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  1. I'm enjoying this game between Tagon and Saya. Although Saya is smart he is not on Tagon's level yet. I love the relationship between Tagon and Taealha. It's very well written and understandable. They are both messed up people that love each other in their own twisted way and more important they understand each other and know what to expect from one another. I'm glad they give us a flashback of them. Why there is no scene between Tagon and his wife? It's so unrealistic.
  2. He thinks Igutus are superior than others and wants Tagon to embrace his Igutu identity and rule Arthdal as a proud Igutu king with himself as his son and heir. so for now he wants Tagon to succeed and he is helping him in his own twisted way. He wants power but he needs Tagon to achieve it, without Tagon he is nothing and he knows it but of course things could change if he becomes the crown prince. Btw, I think the older Neanthal is Itzrub, he was present in the meeting between Sarams and Neanthals that happened twenty years ago. We don't know where the second Neanthal kid is yet.
  3. Saya looked like a vampire with that makeup and cloak And the way he just walked in and out of the castle in the night with no problem was so funny. And it's the second time he murders someone with no second thoughts or regrets. With all the scheming, cold blooded murders and manipulations he really does act like Tagon's son. The last two episodes of part 2 should be very interesting. I think Tagon will be forced to do what Saya wants him to do which is embracing his Igutu identity and naming Saya his heir after becoming king of Arthdal.
  4. Yeah I think it's strange that they haven't shown them together at all after the wedding. They are married now they interactions should be important. *** I'm so glad that Neanthals are back. Can't wait for them to meet Saya and Eunseom. And we haven't seen the second Neanthal kid yet. Wonder where he/she is? The political plot and the power struggle between Tagon and his allies and Asa clan is so interesting. Everything is leading up to Tagon getting rid of Asa Ron and taking over Arthdal at the end of the second part. I think there will be another fight between YangCha and Moobaek and YangCha will finally overpower him. It seems like Eunseom will be the one who will kill Yangcha eventually.
  5. It was disappointing but realistic. Human nature is the same, Wahans are no exception. Btw, when doctor said he will try to bring back Tagon's dead brother it reminded me of Tanya's curse about mothers eating their dead children and then the dead children eating their mother. I hope they don't add zombies to this story.
  6. Well said. Saya is a Tagon wannabe. He sees him as a great role model and wants them to rule together as father and son. He also thinks Igutus are the superior race which is problematic. I think both Tagon and Taealha had this heel face turn when they were younger too. They were both vulnerable and abused by their powerful fathers so they decided to become more powerful than them by any means necessary.
  7. So Tanya wants power now and is gonna manipulate Saya to gain it... Interesting. If she wants to play and win she has to become ruthless and cunning like other major players so it seems like she is going to change drastically in the last two seasons. Btw, how old is Taealha? I thought she was the same age as Tagon but in e8 she tells Saya she took him in when she was barely a few years older than him... so? It's a bit confusing.
  8. Yeah he is such a wild card, I like that. And it seems like he won't have a good relationship with Eunseom (at least not for the time being).
  9. I'm glad Saya is not another Naive and innocent Eunseom. He is twisted, calculating and unpredictable and this will make everything more interesting. Even if he sides with Eunseom and Tanya to take down Tagon it could very well be for his own ambitions. And about Taealha and Tagon... Although I like them as a dangerous and intriguing pair it seems like their enmity is inevitable and soon there will be a great power struggle between these two. Can't wait! And I'm wondering whether this power struggle will eventually result in Taealha siding with Eunseom against Tagon for her own survival and benefits.
  10. I'm not saying she should've told him everything but some important tidbits. She told him nothing not even something like "your father was a good man, he loved you and did his best to protect us." Or "You are special and there are some bad people out there after special people like you and that's why we have been hiding for ten years." I think telling him about Sarams, Neanthals and Igutus was necessary for his own safety. What if she had died earlier? He would've been left alone knowing absolutely nothing and could've stopped hiding eventually and ending up getting captured or entering the city or something like that.
  11. I think it's unrealistic that Asa Hon never told her son about his identity, his father, his twin brother, her past and why they had to hide. I mean they were together hiding for ten years, so you expect them to talk about this stuff. And I hope they tell us more about Tagon's mother and their relationship. I don't like it tbh but I'm not a fan of love triangles in general. if it happens I hope They don't reduce Taealha into Tagon's bitter and vengeful ex-girlfriend.
  12. What a cute family. But what about Eunseom? And Tagon is gonna survive? Anything about Taealha being a Neanthal? So many questions if there is more info please share
  13. Oh I remember that. I thought you were talking about something else since we don't know whether that info is legit or not. But if that info is legit then Taealha is a secret Neanthal and she will turn her back on Tagon eventually. Although the second part seems likely to happen imo, the part about Taealha being Neanthal seems kinda weird now esp with an Igutu Tagon. Hopefully we will find out soon.
  14. Yeah I think Saya is doomed too, I hope I'm wrong though. In a recent interview DongGun talked about a powerful scene with Taealha wearing black in a funeral and looking sorrowful... maybe it's Saya's funeral. Taealha and Eunseom is a bit too weird because she is like a mother to his twin brother. Have they hinted at a romance between these two in a chart or an interview or something?
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