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  1. Guys.. May my soul rest in peace after viewing this https://i.postimg.cc/23k1thPG/65-F5-D03-D-1-E0-F-4-C27-99-B9-E5-D56-ECA7-A07.jpg *caution, handle with care, any cardiac arrest will be own responsibilities* not for a weak heart though
  2. Out of the box question, does hot pot a popular dish in korea? Cuz hot pot triggered something in mind regarding our labit couple
  3. Oh my gosh *read it as eom so hye style* i missed a lot of discussion, ep, bts, video.. being busy with my life, going to catch up everything and post my pov, but now i badly need my sleep..
  4. Noticed in the ep 11 preview deokmi had a grey shirt ? I supposed while still at ryan’s house, where does her black sweater goes? *excuse my dirty mind*
  5. Omagoshh!! dead!! The ep is so epic hot.. Cause of death: sizzling hotness Thank u for live recap. This forum rocks!
  6. Cant wait to watch full ep with sub.. OMO!! For now, RIP my soul, that kiss and preview
  7. A scene of DM and EG bickered during family dinner and they challenged each other to have a partner of life just like them, i was thinking what if sindy meant for EG cuz i felt sindy is slowly turning into a good book plus sindy also a fangirl. LOL
  8. Hello everyone I cant help but made myself an account today and officially be a fangirl for it This drama managed to catch my attention even though i am exhausted from my night shift Nice to see everyone is very enthusiastic in giving opinions and update. Going to keep myself awake by binge watching HPL
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