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  1. execatly the same situation. I'm from Ukraine but I have a lot of Friends from Egypt here and they used to tell me about that
  2. Probably I do... but I have a lot of other things to do despite of missing school
  3. Every month I have new such a product as you see Now it's chainsaw because it's getting colder and it was important to take care about wood for winter so I'd checked some reviews here and decided to buy jonsered chainsaw. For wood workers - it's amazing tool. Now I can certainly say that this product completely worth my money (anyway hope for that)
  4. I would like to go back to college anyway
  5. What kind of them do you mean?
  6. xxxtentacion's song. now - sad
  7. Hm... I can't say for sure. There are a lot of them. For example I used video downloader and now I can surely say it completely worth my money. Quite usefull thing when it's necessary to get video from youtube or smth like that. P.S. I would like to mention my new bread machine too cause I bought it only few days ago
  8. I just used to sleep when I am bored but more often I spend this perod with some profit. First of all when my lesson is really boring I try to make my homework to save some more time to walk or spend it with friends. But unfortunately I had some troubles with writing and it's hard for me to write a good paper on my own so I ask essay writing service for help and get whatever I want. All I need is to rewrite that. The best thing due boring classes - is saving your time.
  9. Not always I suppose. There are a lot of people who have bachelor degree and they still can't find a good job. Anyway I am a student and I AM GOING to get bachelor degree in any case. I have been studying 4 years and I had so many problems during this time. EsaayShark was that one service wich helped me several times when I really needed it. There also were a lot of people who allowed me to be relaxed. I am appreciate it
  10. I don't know what I really need. I have free will but I feel tired troughout I did nothing at all ( sorry for my english)
  11. I ate only a hamburger with tea
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