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  1. Engsub interviews Cr.uploader Pioneer Origins event Sr.weibo
  2. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4362366894217252 Cr.uploader Sr.weibo
  3. ON FASHION ChicBanana https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4349427206200589 Sr.weibo
  4. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4288964422946475 Cute fan arts Sr.weibo
  5. @pad-hari Thank youu always love see his live chat even though I dunno what he said but I still can't find the full version of this one Cr.uploader Btw been curious with Last prince novel,but I can't find the English one,so just use google trans like always and read last chapter they're end up together,it's said more abuse than GMP but it's more on his char. Sr.weibo
  6. CXX update https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4362047032472408 Sr.weibo
  7. This one https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4361669763310640 it says just activity Cr.uploader His eyes Sr.weibo
  8. @nuttyz another request i think this is many people favorite,especially me and see those hands Thank youuuu Cr.uploader Another event with Origins , @pad-hari dun like this outfit Sr.weibo
  9. Whoaaa The Last Prince confirmed the girl is older than him again. @pad-hari about Love in a Fallen City,he just cameo,it's Ethan ruan drama. Love the fan arts Always love his live chat Is he left handed? but when he drawing he use right hand. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4361429894938515 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4356424168946037 Sr.weibo
  10. This is my opinion abt LCY (but you all know I always be his side) For me he's pitiful character,always alone(unlike XF,she have AD,GJ, YN even PZ sometimes) like queen dowager said he always keep everything by himself,I think the one he close the most is his first brother,and as he know DC kill him (this first reason why he hate DC) This second reason,both DC and Central plains hate each other, as royal prince,that's his duty to free his people from DC (we know how cruel DC to his people) and this is the only way to get him CP position,for revenge,for me not bcos greedy with power,if king the one greedy with power,he won't be a good emperor(but we all know in the end he devoted all his life to his country) it's normal that they try find a way to take down their enemy (just this is his first guilty he use XF and his big mistake is he's falling love with her). When he killed king of DC (king of DC sacrifice to save his people) that's why even he's forget after jump from the river,he still make funeral for XF grandfather,bcos all he knows DC king is a hero for his people) Did he feel guilty with XF? of course he did,he almost kill himself twice (with sword before mr chai prevent it,he said he dunno how to face her anymore,and than he jump together with her) and dun blame him abt XF parents,we all know the one destroy them is General Gao,not LCY. Abt GJ death,I think I have the same opinion with @Le_Amarant , remember GJ the one provoke him,will take her from him,and he can't remember (all he know XF hate him bcos he's the one destroy DC but bcos of war,not bcos he betray her) and XF is not just woman,she's his wife,crown princess too,and both keep provoking him like nothing. man have some pride,especially he's a crown prince,and at least a wife must have honor too,especially she's a princess(sorry I really dun like XF when she decide go with GJ bcos she thinks he's GXW,and than it worst bcos her crying and hairpin hairpin means your true love and she's wear it in front of many people I still keep skip this scene ) @ayang23 about sacrifice to the one you love,their relationship is alliance marriage,it's not about themself,about 2 country,and finally XF see it,she's comeback and there's a war. and finally she understands her duty as 9th princess. but I believe if LCY the one remember first,he'll find a way to let her go back to her country,but not with other man And as LCY said that he can't face her anymore bcos his guilt,we can see after he remember everything,he really feel guilty and take everything she said to him,and everything is too late for them,they have a greatest love but they can't be together (bcos I believe if XF still alive,she won't forgive him and LCY will let her go) they just can't be together in this life. I rant a lots sorry it will be my last rant,I'll just post pics after this, @J13 I still have many pics thank you everyone in this forum,no matter we've different perspective and argument but it shows how much we love this drama. Sr.weibo
  11. @nuttyz thank youu soo much you've working so hard. i've been looking the translation for this video since it's come out, and we're so lucky have you here again and again yes,love all his answer abt acting,so deep and mature,but still humble and sometimes we see him cute,innocent and fun your translation make me deep drown more to him @pad-hari share it on GMP thread too,I hope they'll upload it with full episode since it's still popular till now. Sr.weibo
  12. @nuttyz I found eveything on weibo i even dig CXX weibo till his first post thank youu hope it won't burdened you. btw we talk about his upcoming drama,and i see this http://k.sina.com.cn/article_6312685199_17843ee8f00100g1gf.html?cre=tianyi&mod=pcpager_focus&loc=2&r=9&rfunc=29&tj=none&tr=9 http://k.sina.com.cn/article_6933640248_19d46f43800100ge1x.html?cre=tianyi&mod=pcpager_focus&loc=13&r=9&rfunc=29&tj=none&tr=9 So it's comfirmed? and i see news about youku taken down GMP , will they upload again? full version?
  13. other interviews @nuttyz only if you're free,thank youuu https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4361298748336534 @nuttyz at least we have you here otherwise we'll just guessing everything he said but even I just understand a bit,his answer always great and fun too me too I keep changing bias too, I thought my prev bias is young (from YSH bcos Ruler,than D.O bcos 100 days) but CXX more younger than them for drama maybe won't that fast,since GMP just finished,but for movie I read it will release on Oct 1st this year. @jewelsc I want try Ever Night too, and watch Untouchable Lovers too (bcos Song weilong),Love so beautiful (bcos my friend watch it) aah and old drama Legend of dragon pearl (and the girl die too I think for ruler,they can't have both love and power,they must choose 1,like LCY and actually I'm glad with the ending,bcos if he choose love,how abt his people than) His school times,he was fat boy that time,he said no girl send him love letter right? but how can he so tall right now? I'm glad he get more popular bcos his acting, not bcos looks. Sr.weibo
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