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  1. He really quiet these days Sr.Weibo @jewelsc Hugs We really have same taste Do you cry? or dissapointed with the ending? ep 13-16 make me cry a lot but for me the ending more real,since it's JW's 18th moments,he still have a long way,and the ending scene... btw he's not kid,even OSW older than CXX,but it's his first acting,he really do a great job (he's the funniest member in Wanna one) and other cast too,most of them is new,but their chemistry really good Btw you can try watch here, i think kdrama sub is faster than cdrama, i can't understand both too,but since kdrama sub always have sub in the morning after the drama airing,and for cdrama i used to wait a week and more for sub after drama airing,that's why for sub reason i choose kdrama more @nuttyz miss you For the untamed,i love xiao zhan more (waiting his new drama with yang zhi) till now i just check mowgly boy,still waiting other ancient drama(arthur chen drama,Li xian too)so still busy with kdrama now (CJW is comeback tonight,and vagabondbcos it's Seung gi) @J13 you know you can see the age of knet who react and comments on naver,actually most of Moment at eighteen articles,age 30-40 is the most participated it is teen drama but the feeling is not teen drama,but....i think it's not your type of drama so it's ok to pass it
  2. Yes, He's not update recently, His Weibo old post Sr.Weibo @jewelsc @J13 Yes you should try it, i think you'll love OSW after watch it (this is his first drama but his acting really good,he can make me smile when he's happy,and he can make me cry when he's sad ) maybe you're not familiar with the cast,since we know KHG as child actress but all cast have great acting,great chemistry,great character,and great story,i love this drama so much since first time i try to watch it and can't stop it now, i keep rewatch it every day. Actually after GMP i did't watch Kdrama anymore,until Arthdal Chronicles but it's stop that time,so i continued crazy with Cdrama until novoland i still follow Arsenal millitary academy bcos Xu kai but it's ended, and Mowgly Boy but fast fwd so right now i just watch Moment at Eighteen,Rookie Historian Goo hae ryung, Siwan new drama(it's creepy but it's Siwan comeback and the story make me curious how he'll survive from that house) and Arthdal continue again last night,and Vagabond will airing soon( my kangdam couple reincarnation) i really busy with kdrama now Btw where @pad-hari and @nuttyz you're so busy....miss you all
  3. Fanpics Sr.Weibo Really? i always interesting with character and actor only never shipping,so ok with that but the teaser looks good. Btw @J13 @jewelsc Do you watch Moment At Eighteen KDrama? it's really good thanks to novoland i comeback and been crazy with KDrama again, Novoland (bcos that girl character give me nightmare and trauma watching Cdrama right now)
  4. is it only me? I feel that princess character is main lead now,she's everywhere since ep 21 till last night ep or maybe till the end since she's asule's everything now till last night ep I really can't watch her anymore I even can't watch other characters and drama now,bcos she's always with asule (I love this drama bcos asule character and trio friendship) sorry for ranting here when you love drama so much than there's unimportant annoying character,it can make you hate drama more maybe I'll watch this drama again if her character already gone or if she'll end up with asule character,it will be my bad luck,bcos I can't watch LHR great acting as asule anymore
  5. CXX Studio Update Sr.Weibo @J13 sorry been crazy with Novoland and LHR recently
  6. Making https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4389576292068141 OST Cr.Uploader
  7. @jewelsc yes,we watch for him Star first than character(and so far I enjoy all MTY character in drama no matter how suck the story) Hope it'll airing everyday like his prev drama.
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