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  1. @kyoko22@Rahayu Muktiayu I totally agree with both of you, kjk's confidence in initiating skinship with jsm is entirely at a different level. @9012 Thanks for your latest youtube video. The way kjk smiles when reacting to jsm's antics, plus the way jsm warmly glances at kjk, wow! how can we not suspect something. Bonus point: at 1:01 of your video, the way kjk's eyes move from jsm's face to just focusing on her lips, wow again! @MandelBrot Thanks again for capturing all the hidden moments. If not for you, l would never have noticed them. I reall
  2. @CamelliaLady I agree his reaction seems rather excessive, l wonder what's the real reason for the sudden explosion..... As for @MandelBrot's subsequent gifs, everything seems again cute couple
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