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  1. Its just my thoughts.. Bcoz u know her agency is such a mess.. hope she will leave to another agency soon..
  2. Hahahaha.. i think everyone getting crazy bcoz both yin n ldw always play ninja mode until now.. i think there's something for sure.. but their agency (more like ldw agency) r working hard to cover it up.. That korea boo article gave so many suspicious things bcoz they mess up goblin's scene (both unreal character) and bts (both "maybe" real character).. so whats d point here? What r they mean by this? Omo..
  3. I'm currently watching iu's new drama, hotel del luna.. i never watch iu's drama b4, just watch dream high long ago bcoz of bunch of idols there..haha.. but bcoz iu is inna bff, so i decide to try to watch it.. and that drama really good.. so i will support her too as a friend of inna.. haha But why everytime i see iu, she reminds me of inna? Iu's sense of fashion style is similar to inna.. so far i admire all ger outfit in drama.. also iu can act as a cute/sweet girl, but next time she can look sexy/hot.. i wonder if she learn from our inna.. hahaha.. inna ever suggest iu to put makeup b4 met yoo jae suk in one of reality show (happy together??) When they invite iu to d show but call inna first for a prank, but iu was there with inna too..lols. Inna had a good sense of thinking that will be a prank n many cameras there so iu should put a makeup a bit..hahaha but i admit that iu's acting is really good now.. I ever read somewhere.. iu said that inna is her bias and she admire inna so much.. iu was lucky to get some of good drama script.. i wish inna will get a good one too in d future.. i'm sure inna can potray it well too..
  4. Miss them so much.. huhu.. I just watch some old videos/bts to fill my longing for them.. and everytime i saw them again.. why my heart fluttered again? Yeah i think bcoz they r real? hahaha.. Just adore how ldw's cuteness when he always touch his face/nose when he felt nervous.. lol
  5. Its nice to see some of us r still here for pichi.. eventho i started to watch some others drama but i still go back here bcoz i miss them.... Love all of ur analysis.. i do feel d same.. dont know why but i feel that there's absolutely "something" between them.. its "some" level as i see b4.. (dont know about current status after tyh lols) i think many people experience "some" relationship (actually me too..haha) so i kind of understand what it feels.. i'm pretty sure that both already go through that "some" level as we see in prescon, intrvw or bts.. all women can "sense" it if a man give "more" attention/care towards them.. and i bet all women really like to reveived all of that, including inna.. If goblin casts have a group chat and they still in contact with each other, i think its a very easy thing to step further "just" if they want to.. but i think maybe inna didnt give strong sign (yet) to ldw.. then they still go around that "some" level.. they were busy with personal work and sadly time flies so fast.. For tyh reunion still a misery for me since previously male lead already confirmed d role.. but eventually switched to ldw n yin confirmed TOGETHER.. i mean what?? How can such things happen? Lols.. mostly we knew later that ldw n yin MET personally b4 that tyh confirmation and she DRUNK until 5am?? Its more like a kdrama story of their real life..hahahaha.. I still think that ldw accept d role just bcoz of inna was d female lead, but inna accept it bcoz she really loves d role n story (which i feel like kinda similar to her own real life story).. but ldw will never knew that eventually someone is "touch" his heart for sure..lols. After tyh, we can only guesing n waiting for their news.. some evidence that made me still waiting for pichi: 1. Last bts when yin HOLD tight ldw's arm to take a pic.. it gives me strong feels that both wasnt "just friend" thing.. more bcoz their eyes were teary.. 2. Yin's gesture when ldw couldnt properly took selca with her.. she ask her stylist instead but why i feel she "scolding" him..lols. But he was just quiet like a sweet bf to me.. hahaha. Its so different in kakao vlive and fans said their selca wasnt good enough, then ldw yelled n mad towards them..hahaha.. he is temperamental man for sure.. 3. Yin's ninja moves when wrapped up party.. and ldw changing cloths with black after left.. 4. Ldw suddenly wore many many many peach or pink cloths currently.. (really weird to me..) 5. Yin wore that white channel watch and previously hide her hand in group pics.. but eventually show it plus holding pichi cap.. makes me sure she really cant move on from that couple title.. she really love it much.. 6. Their couple sneakers also cute.. i think it isnt just bcoz same fashion taste, its really a couple item of them.. 7. Yin wore mask at airport.. i never saw her like that.. she act really cautious recently.. or maybe affraid if reporters ask her something..
  6. I heard many top actor n actrees will leave YG ent.. how about inna? Any news? I think its better for her to leave too.. Koo hye sun had already left last month i think..
  7. Wookie oppa will be cameo in www drama? Daebak.. i hope yin will be there too.. huhu..
  8. Yin maybe wear that white watch again.. hahaha.. it clearly can be seen by d shape of her hand and her sweater right? (In second pic)
  9. So happy to see inna looks chubbier than before.. she must be in happy mood n enjoy her free time with ehmmm.. oppaya??
  10. That is weird huh? Why she closed all of her face?? we cant see even her eyes.. and she even didnt wave to d camera? She usually didnt act like this.. mostly bcoz she will attend officially event.. not personal trip or what.. so.. my conclution is more like she avoid media for personal reason bcoz she isnt ready to answer anything (if any) of media questions.. wae wae wae?? Do we closer to revelation guys?? Hahaha... Wait.. did she copy this man style? Masker / ninja couple style?? Hahaha Maybe they covered their lips bcoz its swollen from being too much kissing last night.. hahahaha
  11. @intrariver i think yin cant hold ldw's cuteness and aegyo since goblin days until now.. hahaha.. I remember that she always laugh n giggling with ldw at goblin prescon.. lols..
  12. I just cant find a reason why n why ldw always wear a pink shirt? Is it normal like everytime he captured by media will look like this? Lol.. i mean he didnt buy 1 dozen of pink shirts right? Hahaha
  13. Do u think inna look at ldw n go eun when go eun put hot packs on ldw's neck? She looks jealous to me.. LOL And yes.. finally she did it to him TOO on d last filming of goblin.. ahahahaha..
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