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  1. This synopsis was much better than the other synopsis tho... I remember there's once here some fans asked for a thousands years old how come DH never have any relationships before? The Peace of Heaven/world was his first and foremost priority all the time..he doesn't have a time or a urged/desires for love or woman until FJ. That why he was known as "Desireless Emotionless Loveless" deity.. Eventhough he was adopted by Zhihe Father but he didn't feel their affections or "love" ...one of the reason was bc his unique hair color.(how can that be????.I have a thing for silver hair hero ) I felt the sadness...feel so touching when read the part that he was indulged and pampered by FJ..and he really love it.
  2. If the interpretation was follow the accuracy of the book..no matter how odd as it was..I don't mind What's make me anxious IF the synopsis was really meant for the PB drama..especially these excerpts.. Donghua already forgot what love is just like what @midnight_muse said ..these word was implied that DH has been love before. But we know from the book DongFeng was each other first. and this also make me a little bit confused why DH confessed to FJ's father that he was fell in love at the first sight with Fengjiu.
  3. I hope so.. I remember Reba's next project..the one that the casts listed keep on changing right.. @midnight_muse you could be right.. maybe they( mydramalist) just worded it badly..
  4. IKR..I hope they just follow the storyline as the book..but IF they didn't..I don't mind if they change a little bit.. Since we already seen a leaks video of Mortal realm or maybe it's actually part of FJ's life story in the Temple of ghost princess as per synopsis...We also seen Jiheng in the leaks video...her origin was from Ghost clan then adopted by Demon clan. Ps: by the way this me aka jimmylyne Got a problem with login ....I have to create another acct bc I am impatiently waiting for moderators( don't know what it called)to solves my problem..
  5. A part of synopsis on mydramalist...and it's bugging me ..way too much different from the book.. To pay the debt of gratitude, FJ follows DH who goes to fight the rebelling Demon lord. FJ soon realize that gratitude has turned into love, however DH already forgot what love is. In order to keep her safe , DH sends FJ to the mortal realm, but the guardian he sends together with her unexpectedly dies. While trying to find the Immortal Fruit that can let her reborn, FJ enters the temple of the ghost princess.
  6. " Your acct has been locked " This was popped up when I try to login. What's should I do to solve this problem..thk.
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