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  1. @minahnoona l definitely agree with you. Interactions between lks and jsm are still hilarious as ever. They make the best comedy team and deserve a special award for it.
  2. Awww @kookminclan RunningMan and @Kookminislove, don't be so pessimistic. All the positive signs are still coming on strongly in the latest RM episode. Remember this RM episode took place after MUD was recorded, that is why all of them could laugh about what transpired. It looks like jsm has moved on/forgiven the two culprits.
  3. @MandelBrot Daebak!!! and thanks for the speedy screenshots. Highlight for me is the one which she touches his back, not one hand but both hands, omo omo .....
  4. I call this the spice in life, heheh https://www.soompi.com/article/1333673wpp/yoo-jae-suk-apologizes-to-jun-so-min-for-his-blind-date-arrangement-fail
  5. @Kookminislove and @chimichimichamcham Both your posts are extremely insightful. The interactions/body language which we have been witnessing in the RM episodes are too d*** obvious for us to ignore (heheh, please excuse my language), and they are still apparent in the latest episode albeit more low key as rightly pointed out by both of you. The only inconsistent statements/actions are coming from kjk in the recent MUD episodes. I wonder is it because he has to maintain his role/image as the old bachelor with extreme hobbies/tastes in MUD. Sure sounds logical. As a side note, yjs has been calling jsm in his new show, and now kjk is also calling jsm in MUD, l wonder what are they up to. Coincidence? Trying to promote jsm, the actress/variety show entertainer? Trying to matchmake her? Or is it because they know she is a very sporting person who can take any joke flung at her? Hmmmm interesting .....
  6. Yup, l wonder what is Dispatch up to nowadays? We are going to lose our patience soon . Heheh, how is that for some drama and color.
  7. Something to make us smile ..... Thanks @Bibie Hartini
  8. @himneja I totally your suggestion. Yes, let's bring in more color, let's make it as colorful as kjk's and jsm's shirts. Let's have bright polka dot shirts too. We need a kaleidoscope of color, we need the rainbow. How is that for starters, heheh. Yahoo, time to go bonkers again
  9. Ahhhh the development in recent episodes, I agree with @kookminclan RunningMan things have really scaled down on-screen. To me this is a predictable step especially when the relationship becomes 'real'. In fact on a personal level l am quite happy with the progress of 'things' and actually expected the scaling back to take place much earlier. I guess their on-screen interactions had become rather too obvious, heheh. Now, the real challenge starts for us. Finding those precious interactions will definitely be much tougher. Maybe we will have to resort to other avenues to find out the progress of 'things'. I recently did some covert snooping and found out that jsm has been following / liking certain instagrams (https://www.instagram.com/mens_cult/?hl=en and https://www.instagram.com/couplegoals/?hl=en ). I find this to be super interesting. Could it be jsm's subconscious desire is at play? When you combine the timing of these instagrams with what we have been observing, can l say that their relationship has reached a more intimate level off-screen? Heheh, what do you think? As for the screen shots captured by @MandelBrot, they are definitely my favourite moments in ep 455. I really like the way kjk hugged and touched jsm's head. It shows their closeness. Meanwhile, happy detecting ....
  10. de nada, no hay problema (l hope this is correct)
  11. Re-posting: Part 8: (tagline: the 2 big questions) (Side note: Things happen really fast for this two. Meeting in private, public shows of affection, meeting the parents, wow l can’t keep up with the both of them. To cut through the chase and keep up with the times, l have changed the format for this final part of my analysis and will directly address the 2 big questions that have been playing in our heads and hearts. So please enjoy.) Question 1: Are kjk and jsm dating? After re-watching ep 441 until the latest ep 449 (plus the extra bits from lks’ movie premiere and kjk’s concert), l am pretty sure they are already dating (side note: this is my personal opinion). There were so many instances where both of them displayed the level of intimacy which only romantic couples share. A lot of these instances had already been picked up by the commentators in the youtube channel. Below are some of the more memorable ones for me and when taken collectively, l think they do support my conclusion: Ep 441 (meeting privately) – When acknowledging that both he and jsm had become close, kjk was beaming with so much joy until instead of seeing his eyes, we could only see 2 narrow slits. (Side note: Heheh he really does have very small eyes.) As for jsm, the way she hit kjk from the side after learning that he was not comfortable in meeting her alone showed a new level of intimacy which was not visible before. My take, both of them must have hit it off after the ‘private meeting which lks had spoiled’. Ep 443 (auction game) – As pointed out by @adrianwyc88 and @kookminclan, throughout the game both kjk and jsm had only eyes for each other. Poor Haha had to endure their speaking ‘over’ and ‘behind’ him. It was really hilarious watching them. (Side note: Not a word of complaint or even teasing by Haha. It looked like Haha really supports his hyung.) Ep 444 (balloon jumping) – In this episode, it was rather obvious that both of them were very affectionate towards each other. What stood out for me was when jsm fell into the water, kjk (with concern in his voice) softly called her name twice. The other incident was when jsm gently pulled kjk’s arm and made space for him so that both of them can watch together the basketball shot by yjs. Both of them really looked out for each other throughout this episode. Ep 445 (Czech trip and the ‘kissing’ answer) – I sensed kjk was a bit jealous (when he folded his arms) while others speculated that jsm must have shown her ‘sexy’ dance moves at the Czech club. Another memorable scene was when jsm answered ‘kissing’ during the game. Kjk (with dreamy eyes) reacted by placing his finger over his slightly apart lips. To me, it looked like he was recalling a recent kiss with someone. By the look of jsm’s eyes when she gave the answer (which she gave with a naughty squint), my guess the kissing partner was jsm. Ep 446 (locking arms) – When jsm locked her arms with kjk and walked side by side, both of them looked so natural and comfortable (like all romantic couples). Kjk also looked very happy and didn’t seem suspicious of her even though they were in midst of a game. Ep 447 (jsm’s birthday wish) – What was very telling from this episode was that jsm was very clear ‘it was all for business’ when interacting with her 3 acting partners. The same applies when she met lsy during ep 443. Hmm it seems like she had been very careful to avoid any misunderstanding from any parties. Ep 448 (leaning towards kjk) – As what l mentioned to @Mizuhashi Kazuma, the scene (the way jsm sat and leaned towards kjk) only lasted 5 seconds on screen. However, the body language was very telling. It looked so natural, comfortable, intimate, submissive and performed unconsciously like a girlfriend/wife sitting next to her beloved. Now you know why l was so excited to see this. Ep 449 (jsm’s mom & sns exchanges) – As mentioned in my recent post, Kjk looked very happy and even clapped his hands with glee when yjs said jsm's mom subtly mentioned that he could be her son-in-law. No denials/objections from either kjk or jsm about him being the son-in-law. And you know what, the other members didn't tease them and neither did they find the incident hilarious like a joke. It's like as if they have already accepted them as an official couple. To me that was quite telling. On another note, jsm was nodding happily away when kjk said 'but l still left an impression on Somin's mother .... for now.' Collectively, these are pretty strong words, especially the part 'for now'. For a better understanding on the impact of what kjk said, I am also including @kirby b’s translation on this part here: ‘in any case, somin's mother's heart has received an introduction to me... for now’. Looking at both versions, as what @kookminclan said kjk looks determined in taking it one step at a time to win over jsm’s mom. (My comment: Way to go bro.) Lks’s movie premiere – What stood out for me in this short video was when kjk slowed down to talk to the ‘boys’ and suddenly quicken his pace (which was quite obvious in the slow-mode version) to catch up with jsm. As for the ‘boys’, it seemed like they purposely walked slower to give the couple space. I’m sure you would have noticed similar situations in real life, especially among high school kids where a group of boys will accompany their one friend who is on a date with his girlfriend. (Side note: I find this scene very cute.) Kjk’s concert – When taken in light how kjk’s and jsm’s relationship had progressed in recent months (either as a romantic couple or even as platonic siblings), the handshake and hug shared by kjk and jsm before the concert looked so unnatural. Both of them seemed wary of the cameras set up for My Ugly Duckling and to me, it seemed like they were trying to hide ‘something’. (My comments: Hmmm, I wonder what were they hiding.) However, despite these, the cameras still caught jsm’s smitten look during the concert. She must have thought nobody would have noticed in the darkness. (My comments: Not good for them, good for us. Heheh.) Question 2: Have kjk and jsm made their relationship official? My take, their relationship is known among RM members and staff. This is quite obvious in how the members treat their exchanges and the apparent absence of extreme/over-board teasing. It seems like they were giving them the space to develop their relationship naturally. As for the RM staff, l think they are in-the-know too and couldn’t resist airing some of the sweet moments as they were too cute to be edited out. The following is a recap of when the members would have started noticing the romance between kjk and jsm, and subsequently played an active role in protecting their relationship and allowing them the chance to develop naturally: Ep 434 (basketball and divulging of clan member’s secret) – Based on what transpired, at least yjs, jsj, lks, Haha would have started suspecting kjk’s romantic interest in jsm. Ep 436 (Sapporo poem) – In this episode, jsm got teased over her poem (written in Sapporo) and all the members would have started suspecting that she was interested in someone. Ep 441 (meeting privately) – By this episode, everyone would have caught the romantic vibes between kjk and jsm. Interestingly, lks was strangely quiet when the private meeting was first mentioned and only opened up when jsm pointed out that he had joined the said meeting. (My comment: Based on this, l think lks is quite good in keeping secrets. That is why I started watching him closely for extra clues to the kookmin relationship. For example, in ep 445, when ysc was so caught up with jsm’s story over her encounter with a foreigner in Czech and suggested that the foreigner be invited as a guest for the show, lks immediately gave him a funny/’you must be kidding’ look.) Ep 443 (auction game) – In this episode, Haha had the ‘privilege’ of being caught in the middle of the exchanges between kjk and jsm, but did not bring any attention to this. In fact, he looked like the chaperone for the two, heheh. Ep 444 (balloon jumping) – Throughout this episode, it was quite obvious all the members stepped back to give space for our couple to interact and develop their relationship naturally. Change in strategy: After ep 444, l sensed a change in strategy in how yjs (with support from lks) handled the budding romance. The new strategy involved – (1) deflecting attention away from the couple; and (2) ensuring they are not alone when attending outside/public activities. To me, this new strategy is quite apparent in the newer episodes/recent public appearances as listed below: Ep 445 (Czech trip) – Yjs purposely brought up jsm’s Czech trip and mentioned her encounter with a foreigner. Despite jsm’s initial reluctance to elaborate on the encounter, he persistently encouraged her to go into detail on how it progressed. Lks assisted yjs by linking the club encounter with a French movie which jsm obviously liked. Ep 449 (sns exchanges) – Yjs brought up the sns exchanges between kjk and jsm. Jsm was then given the chance to explain her sns postings which were a form of creative outlet for her. Lks quickly mentioned that kjk must have not liked the sentimental postings made by jsm and thus couldn’t resist replying to them. Yjs then read out kjk’s postings in such a way that they were mocking/making fun of jsm’s postings. By doing so, l think yjs was quite successful in deflecting whatever attention the sns postings were attracting. (My comment: The tone used when reading the sns posting plays a crucial role. If it’s read using yjs’s tone, it sounds like mocking/making fun. If a different tone is used, it may sound like teasing. I wonder which one was kjk’s intended tone, hmmmm.) Kjk’s concert – Yjs and lks were there to accompany jsm (and her parents) while attending kjk’s concert. Lks’s movie premiere – The couple were definitely not alone while attending the movie premiere. They were practically accompanied by an entourage (or described by one of the commentators as jsm being accompanied by her bodyguards, heheh). Little snippets of information: There were many snippets of information, which when put together offered a new perspective on yjs’s and lks’s role in encouraging and protecting the budding romance. Way back in 2018, kjk had already sounded out to yjs and lks that he was ready for a new relationship and both his hyung(s) had indicated that they will support him. In Happy Together ep 578, yjs mentioned that he knew beforehand when lks will be announcing his new relationship (and l suspect lks had consulted yjs beforehand and sought his advice before making his announcement). In RM ep 445, lks reiterated that yjs was his relationship coach and this was followed by jsm’s admission that yjs was now her relationship coach. Ysj subsequently declared that he was actually the relationship coach for a number of celebrities. When put together, all these little snippets of information are really quite telling. My final comments (as of 1 May 2019): I have to admit l am a sceptic and will not simply conclude based on a couple of sporadic words, incidences or coincidences. To appease my curiosity and suspicion, l decided to embark on this elaborate exercise of identifying and analyzing each interaction (between our couple and also with people around them), and laying them out in time sequence. I have to admit l was quite surprised when all the evidences were laid out, everything made sense and hence my conclusions. Moving forward, it may be tougher for us to observe our couple’s romantic interactions as they will most probably opt to develop their relationship off-screen. Notwithstanding this, we can always hope that our couple couldn’t resist sharing their happiness with the world. Meanwhile, l shall wait patiently for their official announcement, heheh. Back to the present: Hope you enjoyed the above and feel free to add-in your comments / opinion. Meanwhile, have a good weekend ahead. Yahoooo weekend .......
  12. Re-posting: Part 7: (tagline: kjk takes his time and at last, some action from jsm) (Side note: After the fiasco in the previous episode, kjk scaled down his direct interactions with jsm. Notwithstanding this, he was more overt in showing that he was watching her closely (his way of showing his interest?). And finally, we have some definitive positive reactions from jsm side.) Ep 435 (‘fabrication level’ game) – A few incidences caught my eye in this episode. The first incident was during the opening scene. Ysc, lks, jsj, kjk and sjh were already standing in front of the camera when jsm came into the picture while greeting yjs who was coming in from the opposite end. Jsm suddenly veered off to stand at the far end (next to ysc). Of course kjk didn’t miss her action. However, what was interesting was that he turned his head a second time to look at her directly. In contrast, none of the other members paid any heed to jsm’s action at all. Question: I wonder what went through kjk’s mind? ‘Is jsm still upset with me?’ ‘Is she avoiding me again?’ (My comment: Kjk sure is hyper-sensitive towards jsm’s actions.) In the second incident, the PD revealed some of the levels were fabricated. Upon hearing this, kjk purposely turned his head to look over at jsm’s end. He had a very interesting look on his face. To me, it looked like he was either trying to catch her eye or trying to find out her reaction. The third incident took place when all the members and guests were seated. At the beginning of the game, jsm and ysc were sitting at the left hand corner and kjk was sitting at the right hand corner. Jsm and ysc were talking and laughing before turning to look at kjk. Meanwhile, Kjk was already watching them the whole time. (My comment: Looks like kjk couldn’t keep his eyes off her.) The last incident was when they were asked whether dance songs or trot songs were much better for team dinners. Kjk chose dance songs which was jsm’s choice too (which was not a surprise as she loved dancing to k-pop). However as lks later pointed out kjk seemed to prefer trot songs as he had to suppress his urge to dance along to the trot song which sjh had sang. Question: Was it intentional on kjk’s part to show jsm that they share the same taste in music? Ep 436 (Sapporo poem) – In this episode kjk looked sick and for most part of the episode he got teased incessantly over sjh. However, what stood out in this episode was the poem written by jsm in Sapporo. When ysc pointed out that the poem could be written for someone in mind, yjs immediately highlighted the suspicious parts. My take, l’m sure jsm knew her fellow RM members would definitely read her sns as what happened in the past. Yet she still went ahead with the posting despite the foreseen embarrassment. To me, this looks like she was openly giving hints to someone to get his act together. (My comment: At last, some definitive positive reactions from jsm. The poor guy needs some positive reactions to encourage him to proceed further.) (Side note: Did you notice jsm’s preferred type? It was mentioned in ep 420 (cold sauna) and ep 401 (meeting their doppelgangers). Coincidentally, all the names mentioned by jsm shared similar physical features with kjk – stocky, small eyes, not too tall, and not overly handsome. Heheh, are you smiling now?) Ep 437 (‘the 3 kings’ game) – Again there were a number of interesting incidences in this episode which caught my eye. In the first incident, when jsm playfully walked over to join the line for the guest who was playing one of the three potential kings, kjk who was standing next to her, blatantly ‘checked her out’ by giving her a look-over from head to toe. (My comment: Whoa, do I sense some strong physical attraction here?) The second incident took place during the karaoke game. Here, kjk was more interested in watching/dancing along with jsm’s team and jsj’s team than discussing with his own team on the choice of song. My take, seems like kjk’s focus was on somewhere/someone else and to me, this was totally out of his character. (Side note: Due to his super competitive streak, kjk is usually very focused in securing wins and obtaining clues for his own team and himself.) The third incident happened when jsm was about to play ‘pushing the lid’ game. To guide jsm, yjs had moved in front of kjk. Kjk immediately asked yjs to move away. Question: What was the real reason for doing so? So that he has a better view of jsm? Next, when jsm’s lid successfully landed on a good spot, a sweet smile immediately appeared on kjk’s face. This again was totally out of character for him as both of them were in competing teams. The next incident occurred when the PD was announcing the rules for the last game. Everybody was concentrating on the PD except for kjk. He was too busy observing jsm and brashly pointed out (or teased her) that she was laughing very hard behind her closed hands. When jsm was flustered with his comment, he was so gleeful over it. Another priceless exchange between them. In addition to the above, throughout the entire episode kjk had on numerous occasions complimented jsm (e.g. for awarding the treason right to one of the guests; for getting a lot of good clues), and also teased her (e.g. when highlighting ‘the nation has been shaken’). Question: I wonder, is this kjk’s way of getting jsm’s attention? Or is it his way of flirting with her? Either way, it was fun watching all his effort. Ep 438 (being on the same team) – There were so many positive comments over the interactions between kjk and jsm for this episode. Let me recap the ones which were more memorable to me. The first incident was when all the members were busy eating. The sweet smile displayed on kjk’s face while jsm was talking next to him, l call that priceless. (My comment: They reminded me of how newly married couples behave and they seemed to be in their own little world.) The second incident took place when kjk was telling jsm that he will be introducing good and healthy guys to her in LA. Jsm didn’t look very enthusiastic with kjk’s answer. In fact l sensed a note of disappointment in the way she smiled. (My comment: That was not cool kjk, not cool at all.) The third incident took place just before jsm volunteered to cut the gimbap. Kjk was standing behind her and again, he blatantly ‘checked her out’ by giving her a look-over from head to toe. (My comment: Hmmm, kjk you better control yourself. The cameras were rolling.) Furthermore, throughout this episode, kjk was speaking gently to jsm and was very attentive to all her comments. For example when jsm muttered ‘bet a lot on me’ under her breath, kjk was the only one who responded. Ysc (whom jsm was standing very near to) and lks didn’t even hear her comment. Another example was when jsm said her arms were exceptionally long, kjk really checked out her arms and nodded to affirm her claim. As for her 2 close buddies, again they didn’t even hear her claim. Notwithstanding the above, for me, the highlight in this episode was when kjk, jsm and ysc were holding hands while waiting for lks to reveal the results under the paper cups. The most telling point was when jsm released kjk's hand first and was looking down at the table as if she was processing something in her mind. It looked positive as she was smiling. As for kjk, he was smiling widely with his free hand moving towards his stomach (or perhaps his heart, l’m not sure). In contrast, ysc was not smiling at all as the results showed that they had lost. Question: Were kjk and jsm experiencing/sharing a ‘funny heartbeat’ moment? Heheh pun intended. Overall comments: Seems to me ep 438 was the turning point for the kookmin relationship to escalate to a whole new different level. Why do l say this? After this episode was recorded, the Hong Kong fan meeting took place. Thanks to Admin’s video, we could see the interactions between kjk and jsm, and they sure do look intimate. The most telling point was jsm’s body language when she was talking to kjk while the rest of the members were watching a video on the screen. The way she tilted her head to look at kjk’s face (or eyes) when he was answering her, it’s pretty obvious don’t you think. Moving forward, I think Part 8 will be my last analysis. For the coming analysis, I will try to list down all the sweet/intimate moments shared by kjk and jsm before coming up with my personal conclusion. Please look forward to Part 8.
  13. Re-posting: Part 6 (tagline: more action from kjk) Ep 434 (basketball and divulging of clan member’s secret) – There are so many incidences in this episode, let’s group them by cases for ease of discussion. Case 1 (interaction between kjk and jsm) – If l am not mistaken there were not many instances where kjk and jsm were paired together without the other RM members. What stands out for this episode was that both of them were playing happily together (at least for the first 3-quarter of the show), did not bicker and kjk did not lose his temper at all. Jsm was very attentive towards kjk which l noticed is the trend for all future episodes. As for kjk, he did not lose his temper when jsm went against his advice by overbidding for the 2 basket-ballers, but laughed heartily instead. If based on the old kjk who was super competitive, he would definitely lose his temper. (My comment: Their relationship has really improved. Besides this, I am also sensing something has changed at jsm’s side.) Case 2 (choosing whether to divulge each other’s secrets) - Kjk really went out of his way to accommodate jsm by choosing to divulge her secret as he believed that she will be revealing his secret and he didn’t want to resent her for doing so. On the opposite end, jsm went against her instinct and chose to protect kjk’s secret instead. (My comment: This incident really showed that both of them value each other a lot and may l say were scared of losing the bond which they had gone out of their way to establish, heheh. They really make a lovely couple.) Case 3 (when jsm gets to divulge her secret) – Like lks said, kjk really felt bad for choosing to divulge her secret and went out of his way to compliment her for doing well during the games. When jsm responded by calling out their tagline, he quickly followed. I believe this was also a first for him. (My comment: Kjk really acted out of norm. What can l say, love conquers all.) Case 4 (when jsm’s secret was revealed) – Things got even more interesting during this part. In the beginning kjk was happily disclosing that the guy jsm wanted to be introduced to was a celebrity and while doing so his arms were resting comfortably on both ysc’s and Haha’s shoulders. He was really enjoying himself at that moment. He then asked lks why didn’t he introduce the guy to jsm. However, lks then revealed that the guy had refused to meet-up and at this moment despite showing a smile on her face l noticed jsm’s eyes started to tear-up. Kjk expressed shock upon hearing this and immediately glanced at the RM staff with a worried look on his face. Afterwards he quickly removed his arms from both ysc’s and Haha’s shoulders and placed his hands together in front of him. He then had a ‘feeling bad’ look on his face. (My comment: Kjk, you are really in deep #### now. Please excuse my language.) Case 5 (when it was announced that yjs and Haha will be getting extra money for not divulging their clan’s secrets at the end) – Another very interesting section. When the announcement was made, kjk immediately turned around and tried to catch jsm’s eye. However, jsm refused to look at him in the eye. What happened next was very interesting. Kjk turned back to face the camera and with a serious look on his face, he seemed to be thinking over/making some important decisions in his mind. My interpretation, he needs to fix/solve the situation/problem fast or else. (My comment: Serves him right.) Case 6 (when kjk insisted that jsm takes his level as well) – While yjs and Haha were busy collecting their levels at the table, Kjk was quietly following jsm around. However, she did not interact with him and instead, approached the PD and enquired whether was it possible for her to buy 2 levels with her clan’s money. Kjk was watching her from afar and quickly told her to go ahead and collect 2 levels for herself. Jsj noticed his out-of-the-norm action too and commented on this. (My comment: Good thinking kjk but l don’t think that was enough to mend the broken bond. I think kjk knew this too.) Case 7 (when Haha suggested pooling their left-over money and play the rock-scissors-paper game) – If you re-watch this part closely, you will notice that kjk was still quietly following jsm around. You will also notice jsm was not her usual bubbly self despite getting 2 levels earlier on. (My comment: Now we understand why kjk was desperate to buy her a level as he hopes this will make their relationship/bond right again. Poor guy.) By the way, all these vibes were of course picked up by yjs and hence his now famous statement – ‘is she your girlfriend or something’. Case 8 (when it was decided that they will draw lots to determine who will get the extra 2 levels) – I’m not sure l got this part right or not. But based on the members’ body language and statements, what l am proposing next might have taken place. Here are the facts first: When distributing the lots, yjs made a suspicious statement – ‘this one is from the middle, this one is from the top, l don’t know which is which’. After distributing the lots, he made another very suspicious statement – ‘l hope this will put an end to everything’. When the other members did not get the coveted lot and only kjk and jsm were left to open their lots, Kjk quickly commented – ‘see, because we were nice to each other, this good fortune came to us, am l wrong jsm? That’s how we must be.’ JSM gleefully agreed and opened hers to reveal that she had won. After that, kjk (with a satisfied smile on his face) turned towards yjs and the other members and gave them a very suspicious nod (my interpretation: as if he was thanking them for something). Taking into consideration all these odd statements and body language, could it be the entire exercise was rigged so that jsm wins and returns to her usual bubbly self. Based on jsm’s reaction afterwards, it sure worked. (My comment: Hmm this scenario is a possibility. If that is the case, kjk really went through a lot of trouble to mend his relationship/bond with jsm. Kjk you owe yjs big time.) Overall conclusion: So many ups and downs in one episode, more eventful than the romcoms being aired. Notwithstanding this, thanks to yjs everything ended well. However, l think the turn of events had affected kjk’s confidence as in the coming few episodes it seemed like he had decided to lie low for awhile and scale back his interactions with jsm. Good move kjk. Do not push your luck.
  14. Re-posting: Part 5 (tagline: kjk quietly watching): (Side note: Finally, the crossing of the point-of-no return for kjk. Starting from ep 431, you will definitely notice kjk’s voice, smile, eyes, facial expression and body language towards jsm have changed. His treatment towards her have become gentler/tender. No doubt other RM members (especially lks and yjs) had noticed them too. As for jsm, being the romantic she is, l’m sure she sensed it too.) Ep 431 & 432 (Christmas) – For me, there were 2 memorable incidences in this episode. In the first incident, kjk was clasping his hands vigorously and smiling widely when the RM members were sharing jsm’s recent sns post (which was interpreted as her heart being left with 20% only). I find this gesture very interesting, especially for a tough guy like kjk. It’s like he was hoping/praying feverishly that the missing 80% of her heart had gone to him. Heheh l may be getting bit delusional here. Question: What’s your interpretation of his gesture? As for the second incident, this occurred during the dancing section. Kjk’s eyes, smile, body language were oozing with love vibes while watching jsm dancing (side note: you got to watch this section again to get what l mean. I don’t remember seeing kjk showing such sweetness/tenderness in the past). If you compare to how the other guys were reacting to her dancing, they were laughing so hard as she was always dancing the opposite way, kjk’s reaction was totally different. (Side note: you wouldn’t believe how many times l watched this section, heheh.) Ep 433 (ski resort) – There were 3 memorable incidences in this episode. The first incident occurred during the opening session. Kjk was mentioning that the ski resort where they were at was very popular with couples when jsm suddenly shouted out that she wants to visit again with her boyfriend. The next scene showed kjk looking at his shoes. My interpretation, he was having similar thoughts and that was why he suddenly became shy. Question: Am l over thinking here? The second incident was when the RM members were trying to position a life buoy on jsm. Kjk’s expression/body language while watching them, again was priceless. The first time the camera caught him watching very intensely with a half-smile on his face. The second time, he was standing next to ysc and was grasping ysc’s arm very tightly. It seemed to me he was very excited with the entire process. Kjk, why were you so excited? The third incident was when kjk decided to join jsm’s clan. As pointed out by Kirby b, the entire scene looked very romantic. Looking at kjk’s eyes, you can see his mind churning and finally deciding to take the plunge with jsm. In a later scene, on his own initiative he offered to take a photo of jsm. Ahh, finally some action from kjk. For Part 6, we get to see loads of actions from kjk and all these took place in only one episode, the epic ep 434 (basketball and divulging of clan member’s secret). Please look forward to it.
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