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  1. Annyeong chingus!!! I'm new to this threead I honestly did not even know something like this existed but now that im here im so excited to ship our park park couple as much as i can like the rest of you here most kfans already know this but not many ifans know this because this news was published in only a few exclusive fan cafés and noone managed to translate that news. the thing is its true that ppc deffinitely dated before seceratary kim. thats why all those videos of pmy where shes blushing whenever anyone mentioned psj are true and the couple items etc IT'S BECAUSE THEY DID DATE!!! u can try and ask any true kfan and they'll know it's true. but the thing is is that pmy and psj broke up right before secretary kim - that's why pmy and psj were kind of restrained (but also loving) towards each other. gosh imaginr doing all those scenes with ur ex. all those haters who say that theyre cold to each other, its in fact because they might still have feelings for each other that they try to restrain themselves and remain polite when the news that theyre dating blew up after secreatry kim ended, it was gonna become awkward for both of them thats why pmy denied. BUT PSJ didnt say anything!! that means he probably wants her back and is still trying to win her back. guys pls pray they get back together they most likely fell back in love during secretary kim but were too scared to take the leap again. tbh i think theyll get back together because park jin joo could convince her!!!
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