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  1. Same thoughts ..i love Yejin forever whether she sail with Hyunbin or not. If its not Hyunbin i hope someone will come ( im sure someone will come) Though there is blessedness in being single lol and Yejin being her usual natural self will always atrract happiness as she is always positive and cheerful. New drama soon...will wait for that. BUT dont get me wrong im not giving up on this ship theres too much evidence and hints too give up and so soon ... nahh....the latest vast ent comment oh well its their business to do that and im having doubt how the alleged comment by vast is being word, it may be that vast just respond to the holding hands but you know how these write ups are you give them answer to certain specific questio then theyll use that to expand and conclude on a whole or the entire issue. I still think mr ceo want his personal affairs all to himself ..for now. He is really testing my patient hmmmm lol good thing ive come to love him lol #InGroceryWeTrust #BinJinIsReal
  2. Maybe shes scared she might get a DM from Vast hahaha lol Seriously as SYJ long time fan..she very private if you have follow her career she works hard gives excellent performance promotes diligently her work, very humble polite to audience and her fans but thats it ..she doesnt participate much in popularity she compensated thru the awards and recognition she receives ..she a true actress in the sense that she passionate about her acting career i personally think that she in the industry not for glamour nor fame BUT really because she loves acting. In an interview she was asked what she likes to hear from people who have watched and seen her, that she very beautiful or she very good actress, she answered very quickly ..good in acting. She never trives on publicity very low key actress but nevertheless well recognized ( because she is really one of the best Kdrama actress if not the best) ..she loves that she can quietly get out of the buzz of being celebrity to take her personal time like traveling ..and then CLOY ( or hyunbin lol) happened so much attention to her private life i think shes still has to adjust and thats why she shying away from posting ( look at the increased in her ig followers, crazy!! Lol) before, yes she does have a very solid fan base ( ahemm ahemm me one of them!!! So proud of her) but now it must be crazy for her to see a lot of comments on her every ig post ...lets give her time to adjust or if its not her thing lets respect that. And cloy just finished she got sick during shoot so she needs to rest ..maybe its her time to stare blankly ahead ( her small happy moment) Yejin will post im sure, she is a fun girl and she does what she wants so she will be back in ig lets give her time ...same with their relationship lets be patient.. I dont want her to be preassured esp when it so obvious she happy with Hyunbin. You know at the beginning of the rumors of them dating a lot of hyunbin fans were mean/harsh on her ( ive come to terms with it doesnt make me mad anymore esp when its so obvious Hyunbin is crazy over Yejin hehe lol so it so easy to just gnore them) i was so worried for her, to the point that i wished if she falls in love maybe better to an ordinary less popular man so she will have a blissful life. BUT because I saw them together in all those times that we have discuss here ( nego, golfing, grocery, interviews all of it) she very happy, first time ive seen her giddy shy little flirting very girly and im so happy for her ..so yes now i love Hyunbin also hehe now im 100% BinJin believer i only have this wish that Whatever they have before, now and in the future ( obviously their interest fondness, love, comfort for each other) i hope it stick to them mutually and that they will be each others strength through the rest of their lives.. #InGroceryWeTrust #BinJinIsReal
  3. Reading all the post here ...im with you everything esp with those last photos .. those looks so real no acting needed! Im thinking how come there are no sightings of them dating? My guess is the same as that one i read here before that the position ( both A list actors) they have in the industry in a way earns them to request the media to keep quiet until the drama is over ( as respect to the drama producers also and all those involve in the business side and that they ( hb/ syj, their agencies, the producers) and that an agreement/ negotiation has been made to wait until the drama finish. So yes there will be a big announcement!!! Lol im getting crazy with these two ..its like I am convince no analysis needed but still I analyze lol and i come here to read all your analysis, point of views and all updates. My fellow BinJin shippers lets get ready for our party coz an announcement is forth coming!!! Meantime they are included in my prayers By the way Congrats to us we CLOY addicts broke tvn tv rating history!!! O right and here my mantra #BinJinIsReal #InGroceryWeTrust
  4. I love the CLOY finale episode the last scene really makes me imagine BinJin life together awww so much happiness ( im also imagining that last scene by the hill when they kiss so last minute is adlib! Lol excuse my BinJin heart) And we got that KISS ( when they got reunited) though Yejin is too selfish lol her arms ( when he wrapped it around HB) kinda covered their lips but then HB getting intense there what can YJ do, ofcourse she melt and had to hold on to him hahaha lol if only will get that confirmation..but if not yet ..then ok ..ill just run back to netflix and press on repeat lol So glad a lot of people enjoyed Cloy in seoul and so many all over the world!!!! Im sure outside korea ratings is at highest lol! Here in my country we are trending every sat and sundays super popular here im so proud. Yes so many people are sad now feeling sepanx ( separation anxiety) my remedy is to go back here at this forum. Lets keep on update please The after party observations i read here is making me happy thanks again, that hug from HB i will just take it that its him telling her we did a great job and the pat is im so proud of you we did well ( and we know how much amount of hard work they put on cloy YJ even got sick) Again he keeps on showing his sweet side and yes his letting public know abt it ( he could have chosen not to give that hug and pat coz thats the norm on after party on kdram BUT NO! He went for it even knowing that a lot of people are observing them ( from the shouting on their kissing scene surely even the staff of cloy are kinda teasing them) I think part of HB and SY is enjoying all the teasing lol And yes i saw from the video ( clearly even if its dark) she hid her head towards the back of HB cmon YJ im your fan since the beginning..Is that you girl!?!? lol First time ive seen her act all giddy and shy, im too happy for her. Now i will surely keep an eye on HB lol Im just beginning lol #BinJinIsReal #InGroceryWeTrust
  5. Those who are scared to watch epi 15 WATCH IT!!! True that its painful episode but i commend the writer and director how the story is unfolding and coming to end ...it will not just touch your emotions its more ..its sooo heart wrecking literally my chest ached watching my tears just fell and i sob! ..so then I asked ahhh Could they have Love this Much?!?!? And they do! And what cant you do for love right??? Kudos to HB and SYJ brilliant actors superb acting!, and plus they love each other for real lol ( my binjin heart again sorry! Hehehe ) now im so looking forward to that sweet happy ending.. i dont want to spoil but really RIRi love for each other should go down in history what is romeo and juliet?!?! Nah! RIRI for the win! Oh not to forget the second lead story ..its also a wow! Kim jung hyun deserve an award he is super good! And ofcourse episode 15 is amazing for giving us all the hints to BinJin love! #BinJinIsReal #Ingrocerywetrust
  6. @Blue7 great job!!! thank you! You just detailed everything we shipper here are thinking! CLOY is based on BinJin in so many ways lol but to put it in one word DESTINY ( cloy has repeatedly emphasis on destiny) and we have establish how BinJin lives have crossed in the past to now ... though im thinking are they playing with our hearts?!?! Lol.. or is these their way of giving us hints?...anyway all these is making me more positive about our ship. Lastly CLOY is really the best kdrama ever oh well how can it not be when it give snippets of the real love story of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. BRAVO TO TEAM CLOY I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
  7. Noticed that too ..he has that knowing smile like he wants to say "yeah right"..I remember SYJ appearance in Master In Our House she ate a alot and the food she packed was yummy food that i wouldnt necessary categorized as good food lol, .. so that look and smile of HB is a give away that she knows her appetite and noticed SYJ continued with her answer saying...although yummy food is so good hahaha Know what i conclude these two in all their interviews and now in BTS they always give away their real status relationship ...thats why i dont need more evidence ...im just waiting till the time that they will be comfortable and ready to share to the public..and im praying that what they have right now is not just fleeting but the real one the kind that is forever and always , the kind that can stand the craziness in their world ( you know millions of people watching them) that kind that being not together is out of the question coz their ultimate happiness is each other. Oh im so in love with their love story!!!! #InGroceryWeTrust #BinJinIsReal
  8. Im with you on this ..look from the shoulders of Hyunbin to the hand that covers the right hand of Yejin ..its his hand..i can see blue coat on white polo on that hand..and yejin hand has a whiter/ fairer complexion ..those two hands doesnt have the same complexion .. and yes im a diehard Binjin lol so its a Yes for me! Anyway do we need more evidence to convince ourselves that they are dating, really?!? Me i dont need more proof im convinced hehe lol Although this new evidence makes me so happy
  9. Why do i feel we have the same sentiments here lol but i dont feel bad though coz my logic mind kinda confirms that these two are really "Real" .. showing those kind of scenes is too ackward for them, imagine if they agree to skinship scenes its like giving away what goes on between them privately ..i dont think the producers paid them enough or those are priceless to them ...so me being a 100% supportive of their real relationship im all for that! Ok to no skinship in CLOY ( anyway its healthier for their relationship) so i think they are the ones who put restrictions.. lets just suppport all the skinship that they enjoying privately lol ..near end im going to miss them ..looking forward to episode 14..lastly im just grateful that before they make "them as couple" official they gave us CLOY ( well its HB wish also) coz after this im guessing they are going to be low key married couple ...my happy heart is full #BinJinIsReal #InGroceryShoppingWeTrust
  10. Hahaha thats what i was thinking also ..lol .. and we even make fun here how delulu we are when it comes to our BinJin but her comment on the SYJ sexual preference is really just a thought of a delulu mind!?!? hahaha I pity that girl very delusional To address that old and unpopular rumor ( "gay" it did not even made headlines coz really its unrealiable thus it didnt spread) , i think one because it was baseless and it was just cause by how nothing of dating scandal Yejin has over the time of her career thats why people associate that word on her and she really is tomboyish, how she acts, even HB told that in one of his interview. As SYJ long time fan her personality is so competitive, her being a female wont stop her from winning and she always shows that, let me share a comment from one of running man's host Haha, in 2011, who before and during SYJ s guesting has a huge crush on SYJ he even declared his love on her but after the show when another female actress guested he said SYJ is the tiresome type ..basing from this my analysis is that in the industry no one can BS SYJ esp male celebrities she is hard to crack.. and that pretty face of her that looks so fragile and innocent is just an outside but inside she is tough, so my guess is that her attitude kinda gave her that " tough unfaze by male kind of girl" and so they started to rumor shes gay haha lol so typical of a society that it so use to stereotyping. And SYJ being a serious actress doesnt even care what they perserve her to be as long as she gives superb acting performance on every project given to her she just go on showing her true self, straight forward no nonsense girl ( see all her interviews) she will not act as girly girly sweety sweety girl to prove her sexuality or disprove that rumor .. sorry its not her. One more i dont think she will be bestties with the 7 cinderela group if she a lesbo haha lol how can a lesbo stands those 6 super womenly friends they are such a girl, even their hobbies. SYJ shares those hobbies with them, look up the Masters in the House epi when Yejin was a guest, see her house how she personally design it and her love for flowers thats really too feminine way out of a lesbo thing hahaha( oh im stereotyping haha but really?!?! ) so lets just really laugh it off that absurd rumor! Hehe #InGroceryWeTrust #BinJinIsReal
  11. To continue my observations on recent happenings that were for me are hint of BINJIN being real: 2. On hyunbin Yejin couch talk in the swoon go back there and watched in 4:25 Hyunbin was about to say something but he suddenly stopped after a thought...hmmm seems to me like whatever hs about to add or butt in as SYJ was answering will somehow reveal how much time they have been spending together off work .. why because SYJ was going on answering how she prepared for her role she was saying she watched a lot of variety show thats when hyunbin was abt to add something..my BinJin heart is saying hmmm maybe what he was abt to say will reveal theyve been watching together hehehe lol. But really i have a point right? it so suspicious these two hehe i want to tell them Love is hard to hide!!! 3. On the swoon showering each other with complements the WE and the US really got me .. they go like this: SYJ: WE are bad with numbers HYUNBIN: both of US Cmon! really these kind of slips are major hints! Oh well at least for me it is and because i love to share my happiness so its here ..love my BINJIN!
  12. Wow this thread has been buzzing my notification!!!! BINJIN has gotten so popular..as one of the first to board this im sooo happy!!! Anyway back to sharing my observation moving forward to recent happenings, i noticed moments that for me is again hints that these are real 1. on the presscon of cloy when they were asked by the woman reporter abt the dating rumor, here HyunBin take the lead to answer ( noticed how he fidgeted first adjusting his pants, his nervous! so cute lol) and SYJ just followed through when it was her turn to answer with " so am i Hyunbin told everything well" as a long time SYJ fan her answer is so out of her character, normally ( if for me she is not guilty hehe) she would just answer her usual wit confident self ( remember during Something in the rain presscon, she and JHI was asked what are the odds of becoming real lover, her reaction was she asked JHI " do you happen to like me?" And thats SYJ! when she doesnt have to cover anything or let say when she doesnt have to be careful of her answer, outspoken and direct she will not beat around the bush not going to be shy abt it, why because i think with jhi from the start she will not consider him as a real lover as he just see him as her junior. If the rumor of them with photo grocery shopping is just as innocence as them being just two friends meeting up, they or atleast SYJ with her wit could have mention it and even make fun of it...BUT because it is not innocent meet up she was left with answer as that " same as HyunBin" ..and im like oh my girl ( as i love her so dearly) is inlove! She have been bitten by the love bug!
  13. Hahaha SYJ tomboyish even HB said in an interview when they were promoting Negotiation he was surprise that SYJ has a tomboyish side whch he finds charming..wubb heart heart my binjin!
  14. Exactly my thoughts! So much happiness between them ..love ..love .love .! Dont mind us just go on with your world! But can we go on cheering i cant help it my BinJin heart os so happy.
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