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  1. @aisling I'm like you, I can't move one. Just adding my POV because I'm on the opposite team :-). To be honest, I stopped believing in BH/CJ love line as soon as they changed the inner voice. I felt like they wanted to make BH more feminine, and I didn't like that. I was all-in for a love line between 2 alpha men (like they are). So instead of been mad at the writers, I focused on Soyong. That's why, starting from episode 7, I was able to see some hints (because I was looking for them). For me, I thought the writers wanted us to find Soyong. But, I get why the majority focused
  2. Hello, I'm new in this thread :-). I discovered this amazing actress thanks to MrQueen, and now, I'm watching all of her other works. I finished Still 17 a couple weeks ago (loved it), and I'm currently watching Five Enough. She is so beautiful and her acting is one of the best I have ever see. Bouhoub
  3. That was my theory at the beginning of the drama because BH is everything that Soyong wanted to be, meaning : - He is a womanizer when she witnessed her husband having a lot of concubines, - He is really closed to his mother, when she was not able to meet her own mother, - He wanted to have power (cooking for the powerful give you more power than anybody else because nobody will kill the hand that feed you - beginning of 1st episode), and her as well. - Of course, he was a man, and not a baby factory. It will also explain why he wanted to help her so much.
  4. I think that the writers did a bad job with that part. But, a minority of people (included me) were more attached to Soyong than BH. I think that SY and the concubine were more interesting than BH and CJ. If it was love between BH and CJ (that I don't believe), it is the worst ending for Soyong. If you look at the big picture for Soyong (because I love her so much, and I felt like she was wrongly accused of taking advantage of the situation): - She has been used by her family for power. In the end, for them, she was just a baby factory, even if she wanted to be more. - She decided t
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