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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I haven't seen Personal Taste but it sounds like a great one for more SYJ! I had trouble with the emojis too. It wouldn't let me post after I put one in, so I think they only allow Soompi's own.
  2. Just to rave about this drama some more, I think Seri is one of the most well rounded and interesting female leads I've ever seen in a Kdrama. Son Ye Jin portrays all the different sides of Seri so well. On one hand, she's the tough, determined, badass CEO. She's quick thinking, smart, and never gives up in any situation. On the other hand, she's also funny and adorable. One the third hand lol, she can be so vulnerable too. In some scenes she feels like a lost puppy...you can really feel her pain and loneliness. And at other times, she's so raw and emotional, like when she was crying outside after breaking up with Jung Hyuk and then drove after him in the snow... I can see why Son Ye Jin won so many acting awards. She's truly incredible!
  3. I watched a drama called "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi" a few years ago. It was about a very smart and successful businesswoman who had been divorced. Because of her success at work, there were a lot of false dirty slander/rumors going around the industry about how she became so successful. Also, people assumed she was to blame for her divorce even though they had no idea what happened. It seems this kind of sexism is a common problem in Korean society. A strong and successful woman has a hard time.
  4. I totally agree! Honestly, all the crazy Knetz hate just makes SHK look even more amazing to brands and sane people everywhere. "Why do the knetz hate her and bash her so much?" "Oh, because she is getting a divorce." LOL. Every sane person will think it's ridiculous. Even a lot of the Knetz top comments are 1/3 downvoted. These haters are probably literally teenagers, but sane people everywhere see how ridiculous they are. The haters are such ingrates too. SHK has done so much in her career to make Korean dramas and Korean products popular on the world stage. She's the original Hallyu Kdrama queen. The main reason DOTS was so popular internationally was because of SHK. She's the only reason I watched it. And she's made so many Korean products like Laneige well known and popular worldwide too. But they're now attacking her for being popular internationally? Ridiculous.
  5. I just wanted to add my support to Kyo. This should have been a simple and normal private matter, one that many people go through on a daily basis, and I'm so disgusted by the completely baseless attacks against her for absolutely no reason. But every rational, objective person can see she is getting unfairly attacked in a sexist way, and will respect her even more for the classy and dignified way she has handled this matter. Thank you all for sharing these pictures of her attending this event. Kyo has an ethereal and delicate beauty, but she has a heart of strength, courage, and independence. She's the consummate professional as always. She's a wonderful role model for women (and men too!)
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