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  1. Guysssss!! Did you guys see new pics of them? The way YuJian looks at WuQuin :(((( OMMMMMMMMMMMMG
  2. I can see some hints between them kkkk as usual, the MUA will do this, but in this case, WuQian fixed YuJian's hair by herself
  3. t cũng là người Việt nè =))) nhờ c mà có page mới để hóng hớt :v t fan thuần Kpop nên page Trung t follow ko nhiều, click vào xem post kia mới thấy nhiều người chèo thuyền giống mình ghê, đọc thêm được một vài cmt cũng khá giá trị, tỉ lệ anh chị real khá là cao kkkkkk
  4. Really? Can you tell me what name of that page is? Btw are you Vietnamese? (As I can see on your first name )
  5. Finally I can find a topic talks about their hint T.T Someone said that it's has a rumour of them two but I can't find it anywhere, may be it's on weibo right?
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