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  1. I can smell greatness in this drama ! I missed the thrill of Arthdal and here we go, just some weeks later. Netflix, be blessed !!!!
  2. With this ambiguous ending, they can drop the drama at the last moment....and stab us in the back. I hope that this is just a preview (a sample because nothing was filmed yet ). Let's cross fingers. See you next year, i hope !
  3. The finale episode just ended. We had a glimpse of the following in cartoon's format. I really hope that we will have a second season.
  4. Since some episodes, i was afraid that Tanya was falling for Saya but today's episode gave us an answer when she said...
  5. Well, a lot died in today's episode. And someome finally met his demise under the moon. Well deserved. Still, his character was really well done.
  6. For once, i really pray for the money to talk !!! Such potentiel !!! @bebebisous33 : thanks to you, i know that the ratings werent so bad. I was trembling all along, fearing a cancellation ... Let's pray for it ! Comparing to Arthdal Chronicles, i heard that Kingdom was really well received. It was such daring thing to cross zombies x period drama.
  7. Found an article confirming that Arthdal will have a second season for 2020 : "According to The Herald, Kim HyunYong, a researcher at EBEST Investment & Securities Co. said “There are plans for a season 2 in 2020. Goods, games, and others are ready.” To read the whole article ( Published May 31, 2019 · Updated September 2, 2019), follow this link: https://www.kpopmap.com/arthdal-chronicles-2019-drama-cast-summary/ I hope that the disapointing ratings won't stop this project. For the 3 parts, the production started in December 2018 so they have time to cancel the whole thing....
  8. Taegon is still the most powerful character (the actor is too good !) : antagonist and ambitious but still so pitiful. He said that he didnt wish to take the road fo innocents sacrifices but failed to realise that to hide the secret of his nature, many innocents were sacrified and that to not being casted away by his dad, he organised a genocide. He is also matricide and patricide. This is why people should be judged by their actions and not theirs words. You are not what you say or wish but what you do. Poor Taegon for not acknowledging who he really is. I can't believe that there is only 4 episodes before the ending ot the drama. Deserve at least 50 episodes...
  9. You are so right ! ARTHDAL C. is starting to look like a harem for Eunseom... And the winner of all is the winner of a contest of popularity....
  10. Tanya is a descendant of Asa Sin (and Risan most probably because they ran away together). I dont think that the drama will talk about literal reincarnation but they can be representative (symbolically) of Asa Rin (Tanya) and Aramun (Aramun has 2 voices = the twins). Aramun has two voices and he is igutu so Saya and Eunseom. I dont think that Risan had power as Tanya or the twins (power of dream for exemple, and for the twins to share their life in dreams, so kind of psychic). Risan was just the second half/partner of Asa Sin. Him, being the "FATHER" and Asa Sin the "MOTHER" (role of the Wahan tribe), their role has already been distribued (last generation was Tanya's parents). Tanya's father said to Mubaek that the power and lineage was through the "MOTHER". And as we can guess, Risan should also be the ancestor of Tanya.
  11. I dont think that Tanya would have the mind to get married (to anyone, even Eun Seom). Her tribe may have been disbanded but she still have the heart to protect them. I agree with you on your last hypothesis of MoBaek being the helper of ES. He will be just like Kanmareu (as Taegon's father wished him to be). But i dont buy the 3 reincarnations as you said. I mean, it's unsightly, right ?! (Tanya x Saya = wont happen ! It's almost as disgusting as Tanya x Taegon. Will you fall in love and bond yourself with the bringer of you entire clan's misfortune just because he is a nice looking and charismatic ? The enemy is still an enemy.And he's Tanya's DIRECT enemy. Taegon is not just a little (or indirectely) responsable for their misery. He is the creater of it. You dont fall in love with the guy who stabbed your family in front of you and splashes the living room with their blood. Unless you are deeply disturbed (or Stockholm syndrome ?). Moreover Taegon dont hide that he despises her and her people (they are his "inferiors"). So i will just ignore this theory and keep my own belief. Concerning Tanya X Saya... Well, in the chart, the love is one-sided. Tanya, be brave and dont betray Eun Seom. After looking at the added infos about the characters of the part 2 (cf. http://program.tving.com/tvn/arthdalchronicles/28/Contents/Html?h_seq=10 ), i am just glad to see that Neanthals are not all dead. Rottip is also alive, has met another Neanthal (new chief of this generation) and became wise (learnt about saram) : 로띱 (Rottip) · 대전쟁과 대사냥의 생존자 어렸을 적 아사혼과 헤어진 로띱은 살아남아 이쓰루브와 만났다. 사람의 손에서 자란 탓에 아스달과 사람에 대해 많은 것을 알고 있다. 어려서 겪은 여러 가지 일들로 인해 마치 세상일에 초연한 현자같은 태도를 갖고 있다.
  12. Finally we do know who are the 3 instruments : Tanya (the bell), Eun Seom (the sword) and his twyn, Saya (the mirror). But frankly, they should have explain better their legendS at the begining. Now we have a legend of 3 instruments destroying the current world (scenarists love the irony of destroying to rebuild a better/different world) but what is their link with Aramun ? And how can EunSeom be one of the instrument and Aramun both. Great potential but not exploited well...It's a shame ! Andeven with this state, it should'nt be endangered by the low ratings ! I am pissed !
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