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  1. Just watched ep 12 and got chills all over when Tanya ring the bell!! Now girl know why she needs to learn the dance properly, Asa Sin had really predicted this all. The preview showed a coup happened and both Tagon and Tealha almost got killed. That young lady who moved the army is Danbyeok (Tagon’s bro)’s daughter!!!! Remember that she was in tribe leaders meeting and Tealha kinda disliked her. She might think that her dad dies cos of Tagon so she moves the army who loyal to Danbyeok. Saya torturing Mihol isn’t really what I want to see from him but I guess it can’t be helped. Mihol played dirty so he needs to get it back although we still need to hear Remus story from him. Apparently their lives at Remus are destroyed by ‘something’ and that ‘thing’ related to Arthdal, thus he has this ‘duty’ to find out and revenge, that’s what he kept telling Tealha to remember but ofc she’s way beyond that. I have to admit I skipped through ES scenes for most times cos it’s too painful to watch. But from the preview it looked like he made it and escaped, also become leader of the tormented people. I can see that later, this will lead to ‘change of the world’ that Asa Sakan is worried about, enough so she wanted Tanya to stop try finding the bell.
  2. I found this drama yesterday and binge watched the episodes. It was that good! I agree with LSM, at this rate, TJ did crossed the line. I hated it when he said ‘you wanted him to kneel down and apologised and he did’. Like brush, seriously. Do you think LSM gonna buy it? Lol. I looovee how KSY didn’t move back down against both Jo and Song. But used them both against each other instead. Both of them are trash but I found Jo is smart while Song is a dumb, he’s nothing without TJ. Plus that creepy OWS, hate him so much. Ever since he played a psychopath in other drama, I hated him so damn much. Lol.
  3. Nunbyeol is an igutu, pretty much confirmed ever since CE made that lip colour for ES. So theory wise, she is probably being saved by Mubaek during the war OR she could be Tagon’s mystery sister LOL. Igutu is born from Neanthals and Saram. Asa Sin and Ragaz have twin boys. Tagon is from Sanung with unknown neanthal (possibly the translator lady). Considering Nunbyeol can be same aged or younger than ES, she must be born AFTER the great hunt, when all neanthals are gone, except Ragaz and probably hidden neanthal. I’m curious how Tanya gonna be in next few episode. Judging that Tagon would rather have her as high priest than Asa Ron, plus the fact that he captured his beloved Tealha. Tanya will know ES is alive, I wonder does this change anything in relation of her joint with Saya. Cos honestly if I’m her, I just need to focus on saving my dad and find ES, out of all Arthdal politic. I’m seriously considering a case, what if Saya is the one that confess that he’s is Asa Sin’s bloodline / Wahan sucessor. Like Tagon said, he just have to make it beliveble to the union, give byeoldaya to him and no witness needed, done. Remember, we never actually find out why Tagon saved baby Saya. Lol. He was whistling when he saved him, Tealha said he does that when he feels excited. Tagon mentioned he purposefully does that to make it his weakness but Tealha didn’t use it but instead supporting him through all of the odds. Thus he might think he doesn’t need Saya anymore, so why does he keep him? Considering he is his weakness cos he knows that his dad is an igutu. I’m kinda sure those two neanthals are the one who’s with Asa Sin and Ragaz. But again, we never hear the other’s name except Rottip. I’m just curious what is their intention. Anyway, I really hope they have a good reason to air season three in September. Its either gonna build the excitement or lose the interest.
  4. Waaahhh.. this series just getting better and better! Now we know that two Neanthal kids are alive and well. I wonder what do they up to in Arthdal. The baby in yellow swaddle that Asa Hon saved, I wonder what happened to him/her.... Mubaek being a double agent is what I've been anticipating! I hope he will never use the Byeoldaya he found for anything and gave it to Tanya somehow cos that will be the proof of Tanya being the direct descendant of great mother Asa Sin. Never in my life ever thought Asa Ron will come up with this brilliant idea. It's fun to see Tagon being humiliated. Lol By the way, what the hell ES is doing? In the preview, it looks like he will be saved either by Mubaek or the Neanthal Boys. Saya is just getting prettier everyday! He looks more beautiful than Tealha. LOL Also, I'm curious of Hae tribe history. We know things about Arthdal but not so much about them.
  5. Can I just say WOOWW to SJK's acting as Saya??? Like maann, I got goosebumps at that laugh cos it sounds so cruel and sick. The moment when Tealha's tears fell down, and the laugh came. It served you good, Tealha!! Judging from the preview, Tealha wants Tanya to be her mole but Saya bribed her with her father, and Tanya decided to stand by Saya. I think Saya made his decision once he saw how Tanya defied Tuak. Lol Now Tealha's anger is what I'm waiting for, how would she react to this 'new' side of Saya. ES's identity slowly revealed and he made his gang consists of Mubaek, Harim, Chae Eun, Nunbyeol (as expected). I noticed they talked about Asa Sin and Risan a lot in this episode. How they ran away to keep their love, meaning Risan is 'not welcomed' to Asa Clan. Also Mubaek thinks Wahan is possibly their descendants. That means Risan is neither Neanthal nor Igutu. Biggest question now is: What the hell did Mubaek and ES talked about before the soldiers came???
  6. Ohhhh.. it’s only Friday and I can’t wait already! I like this kind of drama. Full of interesting characters, mysterious plot, and complicated stories. I really don’t understand why Korean people don’t like this drama as much as we do, coz it’s not ‘ordinary’ or ‘makjang’? They’re missing out a big time. Anyway, I’m so curious of Saya. Just what kind of character he is, will I like him or hate him. I don’t think they will tell us blatantly which side is he in (ES or Tagon) but rather makes it tricky. I just wished no one will mess with Tanya. She’ll most likely fast to adapt Arth’s lifestyle (with Saya’s help), as ES figured out the power playing between the parties. The love triangle is seemingly unavoidable. I just hope they will do it naturally, classy and unpredictable. Also, please God, cut Saya’s hair, at least same length as Tagon please. Lol
  7. Omg those moments of YS and KD were priceless! I like that YS is the sassy one, but also the needy one. KD is just accepting anything unless she’s being loud/noisy. Lol Now I think it’s official, RuNa is psychopath with Sister Complex. Judging from this episode, I think she’s the one who made YS blind bcos she saw how Nina had a hard time and ‘wished’ for YS to disappear. Just like now Nina said she wished YS is dead. That black masked guy is as sick as her. Idk how much money she gave him for him to do those dirty works (murder etc.) Based on the preview, so KD saved YS with his angel wings, somehow YS will forget about that. We’re not clear till what extent did YS remember, but it seems like she’ll feel weird about many things thus determined to find out what exactly going on until she finally find Yeonwoo’s drawings, hence KD’s past, their past together. Our two guys will keep watching her like a hawk and hopefully realised RuNa is the one behind all creepy things and found proof. It’s gonna be hard coz she seems to kill anyone, everyone. I think I read here that probably she’ll get the karma and ended up killing Nina instead, I wish that scenario will come true. It will be epic to see her go mad. Lastly, dear God please make any unfortunate things to stop happening around YS. Girl is taking too much and it’s painful to watch. Also for KD. He lived a short live as human, and as angel. So please let them be a happy couple. I do also wish a good ending for JKW. Like he will sacrificed something then redeemed his way back to heaven cos at least he’s not evil like RuNa.
  8. Woaahh.. just watched eps 6.. No wonder it's so epic cos its the last one from season 1.. I got chills all over when Tanya found the bell and Saya opened the curtain at the end. I screamed when Tanya had her dream and the tool used is mirror! But then what is Byeoldaya for? There you go, now we have the 3 heavenly items needed to end the world held by ES/sword, Tanya/bell, Saya/mirror. They've been fooling us by using 'older brother' and 'younger brother' while its twins all the time! Mubaek is pretty much gonna help ES cos he believed he might be Aramun and despise Tagon for being so ruthless (he still butthurt cos Asa Hon is being sacrificed). So in ES side we have, Mubaek, CE, and Harim (CE's dad). Those people still hurted by the past of how they brutally killed and hunted Neanthal. Btw, I'm impressed by Mihol's strategy-making ability. He's the only one on par with Tagon while Asa Ron is dumb and helpless. Usually, his role would be someone who wanted to be the powerful one (king), but he seems like he just want to 'support' the king. If he support Tagon, imagine how great they will be. He didn't even know why SN hates Tagon, he just decided that Tagon is dangerous and must not be king. I will be waiting for his character to develop more. As Tealha said, Tagon lose his composure when its related to igutu. Maybe because he feels insecure about it and hate it so much that he's not Saram. But then he saved Saya, and its said that Saya is his successor. Maybe he keep him alive because he's afraid he won't have son of his own (we don't know if Igutu and Saram has baby what would it be). He purposefully keep him away and never meet him maybe because he doesn't want his tragedy to repeat all over again (son kill father), thus he chose to remain secretive because he might want to kill his son or vice versa. Also, my bet, Tagon's mother probably is the Neanthal's translator lady during the meeting in eps 1. Hahaha.
  9. My history research so far. 1. Asa Sin (Great Mother, Asa clan) and Risan = original 'mother' and 'father' who went to south (Iark) 2. Aramun Haesulla = God of union, Asa-sin's envoy, represented by (hammer of the wind, lonicera flower, and kanmoreu). It's clear that ES and Tanya are Aramun Haesulla who will bring end to the world. 3. Great White Wolf = I believe she is Asa Sin (Great Mother) , Wahan's mother. She came from Arth, thus explained why she said 3 rules that Wahan's tribe must obey (not climbing the cliff, not planting seeds, and not taming animals). This explains why Wahan speak same language with Saram because they are same descendants. 4. Wahan's Great White Wolf prophecy: “The one who breaks the shell shall appear on the day the Azure Comet appears, along with death. And the Wahan tribe shall no longer be the same.” This is confirmed to be a curse, the cursed children, ES and Tanya are the one who will bring end to Arth. 5. Cheonbuin (heaven items): It is said that 3 heaven items were giving life to the world and shall be the end of it as well. It appeared 20 years ago (assuming when ES and Tanya were born). Those are: sword, bell, and mirror. Asa Sakan said Asa Sin brought those things with her when she left to Iark. I believe the byeoldaya that Mubaek found at sacred tree in Iark is one of them. Hence, Choseol Mother told Tanya to find it and draw the symbol that can only be found on the back side of real byeoldaya (not the fake one in the white mountain). Sword and bell are currently unknown. What we know is, Asa Sin and Risan went to Iark, away from Arth. Aramun chased them there, riding his horse Kanmoreu. Question is, why they went to Iark in the first place? They were quite similiar to Asa Hon and Ragaz in terms of blood (although Risan is prolly a Saram, not Neanthal). Before, I think Aramun is their son but in eps 2 it said that he is Asa Sin's envoy. Hence what is the real identity of Aramun? If he's an igutu, who's his parent? Anyway, it's clear that it's Tagon (Saram, eventhough he's an igutu) versus ES and Tanya (Aramun). Why does Aramun come back and want to end Saram (Arth) whilst he's the founder of it? While we all know the cliche answer, but really what does he want? For people to go back and live freely in nature like Wahan Tribe? Or to have monarchy, king and all? (cos Tanya supposed to be the first politician or something). Looking forward to next episode and how things will turn out! I just rewatched eps 1 and I found something interesting. It seems like Neanthal's language is reverse version of Korean. Pay attention to Sanung and Rankruv scene. When Sanung said he wants to 'join hand' Rankruv said "ekk mah" which is reversed from "ham kke" = "together" in Korean. Also Rankruv said "human" as "ma ras" which reversed from "saram" = people / human I can explain this the whole day but I think the evidence is enough. Haha. I can't believe I just realized it now.
  10. JKW is trash. I hate it when he acted like he’s Ballet God or something. Lol I honestly thought YS would know when Dan told lies (how he didn’t really love her) but well, it’s drama, it’s true that YS should misunderstood in order to portray Giselle. Now we know Dan’s past, we got God’s mystery of why he sent Dan to YS if angel isn’t supposed to be with human (I think God is clever enough to know they will fall in love). So the theory of Dan being comatose and will wake up to reunite with YS and live happily ever after is still valid here. Or even simply God grants him to become human due to his faith and not abandoning God. Crazy Aunty is annoying but Runa is waaaay toooo creepy. Pretty sure at this point she got something buried inside, probably she was being compared / ridiculed / or misunderstanding YS hence she isn’t afraid to kill her. We know that this family used to be troubled and YS’s family took them in. So might be something happened during that time that makes Runa goes dark. I hope she got punished like really punished, not dead and reincarnate or lost memory thingy. Can’t wait to see how YS and Dan’s relationship will go in next week’s episodes.
  11. Hi guys! Been lurking here for a while and can’t help to comment! I honestly worried of how this drama will goes but so far the storyline is good, the characters building also strong, some people said it’s too much but I think it’s just depends on the drama scale. This one aim to have 3 seasons, ofc it can’t only have simple characters especially with this pre-historic background. The ones that blew my mind and made me seal the deal was Tagon and Tealha. When Tagon celebrated his last Neanthal hunt, he looks so much like I imagined his character to be. Tealha first scene was so damn sexy and beautiful. Her way of talking pretty much saying how manipulative she can be and I dig it so much! ES was innocent as I picture it to be. Nothing much now but can’t wait to see what is that innocent will turn to be. I feel Tanya was quite weak on eps 1 and 2, the ‘can’t dance, can’t dream’ thingy felt so short. But she slowly build up her story and during the curse scene you can feel the intensity that she’s about to bring. The mysteries in my head: - where is the two neathals saved by Asahon and Ragaz (I think it’s Rottip and idk) - who is ES brother and why Tagon keep him - what is Arthdal history, we know Aramun is their hero, he’s prolly an igut, ES and Tanya are his representatives. But I wanna know more. Who is Great White Wolf, etc. - who is Yangcha and why does Tagon punished him to not talk Can’t wait for the weekend to come soon!
  12. Hey peeps, just newly join here even though I’ve lurked around for quite some time. Can’t help but to comment because of that wedding pic!! My theory is that wedding pic actually taken during Giselle stage, be it the real stage or rehearsal. Cos Giselle role often wears flower crown and named ‘Harvest Queen’ in the act. About creepy stalker JKW, I hate him so much. Just when he will realise YS is different from his death gf. I think God always take the angel (make them disappear) if it ever want to become human and leave it’s angel identity. But in JKW’s case, his gf took his place thus God punished him to become human and unable to die because his gf gave her life for him. I’m intrigued to see how this drama will ends, my theory is: Dan is in comatose due to tragic past (family violence I guess). He became ‘temporary angel’ cos he doesn’t want to live anymore and God granted that. Point is, he saved YS from death. This triggers God to reunite him with YS through mission as they shared short meeting before and prolly God is betting on him. Will Dan fall in love and leave God resulting bad ending, JKW style, or will Dan fall in love but choose to sacrifice his feelings and stay with God, which will grant him a way to go back alive and back to YS cos God knows Dan doesn’t abandon him. He will save YS from ‘another’ near death event (prolly during Giselle stage, cos the evil Aunty / Runa won’t stop). When he’s in critical condition, meet God, got explanation, got his life back, back to YS. I have a feeling that YS cannot know about heaven beings cos it’s a universe secret. If she knows, she might be punished (like JKW’s gf). Thus JKW will try to have YS but she still lingers on Dan and eventually he will try to tell YS that Dan is an angel thus can’t be with her. But ofc it won’t work out and he will realise his stupid mistake, either he’s thrown to hell or redeemed back as angel, I don’t care tbh. That was a generic k-drama theory. We’ll see how it goes together. Haha.
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