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  1. At first I don't really know who is PSJ I know PMY because I watched Remember but I'm not totally hooked to her even her acting there is so good. But when I watched some clips in Facebook about wwwsk I immediately watched it even it is ongoing and I really love them both because they are so cute and perfect together. They act so natural and after that I watched interviews follow them, follow shipper accounts, searching for forums, What others think about them, Also I read comments on youtube about them lastly I also watched their other drama if their chemistry with other co-star is the same with them but I guess it's not hahaha So that I really love them so much the other thing about coincidence and other things is just an additional because watching wwwsk makes you fell inlove with them.
  2. PSJ call Hwang Jung-Eum his partner in She was pretty who was born in 1985 who is closely around his age too because PMY born in year 1986 but he never call her noona.
  3. I am just 20 years old at first my friends and I really enjoy watching HPL because of fangirling thing because we can relate how SDM crazy about Shi an. But my friends stop watching early ep. 8 because they said fangirling is gone and it is more RG and SDM relationship rhey said they will watch if they back in fangirling thing but I guess next episodes will be focus their story behind their connection with each other. After watching hpl I watched WWWSK clips in YouTube because I Really miss parkpark. The light and no dull moment of them.
  4. Also there is a part in hpl they are talking about chopsticks that SDM is not good at using chopsticks when she is korean and SDM ask RG if that is something he can use abroad maybe I forgot. These scenes looks familiar hahaha when PSJ tease PMY when they eating ramen
  5. I just thinking about this after watching hpl they are so touchy while kissing but can you guys notice pmy hand? When kjw nearly touch her he push kjw hands down i dont know if it is part? but maybe she just protecting her body lol
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