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  1. @Airine Jacobs Yes, spotting when kjk started to change is rather fun. Can't help myself from sharing my favorite eps with you : Ep 424 (Halloween) ep 425 (will not choose me) ep 426 (squeezing tears) ep 431 & 432 (Christmas) ep 433 (ski resort) ep 434 (basketball) ep 437 (guess the king) ep 438 (same team) ep 441 (private meeting) Happy viewing!
  2. @MandelBrot You are awesome. @kookminclan RunningMan Thanks for suggesting more gifs on their past interactions. The gradual development in their relationship is just so sweet. How nice to reminisce over it again.
  3. @MandelBrot, @himneja, @Rifa Qidya, @shamos83, I love all these scenes. As they all took place at the backdrop, they look extremely authentic.
  4. @shamos83 Ehem, am l seeing this clearly, are both of them into dungarees now. I seriously wonder .....
  5. @himneja I love the RAINBOW connection too!
  6. Hello everybody, learned something new today while reading a book on psychology. The following is an excerpt from the said book: "We use other people's gaze to interpret the nature of relationships. People who know each other exchange glances, and those in love stare at each other." "Glance" means - taking a brief look "Stare" means - looking fixedly or vacantly at someone with one's eyes wide open Now l understand why we became excited when we catch them "staring" at each other. By the way did you notice jsm likes to "stare" at kjk's eyes when she is talking to him on a one-to-one basis, and kjk likes to "stare" at jsm from afar. (Side note: if somebody is willing to collate all the scenes which we caught them "staring" at each other and re-post them in this thread, it will be fun counting the numerous occasions and reminiscing over them ) Looking at the recent developments, it seems like kjk has become a bit protective over jsm. It's like he is signalling to others - "keep your hands-off, she is mine, if you mess with her, you mess with me". Heheh, what do you think? Another thing which l have picked up recently relates to kjk's tendency to rest his arms on other people's shoulders when he is feeling relaxed. What l have noticed is that he does this to anybody who is standing next to him. Learning from this observation, l think l will not be "reading too much" from this action in the future. That's all folks. Cheers.
  7. @kookminclan RunningMan you are the best. You even managed to figure out when the MUD episode was recorded and the sequence of which episode comes first (MUD episode first followed by yjs's program) is pure illuminating. You really are the best detective around, hats off to you.
  8. @minahnoona l definitely agree with you. Interactions between lks and jsm are still hilarious as ever. They make the best comedy team and deserve a special award for it.
  9. Awww @kookminclan RunningMan and @Kookminislove, don't be so pessimistic. All the positive signs are still coming on strongly in the latest RM episode. Remember this RM episode took place after MUD was recorded, that is why all of them could laugh about what transpired. It looks like jsm has moved on/forgiven the two culprits.
  10. @MandelBrot Daebak!!! and thanks for the speedy screenshots. Highlight for me is the one which she touches his back, not one hand but both hands, omo omo .....
  11. I call this the spice in life, heheh https://www.soompi.com/article/1333673wpp/yoo-jae-suk-apologizes-to-jun-so-min-for-his-blind-date-arrangement-fail
  12. @Kookminislove and @chimichimichamcham Both your posts are extremely insightful. The interactions/body language which we have been witnessing in the RM episodes are too d*** obvious for us to ignore (heheh, please excuse my language), and they are still apparent in the latest episode albeit more low key as rightly pointed out by both of you. The only inconsistent statements/actions are coming from kjk in the recent MUD episodes. I wonder is it because he has to maintain his role/image as the old bachelor with extreme hobbies/tastes in MUD. Sure sounds logical. As a side note, yjs has been calling jsm in his new show, and now kjk is also calling jsm in MUD, l wonder what are they up to. Coincidence? Trying to promote jsm, the actress/variety show entertainer? Trying to matchmake her? Or is it because they know she is a very sporting person who can take any joke flung at her? Hmmmm interesting .....
  13. Yup, l wonder what is Dispatch up to nowadays? We are going to lose our patience soon . Heheh, how is that for some drama and color.
  14. Something to make us smile ..... Thanks @Bibie Hartini
  15. @himneja I totally your suggestion. Yes, let's bring in more color, let's make it as colorful as kjk's and jsm's shirts. Let's have bright polka dot shirts too. We need a kaleidoscope of color, we need the rainbow. How is that for starters, heheh. Yahoo, time to go bonkers again
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