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  2. can i know the episode of 8 gif? the one somin's need to cry ~~ been searching this episode but i forgot TT
  3. probably because long-opening scene ^^ since they need to introduce all the guest huhu we need to patiently wait for next week
  4. Oh yaa let me add more info. Since ive been watch MUD from ep 1 till now. The MCs especially Dongyup like to tease the guest or "MUD'son" if there is slightly about possibilities romance. So for "usually Dongyup" that at the end of KJK-KJM part. He would react or make it bigger issue to make that "scandal issue XD" example : he would ask JK's mom about it and drag more the conversation about it. But it was none of it happen. Kinda odd for me lol. Its Dongyup guys the MC of p*rvert stuff XD and romance/like to make scandal issue. Add on my personal experience. U know i frequently wear my outfit simple - i noticed that my tshirt almost all black color.. so then my "spring moment" came to me.. i had on crush with someone. So for that reason. I wanna dress up myself looking more good than my usual style. I wore my clothes brighter color than black.... reason--- because i fall in love or had crush with that person XD idk why KJK lately wore bright color than his black clothes. Two possibilites 1. Cause he's seeing someone or on crush with that person 2. Or just like HAHA said - when u get older ; u starting to change ur clothes color and wear bright color XD
  5. cant wait for tmrrow episode <3 hope for more kookmin moments hehe ^^
  6. Yass ! Even leaving comments so many ♡♡♡ aigoo my hearteuu. And he kept leave this one sentence like boooo and somin replied by talking about it. Jongkook - booo "something something" Somin - booo hahaha jongkook oppa keep saying boo. Oppa just do your exercise XD She also told her manager?or the unnie in front of her. Saying jongkook kept leaving comments on my ig live unnie *laugh* Oh yaa at the early.. she talked about food and mentioned kjk name as well. Maybe about he doesnt like that food ?or not satisfied. Cause before she mentioned kjk. She also mentioned other rm members name like sjh unnie - like the food but seems like the food that somin recommend.. kjk doesnt like it (??) And she added.. what should i do... ( it seems like she wants all rm members to like her recommend food but that person not fan of it :3 )
  7. Guys !! Somin just ended her IG live !! Many oppas watch her live !!! Lee kwang soo , ji suk jin , kim ji seok and our man KIM JONG KOOK !! From what i understood.. ps: jiseok leave a lot of comments ! As well KJK ^^ - somin talked about food - greetings them LKS,KJK,JSJ and jiseok - she sang kjk's songs !!! LOVEABLE AND ONE MAN - kjk gave her a feedback regarding her singing ~ - kjk doing his gym time while watching somin ig live. - he constantly leaving comment and tease her !! - somin asked him to " just go workout oppa " and " oppa are u doing exercise while watch my live ? " I do screenshot all KJK comments on Somin ig live. But idk how to post here
  8. translations comments (might not be accurate) dahee0315 : 소민아 사랑은 공기와도 같아....없어도 안되지만 잡을수도 없지...... Somin-ahhh, love is like air.... i can not have it but i can not catch it.... quanhaha79 : 얼른 해장해라... 속버린다... hurry disappear(?).. im thrown out... jjsomin_ina translated it in indonesia but i do it eng ver from her translations quanhaha79 [ Keluar dari sini... Jjeonsobarida ] [ go out from here.. Jjeonsobarida ] kjk76 : 하.. 얘가.. 또 이러네.. ha.. this is.. doing it again.. jjsomin_ina translated it in indonesia but i do it eng ver from her translations kjk76 [ Ha, lihatlah wanita ini... Mulai lagi. ] [ Ha, look this women.. start it again.. ] ohchangseokk : 이런거 하지 말랬지 i told you not to do this hwanjine : 그래..이제 그만 마시고 들어가 언능.. indeed.. now stop drinking and go enter/go into jungwon__choi : 왠지모를공감됌은모지??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ i do not know why?? kkkkkkk
  9. agreed with you seeing them wanna set up blind date in TVSHOWS - for me is not that deep or serious and plus they wanna set up somin with comedian (jo se ho) kim jong min ( singer but variety master). except if they set up somin with hot guy XD okay im not that knowledge about kim jong min. but ive been follow him since 2days1night season 3. i can assured you guys that he is too busy, got many events, funny man but he do not have public relationship except recently from the ''dating shows'' but at the end - lead to break up. as far i know the reason their broke up cause of rarely meet up and he's been busy. so that why they're called it quit for the best of their relationship. right now - do you guys think kim jong min wanna in public relationship after this? and just recently broken up? of course in tv shows. he shows that he is interest but.. we all know that it is for the tvshows/tv content dont forget that he is variety master and just won grand awards 2018 kbs ^^ more info - he got that characters '' national pabo - national idiot XD '' Idk why suddenly YJS and KJK wanna set up somin at the same time but different shows. for me - it is for her to be more expose on other shows beside running man ^^
  10. the last line. u got more? please share it but if u dont want to share publicly.. if u could share it with me. i messaged u
  11. Thanks a lot @Hmp !! We're appreciate it for your shared information and opinions as well No worries ^^ please keep supporting our Sominie together ♡ while being quiet fan hope to see more interaction between JSM & KJK later in future or upcoming episode ^^
  12. Someone's already translated SM's caption..
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