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  1. Ooohhh...why are they avoiding in even talking about each other? I'm sure they know this will raise more suspicion like their wrap up party. This suspense is really killing me!
  2. To celebrate Kiss Day, we have been honoured with this compilation. Frankly, one of the reasons why I love TYH is their kisses. I have said this many times and I will say it again. Theirs is so sensuous and ernest and sincere, and therefore, intimately passionate. I tried watching other Korean dramas right after TYH and the biggest put off was the way their leads kiss - rather lustful and wildly passionate. May be where I am in life - and where I hope the Pichie Couple will be soon - ALL the kisses in TYH are unforgettable, the kinds that really cause a major tug at your heartstrings. Each and every kiss just screamed love and sensuality, sincere and sophisticated. Oohh..let's see what's up with these two!
  3. One of my favourite compilation of them. Can be used as one of their clips on their wedding day. :p
  4. Ooohh....let's see what's in store for us! They have been giving us the 14- Surprises since 14 February with that valentine chocolate from YIN to LDW...:) I just hope THIS isnt it..LOL..otherwise, we have to wait till 14 July - the big news!!
  5. They are getting so creative!! I did wonder what are they going to do on 14 June - the kissing day. LDW changed his profile picture 7 days before 14 June - after 5 years - with lip marks on his hand. And YIN held that lips thingy - what is that by the way? - 2 days before 14 June to promote Elle.
  6. Actually, it did cross my mind. If LDW and YIN are really dating, TYH is 90% their life story. There are way too many parralellisms between reel snd real; and too many references to LDW and YIN for KJR and OJS.
  7. Wey wey wey... Sounds way too familiar, don't you think? We are living TYH all over again!! Thank you, Caramel Macchiato! I am smiling too widely now.
  8. Just like how KJR was part of OYS's chat with her fans in TYH! Oh, wouldn't that be like reel/real moment for us real fans! TYH seems to have loads of the blurring of reel/real lines! What does '사랑해' mean?
  9. I cant seem to get over LDW's response and found this. The lyric, I believe, really reflects their relationship. I have been reading how YIN just has a way of handling LDW's constant pouting. LOL. And how they are just happy being together. How he is with her around and how he treats her with such gentlemanly care. YIN wants to be married in 3 years and LDW wants 3 children and be like those Hollywood daddies. I really pray for their happiness!
  10. I came across this and I felt so much for LDW. It was mentioned that when he introduced the song, he declared that "if I were an artist, I would have made this song abd sibg it to my lover". Just look at his eyes and facial expression as he indulged in his emotions while listening to the song! And the lyrics! As I watched the clips, I kept remembering how he admitted that he is not the 'gentle kind' or the 'romantic kind'. This clip begged to differ. There is that earnest sincerity in his gentleness, making him the epitome of a romantic gentleman. If YIN and LDW are meant to be together, I pray that they will be each other's eternal happiness because both have gone through enough to deserve foerever.
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