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  1. Yeah but it was long time ago. Payday loan - is a risky option in my opinion
  2. I got headaches after covid. I hope it will stop soon or later
  3. Bosch is a good option in my opinion because I've been using it for 2 years now. But there is one more option - Fagor. I would recommend you to check Fagor LC-500 user manual at the related website first. Then you can compare Bosch and Fagor and choose which one is better and why.
  4. I guess I should repair some stuff in my house because it would be cheaper then buying a new furniture and tech. We also have a daughter which desires to improve the house on her own. She have already forced me to check manymanuals to find some kind of decorative lighting. Philips user manual made me think it's the best option..
  5. Now I need to transfer some stuff to my new house
  6. Maybe USA for living. Now I live in Ukraine. I have this purpose and I've been saving money for a while to move to Florida one day. I have friends at California and they really glad to host me when I visit States. Now I have an idea to buy a car there, so I've already checked how much does it cost to ship a car across the us at howtotransport threads. I really hope my dream will come true once..
  7. When I see the amount of deaths of covid-19 I'm really scared. It was hard for me to realize "the real number" of dead, until I checked wikimeters death stats.. People should take care more about themself. Because nubmer of dead increases every single day
  8. Yees but I'm too lazy to do it constantly. ManyManuals.com
  9. I like visiting gym and I also have my own in the garage
  10. There are many way but I prefer something like walking with my gf.. It's really helpful when you are stressed or pissed ManyManuals.com
  11. Yes. I had such an experience. 15 hours away is really far but I felt in love so I had no choice but wait... My beloved desired to hug me but it was very hard for both of us, despite we knew what we were looking for. We met at dating site https://hookupapps.dating/xmeets and I didn't realize I could ever find gf there but here we are. After all I couldn't handle it and brought my girl to my city. Now we live together.
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