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  1. True. But this is maybe why JI warned JH that he will be hurt and it will be from her, because she knows that its gonna get really difficult to get through the likes of her father GS and GS father. They will be the biggest hurdle for them to overcome in order to be together. And someone will be hurt but if they endure it their love will be proven too. I just hope they don't hurt too much though.
  2. @annamchoi i think the reason why she would accept the ring, its not real acceptance its like she would think what is the point in arguing hes not the type to listen so she just held on to it just to shut him up. You can tell by the histpry of their relationship, he always does what he wants and ignores her true feelings, and i think JI knows it so it'll be a "Eh why bother". But i know when the proper opportunity comes that ring will be given back to GS.
  3. Ok, i love this Drama, its so amazingly beautiful. I have watched the episodes over and over again without getting bored- yes i fast forward some bits but 3/4 of each episodes i love. HJM and JHI are so comfortable with each other than the chem is so strong which makes this drama explode with the feels- lol. But i Love HJM and this has to be my favourite drama so far of hers to date. She just glows here together with JHI.
  4. i think using 2 forks is a convenient way to tear the meat of the bone as the chickens are serve HOT. I use 2 forks for this reason and plus it avoids the sticky fingers. just my take on it anyway
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