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  1. Thank you and I hope they will have a new release date. I really want to see Song Yi Ren even if it's only a supported role. I'm new in the C-Drama world but is it something common to delay the release date of an upcoming show? Could it be cancelled?
  2. Hello, Do you know if there is any release date for this drama? I really want to watch it (with ENG sub - hopefully). I read it will be on June 17th but I can't see anything about it. Thanks ! Marie
  3. I also heard that. She seems that the new actress was here for 14 days but she’s listed as guest on My drama list. I didn’t read the end of the novel. I wait for the English translation. Maybe, she will come back as the Sangsang we know. I mean, she’s Haotian, she can change everything, no ? (Spoiler will be more than welcome :-)..)
  4. Hello, I'm new to this forum. English is not my first language so I'm sorry if I'm not really clear. I discovered Ever Night one week ago and I'm so into the drama and the novel but it's so hard to find answer to the thousand of questions I may have. The first one I have is about SangSang/Haotian. I really don't understand why she came back with a different shape. The main thing that I love about NQ/SS relationships is: even if he can have the most beautiful girl, he will stay with SS because she know him the most. Does she ever came back as the one we know ? I will be so sad if Song Yi Ren won't be SangSang anymore... Anyway, thanks a lot for all of your spoilers and remarks and helps and everything :-).
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