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  1. Oh... Totally agree this!!!! I can tell (especially) from ep. 7 bts. Where she wore oversized hoodie, which she really adorable in it. You can see, how LDW looked at her then pulled the hoodie. Like he couldn't stand it anymore.
  2. Agree about YIN. I just wanna add something. In her first radio show, IU called her and had a chat, she also warned her with laughter and tears. Because YIN is easily moved, and no one can't stop her laughter. That's why she still laugh out loud to his lame jokes (beside, maybe she had grown some feelings). And LDW seems addicted to amuse her. And I don't think she will be totally annoyed if she doesn't like the man. She tends to have manner (as what she said in Sundabang, women tends to have manner in front of man even if she doesn't like him)
  3. So, the man needs to be sure, and the girl tends to reserved. But, I think, somehow men just doing something to pursue his love. Not, just based on what he used to do. And, how come he isn't sure with her based on her responses to his jokes all this time? And about YIN, from what I observed from Sundabang reality show, she is a truly observant person. She can found out people character and love interest in just one sitting. How could she doesn't realize his feeling?
  4. Go Hye Sun was YG right? How was YG handled her dating announcement back then?
  5. @intrariver don't forget, they also had a CF together. Right after Goblin.. @Yeojachingudeul it's like people all over the world digging and making conspiracies to make this couple come true.
  6. Yes!!!! And, he wondered why women done such things (complimenting each other-- we're women, so we understand that, right?). And also, some fan said that Inna and Seulgi (mc) had a good chemistry. I watched Seulgi's live chat before with wwwsk's casts, and it doesn't seem as lively as them (yin-ldw). Even mc said the live chat would go well without her, because YIN and LDW was so lively back then.
  7. You all maybe notice this, when YIN got freezing during Kakao Live Chat. This channel is really observant to notice little details.
  8. In the main thread, someone said that Yoo In Na came late to wrap up party. There's no photo of her signing. So, our couple came late?
  9. I am afraid, we can't catch some signs of them being together (or not) if they keep hiding. Well, that's a good thing too... I doubt we will get the news about foodtruck from our couple to "her private life" scene. (Well, the PD nim of hpl was the same with life and my secret hotel, who gave them food truck in TYH). I think that is the earliest news I want to know.
  10. About the coat, someone said maybe it's a dress code. Black. And about the wrap up party, don't worry dear... That was also what happened with Song Song Couple and Go Ahn Couple which are happily married now. You can check the previous post in this thread.
  11. One more probably ad-libbed scene. Not the hug, but the way he shook the hug. I can tell from her laughter. She is so adorable he can't help.
  12. Thanks for the insight. Her ex has confessed to her privately before the public confession. She probably didn't give the answer yet. And after public confession, she said she need several days to answer. And through that days, her ex, tweeted something (I forgot about what, but I think he made clear that he still wait for the answer). And then, YIN answered yes. Gosh, He indeed a persistent man. This video is YIN's confirmation and a little story about her ex' confession. Sorry, maybe this is out of topic. But probably you can capture some hint.
  13. I agree with you. But her character in Queen in Hyun's man and Goblin are actually the honest type.
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