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  1. Yeah. Episode 8 was brutal. I hope it gets little less sadder from now on. The episode 8 has been directed beautifully and ending was very very sad.
  2. Watched the subbed version. Before watching I knew this would be great but it turned out much better than what expected. I think I can already see it being my favourite dramas of 2019. The music and acting had been really great. Really excited for 2nd episode.
  3. Abyss is still somewhat interesting and actors have done a good job. It would be unfair to compare this to Crowned Clown. I think we knew what we were getting after 2-3 episodes for abyss. And ratings would have been worse if Park Boyoung was not acting. But there's good chance it can still finish strong as long as there's not too much focus on crime. The plot is not just good enough to focus a lot on serial killing. Of course I don't expect some real stud plot like secret forest but even above average plot combined with fantasy setting along with such awesome cast would have made it a successful show if not a great one.
  4. The concept and idea is good but there are so many plotholes. It is not very good writing. For such a anticipated show, I was expecting better writing. There is also very less focus on romance which would have been fine if it was really plot driven drama but it's not. 2-3 rating such a long anticipated show is really really low even if it's not cable. There are so many TVN dramas which have crossed 10 in last 2-3 years.
  5. Can anyone help me in finding in the instrumental track playing for first 15 secs of the following the video. The OSTs are so beautiful but this one playing in background stands out for me I found it on youtube : Before fall down. The soundtrack and cinematography for this drama is almost without equal among Korean dramas.
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