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  1. It's good to come back to my own old thread Let me tell you about my futher plans for home improvement. I want to make my kitchen better. I don't think current design is good enough. Secondly, I woud like to to get rid of brown well water - it's disgusting..
  2. I don't know much about woodworking but I do have some such furniture. It was a long time ago when I got it but I felt in love with it. Why so? Because wooden furniture is truly beautiful and my wife is a designer so she knows which kind of stuff to buy She is in charge for any wood stuff we have. Closet Studio provided me some recommendations for my living room design with wood furniture.. I will share them soon.
  3. Are you seriously looking for essay tips at soompi ? I guess you may get many link suggestions from newbies.. But if you really need essay tips - first tell: what kind of essay to you need to write? There are many different options. I usually write movie reviews (this is my favorite kind of essays).
  4. I suppose online dating is the best stuff nowadays
  5. Yeah but it was long time ago. Payday loan - is a risky option in my opinion
  6. Let's talk in this thread about our hope improvement activity. What was the latest thing you did in your house? I set heating system
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