginning to unfold at ep 19??? This should've been brought out at around ep 15-16. I miss our main couple so much, I can cry I won't accept and open ending for this drama. They marketed this as a fusion romcom saeguk. In reality we should still be getting more fluff and love from the main couple but no huhuhuhu. Don't get me wrong I loved the angst but it feels so rushed. It could get away if this drama has 24 eps or didn't go around beating the bush somewhere within the middle eps.
  4. I'm still quite fine with tonight's ep despite the lack of romance. The closest thing we got was both Hae Ryung and Rim protecting wach other. I especially loved Hae Ryung being like a black knight trying to save Rim (she was so brave in that one!) and then Rim returning the care and protecting her. Loved that one! I feel like we'll be facing much more emotional scenes later. It seems to me like Hae Ryung will be shipped out to Qing to save her life (gosh will there will be a lot more tears and farewells tonight)
  5. Yeah I can't imagine the sadness and angst once Hae Ryung learns about her father. Their relationship has been very ideal all along. To add with the heartbreak will be Rim being shot by an arrow. Omg how will she handle all these? The OST of CEW is good but also sad at the same time. Is this the last OST? Are we no longer getting a happier one? Huhuhu
  6. Hello everyone! Saw on Naver that they will release the 6th OST by Eunwoo today. It is a ballad song, entitled "Remember me"
  7. Awww they all look so cute. Seems like it's their last day of filming yesterday. They look so close with each other now huhu love them all. Gosh! I'm starting to miss all of them even if we still have 4 eps left. Btw, I'm scared with the premiering shows tonight. I just hope there are still a lot of viewers who'll stick to RHGHR after the 2 wks that it's gone. Really want their ratings to end on a good note, they truly deserve it huhu. Quite hoping we see more cute pics of our Haerim couple as it ends. I'll miss our babies
  8. Ohhh the latest stilla for the upcoming ep 17 tomorrow makes me wonder why Hae Ryung seems to be intently staring at the portrait of (the former king???). I'm pretty sure her dad is the teacher/doctor but why is she looking at the portrait like that??
  9. Awww as a SSK fan, thank you so much for recognizing her! Biases aside, I honestly think she deserves an acting award for playing Hae Ryung really well. And yes, this drama also exceeded my expectations in so many levels. Can I recommend some of her saeguks? Hehe my personal fave is her performance in Deep Rooted Tree (she's like 20 there and yet her emotions were spot on!) And of course, the classic, Six Flying Dragons. Both are of the same writer and seem to love her lol. And omg I couldn't agree more with the bothersome freeze-frame kiss scene LOL!!! We deserve a better and a little more passionate kiss from them! We pretty much know both of them are good kissers from their prev dramas
  10. Yeah! I even saw some tweets wishing Sahui was the FL. And I was like whuuut?!?!?!?! HAHAHA but to each their own, I guess. And Hae Ryung is also my female lead of the year! What are your plans after RHGHR? I need some concrete plan to deal with my pre-empted separation anxiety with this show. Pls share your plans lol
  11. What a lovely photo! Thanks for sharing And with what you've said it also just hit me that even though I'm so excited for tomorrow's ep 17, darn! Next week will indeed be our last time to see them. I've grown so attached with out Haerim/ maehwa-sparrow couple already I don't even know how to move on lol. No matter how the ending will be, RHGHR would prolly be my fave fusion saeguk. I just enjoyed it so much!
  12. I also dislike Sahui very much!!! Thank you for just speaking out my mind and enumerating it all I honestly didn't feel any sympathy nor pity her when she cried in front of Jin on ep 16. I am also not in favor with her "relationship" with Jin. I actually feel more for the Crown Princess. She also deserves to be treated right. It's not her fault that she's the daughter of the 2nd state councilor. In contrast with Sahui who made the decision to betray everybody else to fulfill her longing of having her own identity/path.
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