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  1. This episode was keeping me cry badly.... I hope it’s a good ending (at least open ending where CYH and KSY enjoying their days side by side)
  2. Thanks for the searching effort of the disease! This drama indeed make people interested to know more about medical thingy.... If I understand correctly, I think CYH request to take steroids because he wants to fully treat and cure his Labyrinthitis virus, though in the expense of chances of lower immune system and higher chance to get other disease / possibility to die. Given he is CIPA, he is taking risk of his life.
  3. Every episodes are so exciting that it unveil one by one in a good pace of everyone’s agenda and problem. Really cannot wait for next episode!!! I already have so many questions on my head... 1.What is CYH’s lawyer friend, his master, sponsor company and death talk organization hidden agenda; and how all are interlinked? Do they know that CYH is CIPA? The lawyer and prosecutor both seems have illness now. I’m quite sad that the lawyer friend has own agenda though. I hope no more additional antagonist and please dont turn any of nice and genuine resident doctor a betrayer.... 2.What is the real reason prosecutor keep pestering CYH, seems there’s personal reason? He does not seem just simply brainwashed by the annoying nurse. Prosecutor and nurse are total busybody who seems have nothing to do for their own work! 3. Did CYH actually not perform euthanasia 3 years ago? Did prosecutor or nurse stop the vibrator and purposely put the blame on CYH? 4. Would CYH have hope to live, it was mention about 30-30-30? ahhhhhhhh really cannot wait for next week!!! As always, Ji Sung acting is superb and the rest of cast have been portraying well their character. I like the simple chemistry between CYH-KSY, I like all the doctor residents friend chemistry, i LIKE this drama alottt if anyone knows the answer, or any thoughts, please shareeee
  4. Cannot help to love Yang Xiao....Little words yet so cool and charismatic.
  5. Excited to see WJ were so worried about ZM, and MinMin kept apologizing to WJ in too sweet gesture...
  6. Yessss, I love Yang Xiao here....His expression and little talk are always remarkable. So charismatic.
  7. Love how Zhang Wu Ji’s walking style, wardrobe, and acting on ep 50 - so charismatic as the leader... ‘everyone is own people, no need to be too formal, please stand’
  8. I am in love with this version HSDS! Love ZWJ and ZM here. I would wish Ming sect can be a bit nicer to ZM... Even Fan Yau Si who seems truly nice to ZM, but still make use of her at the end... I also love Yang Xiao here, so charismatic! Hahaha
  9. Omg I love all the cast here!!!! This 2019 version is one of my favourites. The version 2003 by Alex Xu and Allysia Chia too. Notice some differences here Ming sect (especially God father and grandfather) here hates ZM so much unlike in the 2003 version where they seems ok and admire ZM. Plus ZM almost got killed by the government I miss the scene of Bu Hui asking Wuji what is his real feeling towards the girls, unfortunately not here Cant help to hate WuQi too romantic gesture towards ZZR. And just another day then romantic to ZM. Which one is the real novel story? Indeed some version add their own or change the line here and there which makes remakes are so worth to be waiting for
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