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  1. It's edited but it makes me feel so real. Waiting for Parkpark. 2020 will be amazing in drama land. PSJ in IC, PMY in IGTY. LMH is back in drama and many more. I hope PSJ will attend AAA
  2. Omo I just finished busted season 2 and it was so Amazing. It's not so funny like season 1 but like the cast said the story line of every scene is beautiful. It makes me curious about the case how to solve the problem. Min Young is Deabak i don't know but she is a genius indeed. Just by looking she know the answer. I just want to see her in one drama with Seung Gi with Sese Hahaha Waiting for season 3. It is so funny when Jong Min told Seung Gi not to plan to be a boyfriend of Min Young and Seung Gi ask Jong if He is her Boyfriend. Me be like "No Guys her boyfriend is PSJ" HAHAHAHA And when Jae Suk ask Min Young for Money hahaha She is so cute there. I will wait for season 3, IGTY and IC
  3. I just finished watching Three meals a day episode 9 with eng sub hahaha Day by day watching PSJ I feel so Inlove well thanks to him I feel energized. After a long day of studying and after news PMY will so so so much inlove every day. Well Leon's Omma will be busy can't wait to see her in beautiful dresses. I hope I can watch her too in variety shows. Can't wait for Busted 2
  4. I remember in two days in one night the host said that PSJ is really fit in variety show and after watching Three meals a day PSJ really fit as husband hahaha Boyfriend and husband material indeed. I want someone like him too But Mr. Lee and Mr. Park is already sold out
  5. Me: When looking to my Crush (PSJ) VS When he look at me Good Evening Eveyone. PMY is so pretty, she always looks elegant and classy. Also she looks fresh and happy.
  6. Overdose from last night I can't still believe I see him. From what I heard and what I see last night it seems like he was prepared answering the questions. Also it seemed like he is very careful how to answer every question and he is so cute on how to make the fans giggled. And I am sure he or the awesome check everything even the photos and questions before the fan meet. But indeed its still memorable for us.
  7. Mee too because of too much hypeness of the crowd and because I just giggling and screaming I can't remember so much I just feel happy
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