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  1. I sincerely hope for healthy shipping. Let them act with whoever they want. Support them whenever they need it. Isn't it what fans do? Support their artist well. We didn't own them. They have their live too. And what's important here is for them to life happily. We doesn't want to create anything that could involve our fav artist in unpleasant situation and might affecting their carrer, right? Let them do their job freely and hope for success for both upcoming drama. Also, if there's something making you stress out, please, pretty please ignore everything that will make u down. It will make u feel better don't forget! We deserve happiness for ourself too. Sending u guys lots of love
  2. Hi guys! Please don't share any pics besides pichi pics in here we all didn't want to be heartbroken from them acting with others. So, kindly refrain yourself to post any pics regarding them pairing with others in here. Especially everything about ldw and jo boah (mags and drama). Plus, on social media, you can post anything you want about pichi but, also have to refrain yourself from mentioning their(ldw yin) names in the caption. Why? Because fans will always search for their artist name (both in insta n twitter mostly) to know an update about them. And those anti fans of pichi will attack you (put hate on you bcause u are pichi shippers) if you post something regarding "I wish oppa and inna unnie will act together for this drama, they would be perfect........"(just for example). They'll call you delusional if you post smthg like that. Plus they're toxic kind of people too when people said their artist is bad at acting or smthg like that. I've seen this happened couple of times (I won't tell who is it). So, please, in order for you to not get hurt because of those hateful words, I kindly hope for you to refrain yourself from posting (like my example sentence up there) with mentioning their names. If you want to post too, unmention their name or replace it with something else, like king and queen or handsome and pretty or anything like that.. Plus, this is not goblin era anymore. Pichi couple always loved by people. But remember, people also change. They'll get bored and going to say hateful words if we keep on posting like that for a long time.. also, it will affect the carrier of the artist if you didn't see that. (unless u are posting it for the real couple out there whom are in relationship or have married, they wouldn't mind.) Let's spread just love and no hate. Disclaimer: I'm forever pichi shipper and always will be until they announce they are in relationship w/ other people. But I hope they will annouce they are in relationship together. Praying that something will turn out beautifully for lee dong wook oppa and yoo inna unnie relationship. Diclaimer 2: I didn't expect my post to be this long. Sorry Also, let's give lots of support for inna unnie and wook oppa for their upcoming dramas. I agree with you. This forum seem like spreading negative vibe right now. Let's just keep Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook only in this forum.
  3. i couldn't agree more!at their age now they must be seriously contemplating marriage that's why maybe their taking their time slow. afterall marriage is a serious matter.respect is the key and let's give LDW and YIN that.:heart:

  4. Doesn't have any news about them doesn't mean that they are not seeing each other right? It's their private live and we should respect that, aren't we? All we could do is pray hard for their happiness. Hope only good news will come from them. I love you pichi lovers!! Let's stay strong together.
  5. I pray for number 2 too. I believe they are still seeing and keep in touch with each other even after drama ended
  6. I thought I'm the only one to feel that way I think they both are professional in hiding their relationship from media (they don't have sns, remember? It's easier for them to act like they are not in relationship.) Anyway, I'm praying hard for the best for our LDYxYIN couple
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