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  1. Omg I love how you think ! Let’s just think that’s the case , just to abate the pain of our heartache lol
  2. Thankyou for the post, yes I was very frustrated about how XF wouldn’t tell him who the real QWX was n that really lead to the death of her Shifu. They pretty much asked for it. If they told him Shifu won’t died.
  3. You made a great point! I felt the same and I was waiting and hoping this exact thing to happen, was waiting for him to realized he was indeed her first lover and try to redeem himself. But that never happens so I think I somehow felt that I’m LCY as there is no closure when XF dies. You express it so nicely and it exactly how I felt too Thankyou xxx
  4. Thankyou for the response. Omg the Novel ending is so sad , worst than the drama ending! The novel drama would be a real disaster for me as there is no closure at all. Drama ending is super sad already but at least she said she forgive him and implied that they meet in the afterlife . Anyway so sad and now I can’t sleep. Just wish them two together somehow. Arghhh...
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Okies, do now I hope they do a part two of their next life together:) I know I know, wishful thinking but I think it could be possible hehe...
  6. That would be amazing ! Lol... but does that mean both will be old? How about the river makes them two youthful again and have a happily ever after in their 3rd chance? Hehe.,, the end.
  7. Thankyou ! Yeah i was hoping that if she died Or if both of them died, they would show that they have an afterlife meeting. I thought I heard the monk said they have 3 life together when they went to the temple together whilst investigating the fake coins? So this was their second life / chance . Also, I know ppl will hate me for saying this, but I was hoping them together or died together lol.
  8. So sad .... was hoping they jump into the river together again n start all over lol anyway about the ending , so they combined the original ending from the novel as well as the alternate ending to make a third ending? I watched the drama and she died differently. She did cut her throat but it was not right after she jumped off the gate wall. Also can someone explain why in the end it show that after he gave the throne to his brother’s son, he was walking to to the dessert? It also show the beautiful young XF sitting and looking out, could it be either it’s saying they meet in the after life or it could be that girl is their biological daughter ? ( wishful thinking ) but they did slept together once , and maybe she didn’t died after the she cut her throat since her brother took her body away from him.
  9. So sad .... was hoping they jump into the river again n start all over lol
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