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  1. I hope they keep bringing up the other ship as artificially as possible like today. Its a reminder that that ship is super platonic while ours has hope
  2. If you want an example of lovelines being manufactured and not a reflection fo real feelings only one couple on MBCs We Got Married ended up actually dating and it was after their part of the show ended. No normal person can honestly be randomly lovey dovey comfortably with dozens of staff on the other end of a camera system with lighting, watching them.
  3. Him showing off the lobsterr he got to somin is cute and honestly more than any overt shipping the members do, the random screencaps of them chatting in the baclground speak much more to their relationship
  4. Anyone think it would be cuter if he was trying to take pics of Kwangsoo instead and she was the one really getting in the way? Like KJK tryna get some cool pics for his bro and Somin wants his attention so she starts acting cute and lovely in front of the camera and he ended up focusing on her? You could have Kwangsoos theme playing in the background as it happens
  5. Somin reply to KJK Insta Post Jsm:Ah no wonder, I was posing for such a long time but it didnt seem to end Kjk: yyp, id it was going on that long you shouldve known better and gotten out of the way
  6. Coming from an OG KJK fan i swear he likes her. Somins the bigger question mark for me
  7. We and a lot of Running Mans complain about SJH fans and SpartAce shippers already there reallt is no need for us to join in that and just five them more fuel to hate on her. Please dont get upset when KJK interacts with SJH theyre friends, its why I dont ship them theyre as platonic as a non-Alabama family could be. The more you sink to the level you see those people as, the worse comments youre putting Somin through as those haters have much less of a life than normal people. Just enjoy the interactions we get, be happy they hang out privately, support them individually even if this doesnr work out. Regardless of which member someone stans more or what ship is true or not none of the members deserve the hate they get
  8. Regardless of whether he simply is uncomfortable with being paired with other women because of Somin or not I simply think it's annoying to be pigeon holes into lovelines on shows. Remember how long it took Gary to be comfortable as well as JiHyo initially? Lovelines are the quick fix to always have something to bring up. That said when you get really good at variety and wit like Gary did lovelines pigeon holes you into a certain character and limit natural interaction with other people. Kim Jo g Look had so many lovelines and a main one during Xman cause he was an awkward little muscle man in the day who barely talked and just smiled. The lovelines was a quick fix to get him to talk since it was an easy way to tease. They did it in Family Outing with both of the girls for Kim Jong Kook as he was extremely unadjusted post-army as well as coming into the show later than the others. During Running Man it's been clear Kim Jong Kook has improved to a point where he doesn't need that crutch. His banter is great and ESPECIALLY after the news of him being kicked off the show was repealed he's branched off to do more and more to flex his MC/showmanship skill. The last thing he would want regardless of being in a relationship or not is to be forced into a lovelines which will end up dictating his dialogue instead of him dictating his own. Same with Somin. She's an absolute natural who doesn't need it she is funny when paired with anyone and goes for a jokey flirt with every preety guy gag going. I don't see why she needs it. Song JiHyo needs a lovelines or at least needed it because of the same reason KJK needed it in the past. She simply doesn't talk enough and when you don't talk enough or interact and put something into the dialogue there is nothing for the others to bounce off of you. That being said I have noticed her being a bit better about it and the spartace moments of this episode were clearly jokey and emphasized friendship and the idea of that ship over them actually being a couple which was the part that was hard to sit through due to pure artificial nature of it.
  9. If they are dating I still think its best to be professional and not care whether they get teamed up to much or not. The way I see it despite us shipping them together a lot its best it not get revealed. Should they be dating and it gets leaked it might be cute AF for a while and the teasing but if they were to break up it would make the show super awkward as it has in I Live Alone with the couple breaking up or in a WGM season i swear the couple dated and then broke up (you could see the chemistry before and after the supposed break up). So imo it is in their best interest to just be as professional on camera and see each other off screen (like we KNOW they have) so if it works out great we get good news and if it doesnt they work well enough with others to simply keep being professionals and going on without ruining the shows vibes.
  10. He's strangely been more relaxed about food in his 40s than he ever was in his 30s it fits what my secret theory about his ex is though.
  11. Pretty sure korea absolutely hated it cause of how artificial it was with the two of them clearly being platonic so they dropped it.
  12. It's great that during the episode KJK said Somin is suspicious for hanging around him all day and what do you know she wasn't any special role she just wanted to be with him
  13. Somins this is unfair it isn't me rage quits to planking on the floor are my new favorite thing.
  14. I don't think people need to be as worried as they are about Somin Sechan when it's constantly compared to Sukjin Somin. Kim Jong Kook has had many lovelines I've witnessed many lovelines with many celebrities rarely are the advertised couples real couples. The only one I remember being a show couple and confirmed real is WGM season 1
  15. I wanna push their heads together and make them kiss like a Ken and Barbie doll
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