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  1. I dont think tnis is the same coz i see agency entourage here this is not a personsl travel for both syj and kng (not like the LA trip of SYG and HB) . if im right i think this is for a promotional trip related to project if not shark then pirates im not sure ..but i also saw an airport interview of them i think this is the same base on their clothes..i remember from that interview kng was very gentleman to syj guiding her and protecting coz there was a crowd of fans. Oh anyway whatever the relationship of syj then and now ..i will wish for the best for the present and while wishing that am just gonna be excited for her and hyun bin drama and yes i still believe in their love story hehe and will keep on rooting for them.
  2. My conclusiion is the same...she is enjoyng the sun these days and we all know who influence her with golf but HB should be careful with her competitiveness personality she might just out level him hahaha lol seriously, as a fan im just so happy seeing her looking so blooming she is ever beautiful as before but yesterday photo.. she is radiant glowing... cheering for her continued happiness, whoever and whatever caused it..may it never last. ..Also as a fan im ready to see her enter a new chapter of her life ..so yes after the drama.. im one of those fan giving blessing for marriage.. i wanna see little syj ..they are going to be sooo beautiful kids ..can u just imagine how gorgeous her and HB?!? Kids will be?? ..yes im thinking way too much hehe but i really think this will happen soon again basing from the way she is from ysterday event shes looking so happy .
  3. Agree! Hyunbin was even looking very happy in those video selfies of them..then theres those gentleman sweet moves of hyunbin during promotion, the way they look at each other ..and dont forget the observation of the hostage taker who acted with them .. all these are enough for me to believe...this drama will be the ultimate romance feels for k drama. Meantime will keep watch and so excited for the ist script reading...
  4. Hi i have been following postings here ..i love this group i share most of the opinions..most recently about the "romance dating of syj and hyunbin"..I Am a believer! Lol coz it is so obvious! Cmon! ...let me just say Im a huge SYJ fan been for so long coz she a great actress and so pretty anyway decided to join now coz its really happening my girl syj has fallen in lovemy heart is overjoyed..i keep on thinking that if they confirm the drama ..my bet of them being real couple is more evident..well the photo of them grocery shopping is very convincing as it is...and their actions afterwards...both of them being so quite .. and for me they made effort to be low key afterwards, not to be seen together, syj looking ackward at the mediheal event, which if they are just friends they can just chat ( negotiation movie and promotions and US met up is most recent so its unusual that no photos of them greeting or chatting in that event) and not look ackward....they could just make fun of the rumors address the grocery shopping incident innocently as they are supposed to be "close friends" who met at the US... but they did not...and then syj not accepting a lot of offered projects ( i think she is really seriously considering settling down) ..not posting on her ig ( she loves to post random pics but she has not for a while) ....I think their actions is really because they personally dont want to deny or lie abt their relationship but they are not at the liberty to admit, atleast as of this time, maybe as respect to their agency or the people whom they worked with for so long. and then now accepting this drama ..im guesing these two accepted this drama so they can be together and media will not be suspicious abt them ..oh anyhow this is getting so long coz im sooo happy of the news ..just grateful that they are willing to share to us their romance thru the drama ( im pretty sure lots of lovey dovey scenes will be so real hehehe) ...meantime ill keep on reading postings here to share the joy.
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