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  1. So, Hwang and the gang actually used by that devil chief prosecutor. Hwang and the gang feel bad in the end. Now I understand why Hwang never used violence when he's asking for the land to father Lee I'm sad when Hwang cried looking at father Lee got killed by that prosecutor.
  2. I'm curious about who actually threw father Lee at the cliff. It must be someone we didn't expect at first (father Han, scar face, one of the Russian gang, and the unknown main owner of rising moon who could be someone unexpected too). I'm suspecting father Han since his reaction towards father Lee's death was not much as others (Haeil, nun, songsac, yohan, prosecutor park etc.) also he oftens not around at the curch especially when the nun get threathend by the assasin. And it must be someone the detectives recognize. It can't be Cheolbum's minions since it will be too obvious.
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