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  1. Thailand is remaking Voice https://www.soompi.com/article/1341278wpp/ocns-voice-to-be-remade-in-thailand-confirms-cast The actress known as Pancake in her country, haven't seen her before in movies but I remember knowing her as supermodel (if I'm not mistaken she's the winner of world model in 2004/2005) but I think she's more popular in the country than international (unlike Baifern, Mew Nittha, or Davika who has been known internationally). By the way, has anyone watch the Japan remake? How is it?
  2. Yea I don't really have unlimited internet available at home and not every place has wifi here. And yes I've watched Sohn, because the 3 main protagonists are my favorite. I love Jung Eun Chae since Dr. Frost, Kim Dong Wook since Along with the Gods (and his off-screen personality as well!), and Lee Jae Wook. At this point all the actors name ended with Wook attracted me Sohn is still the best exorcsist/horror kdrama for me, I think only Kingdom can compare hoho. (season 2 is still looonggg wait btw) I'm more into thriller, horror, action, mystery, life (Live, Pinocchio, Solomon's Perjury, 38 Squad), like that. I don't usually watch pure romance/romcom (I quit watching Her Private Life bcs I thought it was boring hehe and I don't watch DotS too), but I like Lee Je Hoon in Signal and I Can Speak and Shin Min Ah is so pretty so I watch TWY, turns out it's fun if you looking up for some light romance (to heal my wounds of Voice)
  3. Her uncle passed away
  4. Since it's hard to follow current dramas in my country, I binge watching some old and latest drama. 1. Return, bcs I need to see fluffy Jin Wook 2. High School King of Savvy, now even with that kind of personality she played I still can't get over how soft her voice is 3. Tomorrow With You 4. Kingdom (this is hella good, I still think GOT should be compared with this instead of Arthdal even it's different genre) 5. Priest
  5. Jin Wook and Ha Na promoting the Seoul National Cemetery, the funeral scene
  6. Hello, been searching for her tag in Soompi thread but found nothing but @ellelyana88 show me this thread. Thank you very much^^ Ha Na posted this 2 days ago and it's from arenelflower can someone translate what she & the florist wrote? By the way Ha Na and flowers match very well, she seem to love flowers and nature
  7. He deleted the post. Wonder why bcs the hate comment in that post isn't as much (from what I see everyone thanked him). I hope the hate don't give him much pressure and stress because actually the directing is very good (from amateur pov like me) the picture turned out beautiful and he captures DKW and KKJ feeling just the right amount. He directed That Man Oh Soo too, and same as Voice 3, what suck is the story plot. By the way, can anyone translate what he wrote? I want to know
  8. I'm happy reading this interview, as someone who's recognizing her since High School King and back to her debut, I feel it's true when she said one time she did everything at the same time and I could feel I understand her when she took break from screen. I feel relieved when she said many production has offering roles for her in heavy roles, there's hope we'll see her on screen this or next year. And I like the part when she said she won't let prejudice move her, it's very smart. And when LJW stands out for all his action scene and capturing emotion, LHN stood for any difficult center scenes she's filming and given all bts from 1-3, it sure hard when you have to speak at the same place for hours with only hands and head moving. Before watching Voice 1 I felt skeptical abt her serious role, but turns out I'm crying everytime she cries Lastly, I'm hoping there'll be vacation for all the crews and actors, they've work hard despite enduring our (re: viewers) protest about the story plot. They deserve holiday.
  9. But they didn't cut the part when KJ say RIP to KW, so it's pointless for me maybe they cut it due to television restrictness in relation to age or smthng like that. I think it's the same scene, but I wonder tho what's the man doing banging his back to the tree seems like it's part of the scene, if it's included in the scene I'd assume she's really in hospice care or something
  10. Since I am LJW and LHN trash and I just confirmed myself that DKW is dead, I'm cheering myself up with the fact that LHN seeing Yannie Kim (from Sumpitan) instagram story which Yannie Kim do a video with LJW Till this morning I still hope for Voice 4, but now that DKW is really dead, enough is enough. I'll just wait for LHN & LJW new project, and hopefully photoshoot together. I'm watching High School King Savvy and I'm waiting for her new romcom instead of her confirmation for Voice 4. And I'm watching A Tiger in Winter, hoping LJW would do genre like that instead of something like High Society.
  11. See? I just need seeing them together for real to make me smile again and what is that, is she teasing us by putting bunch of GTT Center photos before putting their photo together, she exactly know what we want. There must be bunch of their photo together but I don't think she (or the staff) will feed us more. BUT I NEED MORE
  12. I'm watching clips from The Time We Were Not in Love to cheer my self up, but then I realized I just want to see LJW with LHN together in a happy mood right now what should I do I'm such their trash
  13. Just watched the last episode. I agree with @nateko that they made Chief Na's death pointless. I honestly don't mind if KW dead, but not this way, after fulfilling Kaneki's wish, not Chief Na's. It's okay for me if he's dead sacrificing himself to kill Kaneki, but I don't think it can be called sacrifice bcs Kaneki doesn't even attack him, he welcomed it. But I guess that's how KW is, and he died as a human (for what he thinks, and at least for what KJ and GTT think), no news or statement given about his death due to killing Kaneki. I really hope he's alive. But my rational thinking wouldn't agree. Why would they confirm the center that he's dead if he's not? Why would the news broadcast his death? KJ said rest in peace to him and I don't think that words can be said to a living person. But, just to enlighten you guys of hoping KW alive and next season with him (hehe), you could see it from his last scene in the theatre, he's still breathing (if not dying), and we didn't get to see 'his last breathe'. And KJ's phone call with dr. Sung, I think it was there on purpose, to hint us of KW's whereabout IF he's alive. It would be pointless to put that scene when KJ doesn't even have a chance to talk to KW about it. Then of course GTT has moved on with life, but if you're hoping for more then you could say it is because Kang Woo is alive. And we could see Detective Park texting someone with his phone before GTT visit him, you can interpret this as Det Park texting KW, asking his condition. Also BJS doesn't mention KW's death. Although I could say it's because his vengeance towards Kaneki that he only mentioned him to that woman, you can interpret it as because BJS knows that KW is alive. I want to give kudos to LHN for her crying scene, like it is one of the most natural crying I've ever seen in K-drama for a while. Her cries (not KW's headshot) made me cry in the first place. I'll still see Voice 4, I miss the individual case episode, because that's the heart of this show. From the 1st season up until middle episodes of 3rd season the heart is still there, and it what made people (including me) attracted to Voice in the first place, how Voice changes people view about mental health and the society around the country. And I love it when the mid-credit text is a thank you note for all the police officer in Korea. But as much as I want to, I'm not sure if LHN (and LJW) will be back for the 4th installment. She said she wanted to do romcom. And both LHN and LJW has been doing some thriller in a row. They need refreshment for their image. For LJW it might be easy getting another role since he's an A list. But I read about LHN struggle with getting role, and I do think she want to do something different from Voice. I wish for their best. And since the rating is 5.5% we wouldn't get Instagram Live as LHN and LJW promised. I hope we get something else to heal this aching heart.
  14. What about the old man in the car? Am I missing something? He doesn't show up anymore. And I keep noticing the color tone (even though it look the same the whole movie) of KJ's walking and KW's looking up the sky is similar, quietly different from the other scene, even from the hospital scene. I hope it's a sign of something good for both of them (KJ visited him, maybe?) And if he's really alive, then he took his own words, go someplace quiet and fix his mind. Even though it's a lil bit illogical for me if he survive that headshot (just like how it is illogical for me of KJ's surviving explosion when I first watch Voice 2 ending) at least it gives me hope of a better future installment. I slightly hope Voice 4 (if it ever happen) will be Moo Jin Hyuk comeback after years since he promise KJ he'll comeback when his son got better. And if it's still about 'Voice' not that 'BJS temptation' story plot I'll gladly wait for the 4th season even if KW's not in it. By the way tomorrow is the release of dispatch team phone call for LJW. Can't waitt. I hope they release more bts for KJ and KW
  15. Can someone who was shot in the head still alive? Please enlighten me so at least I could imagine happy ending for KW
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