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  1. @Gerry58 Seyoung is already that age isn't she? It's good that she's not pressured to earn money that hard, she can afford that luxury of taking time off. Not grabbing projects left right & centre to maintain the income. I noticed that some of the Hallyu stars in the past did some 'nudity' in their past projects (movies) giving them the stature they are enjoying now. I'm not saying it's wrong I just don't foresee our SY would go that far...
  2. Seyoung had only one scene in Tuesday's episode. Still it was cute, bringing her ex-husband new socks
  3. The smacking sound of the kiss bts . This drama is actually very entertaining. It seems getting better per episode.
  4. Welcome back to me!! (aka @standingtallyy) OMG! I couldn't believe I'm finally back with you all . I sent @Gerry58 to reassure I haven't abandoned you I was really having trouble signing in using my iPad which I don't know why when I've always used it like forever. Now I'm back to being a newbie I love this week's episode LIJJG because it had more Seyoung's scenes...about time! You are quite correct @chic-chic. Now I get why both KDW and PSY put on a bit to make them look older and convincing to play parents to a 10 or 11 yo girl (I'm guessing). SY looked really pretty. I like her in this role, it's like an alter ego or pretty much like her in real life - minus a mom and divorcee. I like her onscreen chemistry with KDW btw . This drama is very entertaining. I like how they always beat the bad guy. RDW's role is good too. He presents as the BFF, but he manipulates the 'truth' so it bites 'Yang Tae Soo' hard in the end. The scene stealers this week are MR hitting that pervert TS at the restaurant, the after judo spar kiss, MR & JG say they miss each other like they don't mean it (cute) and when JG and MR hid in the dark...that look they gave each other was 'smexy'. I hope there will be more of them scenes next week. Thrilled to be back Chingus!
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