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  1. @chewy are they aware or do they know each others id name ( code) they used in kakao livetalk before the show???? Understanding your post im concluding that they know thats why hyunbin responds are meaningful ...can you confirm this..thank you... And thanks so much for sharing these...
  2. Maybe with the right man ( HyunBin) and their love ( very obvious love transcend in every moment and in any medium) she will change her hesitation to marry. Doesnt all independent woman say this ..not for marriage... but when love happens they went for it. For me whatever however they will live their love for each other..marriage or no marriage is ok as long as they are together ... but i prefer marriage ofcourse and will our future groom even consider no marriage with his personality ( remember he finished college because he wants his future kids to have something to write when fiiling up forms abt their parents education) i have complete trust that HyunBin is the ONE Yejin will say yes to for marriage... never seen Yejin this giddy and happy with any other boy.... and seeing HyunBin also im sure He will ask THE question ... Will you Marry Me?!? .. Wahhhhh im at that point that im actually seeing this scenario in my head.. Lets patiently wait. always cheering for BINJIN #BinJinIsReal #InGroceryWeTrust
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