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  1. Actually I want to know what do they think about her, I saw a lot of malicious comments through Instagram but they're in English, what do netizens think about kookmin?
  2. Haha is the official kookmin's third wheel
  3. No, I don't think so, she's having the moment of her career and totally deserved. I really enjoy her character, dramas, movies, appearances in other programs and her personality. I hope she continues for a long time in the entertainment world and with this thing with KJK hahaha (I can't say it's a friendship because hell no, they don't act as friends, I mean look at KS and SM they're truly friends but KJK and SM are in a hole different level, you don't see a friend like they see each other and actually I can't say it's a relantionship because I don't want to raise my dreams haha). They have somenthing special going on, everyone with two eyes can see their chemistry. Sorry if I have mistakes, english it's not my native lenguage
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