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  1. If anyone of shippers here go there. Please take a lot of photo and share with us. I'm too far away to go
  2. I've edited this link. Feel free to click https://picsart.com/i/304847264124201
  3. I'm edditng some of our pichi couple hold a bear. take a look https://picsart.app.link/QYsm35vgzZ
  4. Finally, there's someone who edit their pics with this flower.
  5. Just imagine if YIN & LDW marry each other and have children. I think their future childs could be cute like this. Kyaaaaaaa (sorry guys if my delulu go too far. I just can't hold it. Haha ) Btw, both of the child is a son and daughter from famous celebrity from Malaysia. The babies are so cuteeee
  6. I smile like an idiot while see this post by lovelypichicouple. Oh, I love this kind of post!
  7. Really love this photos of yin unnie. Looking so beautiful like princess Btw, on the second pic look like ldw is holding yin tight if you zoom in (I know he doesn't. But the position of his hand looks like it. Haha)
  8. Koreaboo news today https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/10-goblin-moments-made-fans-ship-lee-dong-wook-yoo-na/ Totaly agree on the list. Especially points where they are off camera
  9. 1. Create an namesns account. Then log in. 2. Click on the "poll" tab. (It's on the upper left tab) 3. Find your way to "The Best KDrama Couple 2019" poll segment and click it. 4. When the page is ready, scroll down a lil bit until you found the second picture (which is for voting) 5. Vote! 10 times a day! Until 15th July Hope this guide can help you a little bit.
  10. Guys please vote for our couple!!! Do click 10 time a day. The poll end this 15th July. Currently our ointment couple is in number 4. Number 1 is Song Hye Kyo x Park Bo Gum. Number 2 is HPL couple and number 3 is Park Shin Hye x Hyun Bin. Vote for our ointment and make them the best couple ever.
  11. I just happend to notice that the coffee truck that LDW send to national producer of Px101 today is the same one that LDW and YIN send to their ex-pd nim before. And also the same coffee truck send by IU to YIN. It's all from the same coffee truck. Is this all planned or coincidence or what?
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