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  1. Who is this seoseo? She/he so so talented in telling so so interesting ‘facts’ of our otp especially pmy. I am so so curious regarding this member, so so glad to welcome you to labit forum. Here some so so fresh carrot from our bunny for your eyes to become so so brighter to see that in here we welcome healthy discussion not so so called the most righteous ‘fact’ from the so so person? So, dear seoseo we are so so welcoming you here if you are intended to spread positivity, alas the end my so so story. No offence, peace out.
  2. I know as much as we want nothing to go wrong with our otp’s life, living as a celeb will always encircled with rumours, bad news, maligning attempt from haters, they cant escape it, the difference is how they handled it. I believe kjw is an adult at first, mature and wise in handling the issue, he had quite an experience living as celeb plus his management company also proactive (perhaps they can enforce some legal action to protect their artists). I will not defy that this is one of bittersweet experience for kjw; bitter in context of how his image almost being tarnished, while sweet is how much support he received and how many seong deok mi around the world willing to protect him He already played his part ; strong and firm denial ( no means no; he is not playing around the bush) it is upon us whom willing to have faith on him or not, for me i do. Regarding that LE had to unfollow KJW, that was also her choice, why only do now? Only she can answer, but i bet she felt that was the last rational resort to calm the things down and i hope she will be smarter in future for her post ( crossed finger) Someone pointed that this one was started by other ship sasaeng, well, my word is, we cant control human, this is real world, there will always someone who will never leave chance to hurt others. They forgot to put themselves in others shoes because they are intoxicated with obsessions, they forgot the one that they intended to hurt are HUMANS at first place, they are being ignorant as how much karma will take a place, if it isnt happening for their celeb, perhaps it will soon happening in their own life, once bitten twice shy ; then they will be reminded of how much hurt that they had cause to others. Perhaps that is the only way for them to learn. We can lecture, give advices, being sarcastic, alas at the end it is their choices. Someone said, there will be no smoke without fire (regarding ppc), the thing is, it is quite clear how strong statement of denial given by pmy in her interview, the fire itself started by the shippers. To how much extend can pmy do if no one can keep faith on her words? Do you expect in every single iv she had to deny it? It is quite irrational. I disagree to put the blame on pmy’ side just because this issue came from the sasaeng. WE as rational and educated fans had so many options to defy this kind of thing and malign act. We can directly report or inquire the managemnt part, showing emotional support the least, instead of pointing out the blame on actor/actresses, thinking back, all this horrendous experience was started by us, the crazy fan ( not all of us, some who are so obsessed.) How much turmoil had been experienced by pmy just because of this issue, she almost enclosed herself into a shell so that no one can hurt her anymore. WE do not have rights to just straight away put a blame on her just because she does not open her mouth everytime a male lead playing opposite her involved in rumours. WE do not know perhaps she already gave her support in a way that we dont know At last, can we just stop debating on this topic, it is already closed and sealed. I do miss how much this forum pointing out our Labit moments instead opening this and only see the debate regarding this topic. Sorry for my long writing and no offences everyone. Peace out.
  3. Yup, kjw posted is tc45 model, while other one is sk6 plus she own that thing since 2017, somebody had a motive to destroy our ship, but nah, we are getting stronger
  4. Guys.. May my soul rest in peace after viewing this https://i.postimg.cc/23k1thPG/65-F5-D03-D-1-E0-F-4-C27-99-B9-E5-D56-ECA7-A07.jpg *caution, handle with care, any cardiac arrest will be own responsibilities* not for a weak heart though
  5. Out of the box question, does hot pot a popular dish in korea? Cuz hot pot triggered something in mind regarding our labit couple
  6. Oh my gosh *read it as eom so hye style* i missed a lot of discussion, ep, bts, video.. being busy with my life, going to catch up everything and post my pov, but now i badly need my sleep..
  7. Noticed in the ep 11 preview deokmi had a grey shirt ? I supposed while still at ryan’s house, where does her black sweater goes? *excuse my dirty mind*
  8. Omagoshh!! dead!! The ep is so epic hot.. Cause of death: sizzling hotness Thank u for live recap. This forum rocks!
  9. Cant wait to watch full ep with sub.. OMO!! For now, RIP my soul, that kiss and preview
  10. A scene of DM and EG bickered during family dinner and they challenged each other to have a partner of life just like them, i was thinking what if sindy meant for EG cuz i felt sindy is slowly turning into a good book plus sindy also a fangirl. LOL
  11. Hello everyone I cant help but made myself an account today and officially be a fangirl for it This drama managed to catch my attention even though i am exhausted from my night shift Nice to see everyone is very enthusiastic in giving opinions and update. Going to keep myself awake by binge watching HPL
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