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  1. At the very least we know the person of the opposite gender each other are closest to or at the least hanging out with most is each other. If they were actually going to set Somin up they wouldn't do it on a show. So I came out of this double death grip week actually happy. I didn't think they were dating at least just yet but their relationship is very positive
  2. That seemed okay on Running Man. YJS: I felt bad cause I tried to get her with Jo Seho but he didn't want It Somin: That annoyed me don't most people often just say that sounds okay for the sake of broadcast? KJK: My turn was with Jongmin who seemed down to date but she didn't like him. She doesn't like either cause she wants a good singer. She also is known to like KJKs music seems on the Running Man side it was more for fun moments on their shows than to actually set stuff up
  3. The only way they date is if Somin initiates anyway we know this it's on her
  4. This is my exact opinion on them. Hes super shy and Somin will have to initiate for it to ever happen. The coffee date knowing him definitely sturred feelings on his side at least a little since he so rarely interacts with women
  5. Theres no reason to be discouraged by the fact that theyve lessened the more obvious interactions. We know how much they can do, they literally were off in the corner during.shooting, sitting next to each other and chatting. We know there wasnt any huge shift in their relationship to something negative. Not to mention in the past they would not have any moments positive or negative with each other for months. She used to be uncomfortable as hell with him even though she wanted them to be closer. The little we see on occsssion is still at least once a week right? Then their relationship is still positive.
  6. I wouldnt worry about them pushing kwangmin. The most recent episode literally just teased him about how he treats his gf. The one moment during Lee Sangyeob and Im Soohyangs guesting was a throwaway comment about their outfits being couple look more than them ever being a possible couple.
  7. All I know is if that fifty page analysis is true, they should be showing off their relationship on screen a lot less openly. IF they are dating they are both professionals and will try to keep everything happening off camera, off camera. Will come down to you super analysts here to find the little things that leak out cause they're still human
  8. KJK isn't the type to come put of his she'll with women. The only reason he ended up this close with Somin is cuz she initiated between the two. I imagine it will have to be like that again for them to ever start dating
  9. Did anyone else hope Somin would lose and pick KJK when the episode started? Couple performance from those two would be nice
  10. Maybe one of them was sick and they tongued it out until they were both sick
  11. She honestly did though... The reason the PDs wanted to kick out KJK and SJH was cause of how stale and stagnant the show got. Sechan took a while but he fits in now really well and having another comedian helps a lot with witty gags, but Somin was instant Somin instantly fit into the group and had some dynamic with every member YJS is obvious these two were the Green team her ridiculousness and extreme nature also made her a good team with Haha and JSJ as well as these two are a great supporting role Sechan and LKS were the trio with her of maknae and often had a repoire with her so they worked near instantly SJH actually in contrast was made to seem even more Capable cause of how unlucky Somin was and having another girl is always nice. KJK was initially the awkward relationship and they did capitalize on how uncomfortable the two were with each other. Made moments like her randomly handing him a flower and such much funnier. (This is the only one with a drastic change in dynamic) She's extremely beloved by viewers in Korea and despite me liking KJK the most I started tuning in again and again for Somin. She might not have been the sole factor but you're absolutely delusional (looking at you Somin Antis) if you don't think she played a huge nearly instant role in fixing the show Also in variety shows avoiding or getting punishments is inherently more interesting than watching people get a prize you can't visualize for yourself and the format change to the trips was ingenious as it made watching continuously more valuable whilst individual episodes were still viewable on their own. (Not related to her just adding it in there)
  12. Remember regardless of how few opportunities they have in a given episode to meet they can just as easily meet up now that they're close. Remember when they were so awkward she used to avoid sitting next to him? Won't ever be that bad
  13. If they're actually dating we aren't going to know regardless. They aren't just going to announce it. Unless marriage happens it'll just always be us guessing unfortunately but that's half the fun right? Speculating is enjoyable
  14. When you don't see the back of the wig KJK low-key look like his late 2000s hairstyle again with those bangs. Somin adjusting KJKs shirt like that was cute as balls
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