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  1. I kept on crying even though I just understand bits. My cute little niece is beside me watching as well, she just wipes my tears away while I cry.
  2. Omo! That was an intense last ten minutes of the show. Rollercoaster ride tonight. One moment I am in hype and all smiling because of kitchen scene then so nervous with KDW finding out. Then bawling my eyes out at the end.
  3. OMG! Me too. When I saw their posts, I was like 'There's something really going on here". I am so tired this week with work, but now I'm pumped up because of these two. Seriously, the past years I don't really watch KDramas anymore. I just read the recaps. When I found out about ALML, I said to myself that I will only read its recaps. But here I am now, waiting for the updates, and joining in a thread. It was so long since I got this invested in a drama.
  4. Yup, it's not yet released. This is one of my faves after A Welcome Rain, then the one that KMS sang. Seriously, the OST's are bringing me into another world. And in that world, everything feels beautiful. Well, the whole drama itself really brings out the aesthetic feelings in me.
  5. This is not yet the official release but I want to share this with you all. I fell for this song the first time I heard it. https://youtu.be/Bt0YFJYhsc8
  6. I'm actually thinking the same. Maybe Dan died or in a coma in his 20's. Oh no. That would make me sad. Haha But yes, it makes me wonder when I saw him in black that he would turn bad or dark.
  7. I am quite amazed with the details. Matilde here has more weight than YS. Besides their behavior, the weight also puts a distinguishable factor between the two.
  8. I am guessing that being an immortal here is one way of punishing him. That's why when he tried to end his life, he failed.
  9. Hello guys, I am new to this board. I just want to share this with you all. This really speaks about Dan coming into Yeon-seo's life. A sweet rain coming into a long period of drought. Danbi (단비) is pronounced dahn-bee, and it holds a very poetic meaning in the Korean language. Literally translated, Danbi means “sweet rain”. It refers to the first rain that comes after an exceedingly long period of drought, and it can be likened to the feeling of finding water in the desert. Source: https://www.rebeccakim.com/blog2/2016/6/26/behind-the-name-rebecca-danbi It seems like rain is really important in their story. Dan's wings only show during rainfall, the angel sunbae said that this happens because they first met and Dan saved Yeon Seo during rainfall.
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