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  1. when daheen asked oh je if she can be his girlfriend in front of the class, oh je couldnt say no because of peer pressure lol the class were cheering them to date. in ep 5, daheen even said its their 3rd day but oh je was the one that kept denying their relationship when his father asked him. i dont think he takes the relationship seriously and oh je does look uncomfortable in the relationship, like he is just in it because he couldn't say no to her hahaha! abt him being gay - those were theories because his character description says he has a secret. another theory was that he is a single dad! for me, i'm liking ohje's character cause he seems like a good son and he also cares for Junwoo.. hwiyoung is scaring me.. he controls everything even in school. what makes him so confident? that the vice principal always adore him and thus has his back? i was cheering for teacher oh when he asked hwiyoung to rearrange the seatings back to normal and to not have hwiyoung's study group clash with his classes. things need to be set right!! it was so cute... both were surprised lol even the bike couldn't take the confession
  2. @glass_shoe15 its not true. seongwu has been posting photos about his drama since morning today and even interacted with his fellow casts and pd on social media. he was not frustrated and we should not be speculating as well. please don't post any rumours here :/
  3. subin was alrdy uncomfortable with hwiyoung telling his friends that he is his girlfriend. even when his friends tease abt subin being ma hwiyoung's girlfriend, hwiyoung didn't mind but subin does. another situation was when he went to her house and even brought her own clothes for her to change into. subin was clearly uncomfortable abt it. another detail that another viewer manage to caught was that during ep 3, subin's saved hwiyoung's name as just hwiyoung (casual) but in ep 4, it change into ma hwiyoung (more formal). not many will catch on this (because its quite trivial and small hahaha) but it does show abt her feelings towards hwiyoung. she went from being just friends to being uncomfortable around him and his actions. the incident after the jung hoo's death and knowing abt the truth between junwoo/hwiyoung will make subin even more suspicious abt hwiyoung. ep 3 (subin save it as hwiyoung) ep 4 (subin save it as ma hwiyoung) @glass_shoe15 welo refers to ong seongwu's fanclub name. in korean (wiro), it means 'to comfort' but its romanized as WELO in english
  4. towards the end of the ep. 5 preview, he still asked if she was okay (after overhearing the argument with her mom) so I think they will still care and look out for one another. when junwoo was being indifferent to subin was because maybe they don't know how to continue their friendship (normally) after that incident (junwoo punching hwiyoung). afterall and all this while, subin don't really know the actual truth (conflict) between junwoo and hwiyoung + the fact that hwiyoung is still subin's friend. now the truth is somewhat out that there is a conflict between junwoo and hwiyoung, its a new situation for subin to deal with. but i believe subin will try to be understanding towards junwoo. in ep 5 preview, she said to hwiyoung "why did you stay still when junwoo was hitting you?" (perhaps she is suggesting that if you are not guilty of something, why didn't you retaliate). and to junwoo, she said "i wanted to help in case you were being treated indifferently". anyways, this is my take on ep 5 preview, it might turn out differently hahaha soompi posted details for ep 5 preview and it mention junwoo changing. “Following his friend’s death and after figuring out what Hwi Young’s plans were, Joon Woo begins to undergo a change. Please watch over him as he goes through a whirlwind of emotions.” (cr.soompi) https://www.soompi.com/article/1343263wpp/ong-seong-wu-changes-as-his-conflict-with-shin-seung-ho-deepens-in-moments-of-18 it even mention junwoo meeting with sanghoon. finally sanghoon, i hope he will side with junwoo this time :')
  5. abt script reading, its their first time meeting each other and also seong wu's 1st time ever doing script reading. i find the awkwardness was quite reasonable. even during the group poster filming, it was taken less than a month when they started their filming. if anything, i find it refreshing that they admit their awkwardness out quite in the open in an attempt to make it less awkward (?). in their latest making video, seongwu refers to himself as oppa (@ 1:01) this was from the press conference, seongwu said himself that he sometimes call hyanggi as subin. even the production crew calls seongwu as junwoo in their making film. anyways, im excited for ep 5 since we are going to see a change in junwoo's personality after his best friend's death. he won't sit around and let hwiyoung do whatever he wants. the important thing is how he is going about doing it - i hope he will be smart since hwiyoung has that wealth and influence over the school. i pity junwoo now also, i wonder if it will affect his relationship with subin since subin is considered friends with hwiyoung. but i feel even subin will change upon learning about the truth
  6. @Latte_Anyday for me, maybe they arent at that stage yet like its too early for that? idk hahaha and Junwoo is an awkward guy, something like a hug to someone whom he just met will be out of a character? i actually like their interactions for now.. not so lovey-dovey yet but they are like adorably shy together as they are getting close hehehe. I find the scene when they were performing their english assessment in front of Teacher Oh so pure + there is definitely something going on with Hwiyoung's family/father and the school. there was this scene when the old homeroom teacher made a phone call to his father and ask him to check on 'about the thing'. explains why Hwiyoung seems like he has control over the school, even with the teachers.. anyone feels that there needs to be more explanation behind Junghoo's death? like the bullies still continued to attack Junghoo after he left to start anew?? why
  7. if you watch episode 3 carefully, junwoo didn't cover her from the rain. he did that automatically when he heard the thunder which surprised both of them. its cliche but its cute still especially when he just throw away his precious bike and as a kid, he was the one who is scared of thunders
  8. still cuts for episode 3! brief summary of the article is that they will explain in the upcoming episode the truth behind junwoo's forced transfer. and him meeting his old friend (played by actor song geon hee). you can see in the still cuts that his friend is surrounded by bullies http://www.osen.co.kr/article/G1111194006
  9. i like this drama! its really beautiful in terms of the cinematography and the OSTs~ so far, they showed how junwoo, who had issues in his prev sch is also struggling in his new sch (thanks to hwiyoung ). it seems that the solution he has is to leave, go to some other place again and move on (reference to the 1st line he said in ep 1). but at last, he decided to not give in and still remain in the sch (he did nothing wrong anyways). also, we know now that his dad abandoned him since young and his dad has a new family... that scene was heartbreaking to watch + i am curious abt his background! was it a misunderstanding that he was involved in theft and assault because he tried to explain in ep.1 but didnt get to continue?.. meanwhile, hwiyoung was stuck in a situation where he could be exposed (for not returning the watch) and eventually end up dumping the blame to junwoo. he sees junwoo as an easy target since 1) transferred student 2) theft and assault incident. he thinks he can get away with everything but now that junwoo decided to stay, he shouldnt make any more mess (but looking at the preview for ep. 3, he is still at it). i do want to pity him because of his parents but still it doesnt make it right for him to ruin someone's else life subin's situation seems to be the best (among the main characters) except her mom.. subin is doing well in sch but her mom wants her to be at the top so she is pushing subin. but there is a limit and subin eventually won't take it anymore. the scene when she had to listen to her mom nagging in ep 2, she was about to cry & i want to hug her waiting for ep 3 where we can see more of their school life now that junwoo is staying~
  10. latest still cuts: https://www.soompi.com/article/1339228wpp/ong-seong-wu-nervously-transfers-to-kim-hyang-gis-school-in-moments-of-18 click here for the full version: http://tv.jtbc.joins.com/photo/pr10011069/pm10053847/detail/14862
  11. Relationship chart summary translated in English (I will update again if I can find detailed translation for other characters): Choi Junwoo's parents character synopsis: https://twitter.com/0hMy0ng/status/1149176795981238272 Convenience store part-time noona: https://twitter.com/hwangclouds/status/1149154841542848512 Cheongbong High School's students and teachers: Teacher Oh Hankyul: https://twitter.com/omgong_0825/status/1149176518569947136 Yoo Pilsang: https://twitter.com/omgong_0825/status/1149205780328931329 Hwang Romi: https://twitter.com/omgong_0825/status/1149180471894368256 Jeong Ohje: https://twitter.com/cherrio_xo/status/1149164053895344128 This article has a summary of the other characters synopsis: https://www.soompi.com/article/1338004wpp/moments-of-18-reveals-relationship-chart-of-main-and-supporting-characters And, official drama synopsis from JTBC's website translated: http://tv.jtbc.joins.com/plan/pr10011069
  12. Choi Junwoo's character synopsis: Yoo Subin's: https://twitter.com/omgong_0825/status/1149166339623309312 Ma Hwiyoung's: https://twitter.com/omgong_0825/status/1149175278133846016
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