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  1. I think,i'm not post this one yet New Drama Filming Sr.Weibo
  2. Sr.Weibo And again we're ranting about kissing scene here But actually after watched some of cdrama,GMP consider have a good kiss scene
  3. New Drama Filming Sr.Weibo Can't wait for this drama i recognized other man is from Meteor Shower. @jewelsc That's the reason why i can't love 2 star at the same time when i busy watching the other one,i don't have time to digging weibo and update for the other But when i first time see those pics( CXX no shorts) like finally....we see him with normal outfits that's why without digging deeper,i just posted here @nuttyz What happened? it's usual for raising star get anti fans but remember the one make me fall in love with CXX is LCY haters but hopes everything will be ok for him.
  4. Sr.Weibo So we all love Liu Ping love Fu Shou character too SOTK is the same like GMP for me,watch it over and over but i like FS char more than XFthat's wife should do for her husband
  5. His New Drama Co-star Weibo Update Fanpics TLOTCH times https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4377589550458776 Sr.Weibo
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