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  1. Was it weird my favorite Kookmin moment recently is from this episode with KJK and Dongjun complimenting each other about muscles and somin just comes in like girls wont like it if you get too muscular to roast him?
  2. I mean can we blame Dongjun for feeling enthralled by her the way every male cast member has? Shes a very genuinely cute and kind girl why else does she get along with essentially every person shes workes on a project with? Him doing whatever initiating he does is irrelevant cause imo Kookmin are either a realistic possibility with KJK accordig to Haha merely having to make a choice, or actually happening right now since we know he's likely dating someone currently. So Dongjun can be friends with her and whatnot even if Kookmin are real. And if it isnt Dongjun seems lik
  3. Has anyone else missed the era of chulmin pd over the current one. Lately running man feels so eerily similar to how it felt pre-jsmysc. The over emphasis on storylines to drive the episode limiting the amount of natural charisma and wordplay there could be between the cast paired with the poor editing that makes you wonder if the storyline was worth sitting through. Even the greatest hits episodes have imo not been up to par and as far as a mystery goes for this episode it seems so poorly laid out for people to guess. The best mysteries are ones where you had all the info to know in front of
  4. Im pretty sure Kim Kwangsoo from Taras company is also one of them as well as sjh ex bf
  5. Im not tryna you know stoop to their level or whatever but isnt the cjes ceo that sjh dated in the past likely one of the guys that used to threaten and beat up kjk feels weird that people can ship them if thats true
  6. God dont get me started on how unfair the super power episode was for KJK. They said hey we always give you shitty powers while others have time and space manipulation, so this time we decided to not waste our time and givr you nothing.
  7. Is it really that weird that somin wasnt mentioned in the who he would date question years ago before he was close with her? I mean they basically avoided each other as they were awkward as hell. Thats honestly less than a stranger since they actually knew each other. It makes sense to mention hjy and sjh as well as guests that are fresh cause those first two were his main lovelines he was attached to and the next two were new guests. He was just completely detached from somin at the time and its clear his friends thought that too.
  8. He wasnt actually mad though he was faking it
  9. Ive been a KJK fan since the early 2000s I can guarantee to you guys that he doesnt do this with any other girls on broadcast. He was very reserved during Xman and Family Outing. Limiting his interactions physically to lifting them up on his back or the like, something hes done with many idols in Running Man (he also puts womens legs on his arms and closes his hands into fist so they never feel weird about a man touching their thighs) and grabs people by the wrist not the hands so they dont feel like hes trying to hold their hands either. Basically he always makes a cl
  10. I'll let you guys know what celebs often do with what one of my favorite singers Lee Hongki does. You get caught dating quite often and absolutely admit it was real but say it ended a while ago. Unless its confirmed relationship based questions will very likely always be yeah ive dated but it ended a while ago.
  11. Anyone else feel like she hasn't actually fawned over a male guest in quite a long time? Like it used to feel like she'd do it the whole episode but now she seems to at most toss in a comment or two at most. Maybe she's dating someone.
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