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  1. Hi, this is my first time this form so I just saw your review. I wanted to say I totally agree with you on a lot of things. WW's boyfriend is very traditional/untraditional at the same time. He wants to be man of the house and wants her to follow his guidance without question. I think WW has zero ambition/ goals and has adapted his lifestyle because of that. But when CKH comes into her life he challenges her to seek her own path which draws her in. I like tradition and am very for keeping it. But what upset me the most about WW's boyfriend is he is controlling. To the point that he makes her guilty for spending HER OWN money. He has her in an emotional bondage . Also, I hate hate his hair, like who parts their hair like that. CKH's gf also tries to entrap him in a relationship. I wouldn't call her as a person "in a one sided love". In order to categorize something as love, you must understand love. People who are in love are usually attentive to the one they love. She on the other hand is in love with the idea of being the wife or even a person obsessed with him. Even in the first episode you can tell in his mind the relationship has finished actually way beyond that . This means his departure from her has long been started and from her actions has not registered it. But the biggest thing that bothers me about her is her clinginess . She bitterly doesn't work or even provide for herself yet here she is trying to guilt trip him into giving her his love / marry her. Male or female, you and your partner have to both be able to provide for yourself at least before marriage. This is the 21st century . After marriage, you and your spouse can discuss if either of you might stay home. Before marriage, neither of you should really have access to nor have control over the other person's money. Money is the number 1 cause of divorce, murder etc. Both WW's bf and CKH's gf both make me mad. They need to get some help.
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