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  1. @CamelliaLady I agree his reaction seems rather excessive, l wonder what's the real reason for the sudden explosion..... As for @MandelBrot's subsequent gifs, everything seems again cute couple
  2. Totally agree with @kookminclan RunningMan, @kyoko22 and @MandelBrot, and even jsm, there is a time limit to everything. When it is time to move on, let's just move on. Meanwhile everyone!!
  3. Good memory, another arm cross when kjk is involved
  4. Very interesting development. What peaks me is the different hand/arm gestures used in response to the possibility of having a 'special' relationship with either ysc or kjk. For ysc - the shaking of both her hands, which she has been doing consistently in other episodes when denying she was in a relationship with him. For kjk - the crossing of her arms resembling a big 'X'. Coincidentally, this was used in ep 434 (time: 1:13:52) when she cautioned the other members not to 'cross the line' during their 'interrogation' as to who was the guy who refused lks's offer to introduce js
  5. As usual your analysis is Super Awesome!!!!!!!!
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