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  1. new bts. as wu qian had said, zhang yu jian is not at all like yan mo, in real life. he's just too playful
  2. hello, im not new to soompi forums but im basically new in this thread. ive been following this thread for quite some time after i watched the first episode of the drama and haven't had the time to joining in. anyway, i do have to agree with some of your comments. i feel like the last 6 episodes are kind of underwhelming? tho im still excited about the drama. i may sound like a hater but i'm just going to be frank (oh hi, mr.f) that i couldn't care less about guanchao and wuyi's arc as well as about dachuan and youngmei. to sum it up i love them individually but not as couples. i think that it isn't very necessary to make the rest four as couples like how they were portrayed in the novel wherein dachuan and youngmei's characters were even nonexistent. i'm deeply in love with guanchao as brother too but i dont think his stories should be more explored, nor wuyi's. this whole story revolves around qiao yi and yan mo they do better have stayed on that line, the side characters can just take up only a little of time or when needed to help emphasize the situation that carries out in a scene. but to my disappointment they milk it way too much. im really aware that an adaptation work can not fully adhere to what's written in its source but adding some or erasing some scenes could be redundant too. in this case, i have to say that the drama team might think it's important to add up some conflicts as the book "lacked" in that department hence the company conflict storyline or mother's remarriage. but then, my 2 cents on them making qiao yi's family become the happy one meanwhile yan mo's the flawed one is to give the audience an idea of one can not be having a handful of misfortune packed in their pockets or one is being the king of their lives, that's why they have to turn it all around. about the ugly break up, if i have to look at it a bit deeper it weirdly makes sense, qiao yi has been worrying about yan mo after getting together and her remarks of having changed overtime are overlooked therefore they make them separate with such reasons. i mean, she's still worrying about yan mo but it's not only yan mo she's taking care of but the whole company. she is getting braver with how she's handling the issue without yan mo or other people's helps. so, it's still reasonable in my opinion. yan mo tho, i want his character to be written more vulnerable than what we have been shown with, yet again he might learn to have a strong heart while growing up with lack of attention his parents are giving him. this kid still has a long way to go to understand life. i'm sorry for this lengthy ramble. i didn't mean it to.
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