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  1. I agree with these points, and I think it would be an interesting ending if mom killed stalker dad, but I think it would be groundbreaking if mom actually killed SM herself after/in the heat of him killing stalker. I love how Lieutenant Nam has really stepped up and used his authority and intelligence for this case - its very refreshing after watching him laze around in the community center for most of the show. JI too, it's great how Nam is letting her work as a major detective in this case. I think that the reason why SM trained LA's abilities and wanted him to be involved in the investigation is because he wants the culprit to be caught - ie. Kang Geun Taek, but he knows that there is no tangible evidence that he himself was actually involved in any of the crimes apart from identity theft. So in that sense, he's safe from any serious punishment but the cases will all be closed properly with his father as the culprit. Which is perhaps what JS would've wanted. I think So Hyeon's dad will reveal some new crucial information... but unfortunately I will be busy next week so I probably won't have the time to watch until the end of the week
  2. This is too funny LOL guys this episode made me cry like damnnn JS didn't deserve this treatment at all.... she should've aimed for his upper leg or something so that Geun Taek wouldve fallen and not had the chance to aim his knife properly She even grabbed the sunflower pendant from the car mirror before she rushed into the station I got goosebumps all over. It really broke my heart that such a fantastic character was killed, but I also respect how the producers weren't scared to take risks in their plot twists. Turned real dark real fast. Her dad finally is doing something though, without caring that he's likely to be found out if the investigation is continued by Lieutenant Nam. SM has been protective of his mother since the beginning so I believe that he set the apartment on fire to get her out.... Maybe thats why he took in and saved LA as well as sponsoring JI. I also believe that he was the one who hired Kim Gab Young to give his mother the fake identities, which is why he was the last person GY contacted before he got killed. SM must have been the 'VIP customer" he was talking about. I believe he also probably killed the women as he learnt how his 'father'/captor killed his victims - and knew exactly where to stab them.
  3. haha! I think I may be one of the only that prefer LA & JI's relationship/storyline. I like how its more pure and that less politics are involved, so I find them a cuter couple I may change my mind though, if SM decides to open up a bit in the later eps
  4. woah that would really be bad, JS would feel soooo guilty I can't even imagine. I actually think that JI was the one who triggered SM's emotions because we've been seeing so many flashbacks of the time in front of the Christmas tree when young JI cutely shows young SM what 'pretty' means perhaps that's why hes also obsessive over her and watching her, mirroring the way that Kang Eun Tak is obsessive over SM's mum - who, as other people have mentioned, probably was his trigger too. The ending of ep 12 makes me really curious as to what will happen in the station. LA finds it even more traumatic than JI's kidnapping and the death of his parents??? I've been trying to think of a situation that could trump those but all I can think of is psychological torture. not too sure, but very excited for next week
  5. I agree! It's so refreshing watching him lose his temper and yell, because he's always either playful or sensible in real life (I just realized how cruel I sound there... haha ). So it's really interesting watching the entire spectrum of emotions he's able to portray. And me too, I feel my mood getting better during the weekend not because it's the weekend but because I know the next episodes are going to be released soon
  6. This episode was so moving, really packed full of revelations. I really wonder how An is going to find her in time, as the only clue is the read from her phone... Dae bong and So Hyeon are so cute
  7. just finished ep. 9 and i'm so sad at the ending it was such a cute episode until that part. I really liked how we got more back story on Dae Bong and Lee An too - fantastic character development. Jinyoung is a really good actor but he can't hide the embarrassment coming from his red ears Would someone mind explaining the motives behind SM tracking the blind spots for the CCTV? Is it so that he can see where the masked man goes, to help catch him?
  8. I think the masked man is showing particular interest in JI (and LA) because they are really intent on solving the mystery/proving JI’s dad’s innocence, and the man doesn’t want to be exposed - so he’ll try to kill anyone who threatens to expose the truth. All your comments regarding JI potentially being SM’s sister has got me thinking about a particular scene -with LA and his parents just before the fire, where LA asks for a sibling and his parents quickly shut down the subject, and his mum even rushes to find the number for the animal shelter. Just a passing thought… I get a strong feeling that JS and SM know something that we don’t regarding the relationship between young LA and JI, something other than the link between their parents and the deaths that hasn’t been revealed the viewers yet. From LA’s character, I don’t think he would be quick to jump to the conclusions and get mad at JI for her dad’s “crimes”, even if he found out that she was hiding this secret about the apartment fire. He knows that she is trying to find out something about her dad in the past and that she is a good person. & a very interesting insight! thank you for sharing this. I really can't wait for the next episode.
  9. Right!! of course. no wonder I thought something was familiar, it was highlighted even when LA was in the library studying the day before.
  10. episode 8 got me like While this would be an interesting reason, my guess is that it has more to do with his own perception of emotions. ie. I agree with thistle and turtle0127. Though I definitely think that the medication is involved somehow because it's come up a few times - I was considering that it could be an antidepressant of some sort considering his rough past. This is true! I hadn't watched the episode yet but I think they're revealing more of this theory. SM was also incredibly vague/quiet when JS asked him about both his parents in this scene. What creeps me out as well is that it's clear after this episode that JS finds JI as 'competition' for SM's affection... and it's hinted as almost romantic though I'm not sure how well the subs portray the actual language used. Although this may also be because SM also finds it hard to differentiate between different types of love?
  11. Hi guys I don't usually join forums but after keenly following this drama (as an ahgase) and the killer of an episode that was ep 7, there was no way I couldn't share my excitement! I skimmed through all your theories - they're pretty convincing but I was wondering why there's a consensus that the masked man is the prosecutor's father? It makes sense if we follow some theories' logic but I don't think the producers have given extensive information to assume so. We did get to see his face in the latest episode though. I love how this show isn't a stereotypical shallow romcom, I think the story and characters have been building up really well and I'm really enjoying the mystery/action aspects of it. This would be too funny!! Jokes aside, that scene was sooooo smooth I'm super excited for the next episode
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