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  1. I see a ring I know it maybe delulu. But, who knows? Maybe this is my first time seeing him wearing it.
  2. Koo hye sun already left YG several years ago. Last month, she left her recent agency, which is not YG
  3. She said when DJing days, that she wanted to called Ttalgi or Ttalgi -ya by her lover. She also said to all her listeners, call me Ttalgi from now on. So, YIN was also known as Yoo Ttalgi, and almost all her fans called her Ttalgi. So, when LDW did Vfanship at June 5th then he said, he likes TTALGI and banana juice. Our delulu mind were screaming out of control.
  4. Sorry, my eyes focused on the chicken. Thx @patKdramaFan for posting this.
  5. @intrariver some fan who joined LDW Vfanship said, during the live chat, LDW skipped the question about YIN. Same pattern hmmm... İt's so different when YIN was interviewed and talk about LDW long time ago.
  6. Omonaaa!!! LDW was so bold these days!!! He gives pizza and chicken for the trainees. And of course, LDW knows the acronym of pichi because he explained it himself.
  7. It's saranghae... I love you... He said it in banmal, so it must be for a close person. It's for all his fans also
  8. Even LDW only fan suspects him in a relationship.hahaha... BTW, some fan from vfanship said that LDW was hurried during life chat at June 5th. You know, maybe he was going to someone's birthday date.
  9. YESSS!!! It's like LDW was starting to spread the hints. Both LDW and YIN is doing ninja style while sending love message to each other. YIN (seolhyun Volume up) : Let's love without regret again, I miss u. LDW : I like ttalgi and banana juice. BTW, this 'ttalgi' thing was very famous among YIN's fan and listeners. They even called her Yoo Ttalgi. And, YIN's banana blanket was wore by her from the 1st ep to the last ep. She must loves banana that much. AND.... Look at his face, then the lyrics below. I think the song was about a man who fall in love deeply. I bet, his face expressed the true emotion exploded from his inner feelings toward someone..
  10. Yeah, me too... I have a feeling that he will post something (intended to her) on her birthday. The caption may not saying it, but his gaze...
  11. @cherrinekim about that drama, I think all of the cast have good chemistry. Even YIN and JKH. Maybe, JKH stepped out (like SDW as KSW), we never knew. (FYI) Look at 2:29 JKH watched closely to YIN when the the girls group practice the dance Sorry if my post out of topic
  12. This is maybe delulu, but... The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm convinced. So, this is made by ourlovelypichicouple's IG. At first, I thought their color coordinate things in drama was just a part of artistic team order. But, then this video convinced me otherwise.
  13. Beside that "3 years to married" she mentioned, she ever said envy to Newlywed Lee Suji. She ever asked (I forgot where it is) how she can meet the one. She always expressed excitement yet jealousy (in a good way) to some couple during Sundabang. IMHO, sometimes woman do that (asking where she could find the one) to some particular person. She throws the clue to that particular person that she is waiting. By the way, what is the meaning of pointing someone with thumb? Is it to point someone special? Because, after they did that (on kkt) the MC said "whoa, they're really close"
  14. @ziggery567 jjang. How can you be so meticulous. Ok, since those 2 videos was deleted, let's analyze what happened there This is my version of uploading picture Upload the pic on imgbb Then embed the code from "BBCode full linked" thing Then, just copy and paste the highlighted part here (directly on the post) Just use the https: to .jpg or .png part. Here is what happened after I paste the highlighted part. (enter the new paragraph after paste, and the link will generate to picture)
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