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  1. I hope this project is still progressing. Normally if the confirmation time takes long like this it’s because something happens with the production.
  2. Personally I’m happy with the fact that SJS confirmed his new relationship, one spring night is about to air then people will stop with the groundless ships linking SYJ with those actors. Now finally SYJ & HB can be in peace :))
  3. I agreed with you. To me, her vibe with SJS was never more than brother-sister kind of thing. They are close and comfortable with each other but nothing special. With KNG, I can see clearly that he was interested in her. From her side I don’t have enough evidence partly because it happened a long time ago, there are not enough available videos between them together. But I have a sense they might have a brief fling, just imo. With HB, there are plenty of records of video clips, photos, interviews together. I can firmly see their affection towards each other, from both side. Maybe from HB is more dominant. I never saw him care so much about his co star, or so comfortable and happy whenever he’s with her despite his shy and reserved personality. And I don’t think the report about their rumoured relationship is PR like these ladies said in the astrology clip because: 1) The timing is odd. The first rumour happened when HB’s drama was still airing. Would that have bad effect with the rating? If this rumour serves the coming drama then it happened too early. And they didn’t take advantage of it as they should. They are so awfully quiet. They should confirm the drama quicker to get the hot attention & potential endorsements. 2) HB’s agency said his trip to US last year was for post drama production but he went back to Korea by himself, pushing the luggages out of arrival gate then a few of his staffs came and help him. Well, if he went alone that means it’s a private and personal trip.
  4. It’s been one and a half month since HB & SYJ received offer to star in new drama. I wonder why it takes them so long to review the offer. In HB’s recent public appearance he didn’t look too happy. I hope they are doing ok. When can we hear about their dating news like So Ji Sub?????
  5. Firstly, I don’t know which interview you mentioned but I think her latest interview is with The Fact Korea dated October 2018. And assuming it was taken during Negotiation promotion period which I think she’s still single then. After she has a rumoured boyfriend there is no interview about her view of love or marriage so her view could be different now. Secondly, if she enjoys travelling with normal friends at the moment she will post her pictures on instagram just like she always did in the past. This time she is abnormally quiet, maybe she’s with someone so special that she just can’t post their pictures?
  6. She could be YJ make up artist or the salon owner that YJ usually goes to since her name is also Jenny? It looks like a current photo of YJ.
  7. SYJ has been working non stop and has an outstanding career. It’s time for her to shift her focus and start her own family. She’s not the type of person who sits around and doing nothing. It must be something that keeps her occupied other than work. If both of them don’t have another work line up after this drama there’s a good chance they will get married next year.
  8. She’s not busy with work that means she’s busy with her private life, planning something big next year, who knows?
  9. I wish they go together at Baeksang too but it seems unlikely. They are keeping very low key. They don’t even have a photo together or standing next to each other in recent Mediheal event :(((((
  10. Mediheal is too quick to catch up with the trend! It’s so good to see them attend the same event.
  11. I’m 100% sure they will accept it. Probably just wait for the timing is right.
  12. Well, it’s another hint about their togetherness
  13. All of major Chinese media like Sina, Weibo etc have reported about this news. Must be reliable source! It’s time to celebrate you guys!!!!!
  14. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=396&aid=0000510361&fbclid=IwAR2ZaUe6B_fd310YCN7QCjk0Fo_FpLGs8miMgzbMRDKwvutpYINqHgk1mkc Hot news! HB & SYJ have confirmed to star in new drama.
  15. Actually Knets are very supportive of HB-YJ couple when the rumours broke out. A lot of them were very disappointed after they denied their relationship. That’s why when they heard about casting news of the drama they felt betrayed/ deceived because they thought HB & SYJ denied in order to act together in the drama. Honestly they don’t care about the drama they just want HB&YJ to be a couple in real life. I just thought HB & YJ denied because they were not ready to go publicly not because of the drama. The drama is just something suddenly coming along.
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