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  1. Throwback.. was it really true that ldw used inna's jacket on d last goblin filming? And what yin did back then when she put heat packs on 2 sides of ldw's neck was a bit off to me.. if i was just a friend, i wouldnt do this "so nice" action towards him.. i will give those heat packs and he can hold it by himself.. hahaha.. Think again about d couple item, can we add gold bracelet to their couple item.. yes it was ldw who used it first, but how inna used it too not long ago after goblin makes me hmmm...
  2. Everytime he used that lipbalm, i bet he will remember d girl who "stole" a sweet popo from his lips.. haha
  3. Wait.. is it true that yin n ldw used d same bodyguard? I just knew about it from this post page 1.. this fan account said that when yin went to Japan and ldw went to indonesia for fan meeting, both were did it on d same day (different timing) and d bodyguard was d same. Is it really true? Both of them didnt came from same agency so its imposible for them to have d same bodyguard right?
  4. Ups.. i just aware that jung kyung ho was in happy ending once again drama but paired with jang nara.. i think yin must be known him already b4 tyh casting right? But then i still curious why he suddenly been replaced with ldw, mostly if he already accepted d role.. hmm do u think its fishy?
  5. Please cupid-nim... Give inna d real cupid arrow just to hit our oppa ldw's heart.. uwuu... Eventho i didnt know exactly what they talking about but i think yin asked d cupid to give her a chance but everytime she choose one arrow, cupid didnt approved it bcoz she isnt good/pretty enough etc (in drama) to have a handsome man.. lols.. then after choose many but getting rejected, she blow up mad to d cupid.. LOL. Its really funny scene of her.. plus when d fat cupid cant fly after yin yelled at him..lolol
  6. Sorry to upload this (just accidentally watch this on youtube).. but this drama was 3 years ago.. even b4 goblin.. she is superrr cute here.. many comments said that she is so good in this drama but i havent watch it.. looks interesting she prooved that she is still good being couple with younger men.. and i'm sure she has many many younger fanboys.. Its funny to read comments like she is one of vampire actrees bcoz her face was never changed while she is getting older.. lols.. I hope she will get many different roles as she said she wants to improved het acting skill.. but hey girl, ur acting is already superb for me.. I think d turning point for her was sunny role in goblin.. she was acknowledge by kim eun sook, one of d famous writer in kdramaland.. what to say else.. yin is indeed d best choice..
  7. Off topic..i've read article that ldw treat produce 101 member with PIZZA !! I guess he really loves PI-zza and CHI-ken.. pichi everywhere.. love love love..
  8. Off topic.. love d bromance between ldw n gong yoo.. ldw sent a coffee truck for gy in his filming set.. its so funny what ldw mention on his truck.. "Hey, this truck is much bigger than previous truck that you've sent to me.. your truck is d smallest in this world.. btw, now we are 1:1" Ldw replied to gy previously mention "Remember this.. that i've sent this food truck first.. now we are 1:0" Look how ldw mention in his truck for gy clearly told that both of them r so close.. he even "bully" him eventho gy is older than him.. hahaha.. makes me remember yin also can said "pabo" to ldw when he said or did silly things..
  9. I mean, i was confused if kyung ho already accepted d male role why he suddenly "kick out" from production and replaced by ldw? I just dont understand..haha
  10. I was thinking again about tyh male lead.. was it kyung ho already confirmed or he just considered about taking d role.. bcoz if he already accepted it, why suddenly change d male lead n turn to be ldw? Further more, ldw told that he didnt interest at first (from d title) but after talking with inna n pdnim, he finally accepted it.. so what happened actually? Btw, did ldw also used chanel watch when kakao talk? Was it j12 or not?
  11. Wow.. pichi shippers have an eagle eyes indeed!! Hahaha.. I want to add something else.. was it a "symbolic flower position" from yin n ldw? She put it on her ears.. their couple pose again.. lols..
  12. I always like chubby inna more.. This is when ear candy shooting right? She is so cute...
  13. Miss them... Btw, i wonder in goblin last scene, why yin put heat packs on ldw's neck? She act so sweet to him.. then i think ldw asked if she didnt felt cold? Is it bcoz she had her long hair to cover her ears..lols. But what do u think about this? Inna must felt very close to him to do that? Or she felt "something" towards him? Another scene when bts kiss scene in cafe, after they kiss, ldw hild her hand and she was about to stand, but she fell, what if she really nervous but she tried to cover it up? Hehe..
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