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  1. OMGWOW Can't wait for tonight I'll miss this couple,my most favorite couple in Cdrama land
  2. LOL @jewelsc I do the same after watch the trailer,read it with Google translate but XY part only see from the trailer,mv and available ep,there's a lots of scene from the book. @pad-hari
  3. His other project The Glory of Youth Other poster from Falling in Love Sr.weibo @jewelsc it's my bad,I'm really sorry make you a loner here that time I was in bad mood to spazz,when everything I watched is dissapointed,but cdrama thread always quiet,dunno what to share anymore. But at least we're back when our boys project airing . And you're right,never expected it's good,especially his scene naughty CXX. I watch The Wolf too,but still waiting for subs,and hope after this they'll release Oath of Love soon (finally I watche
  4. Hello everyone sorry for never update again @jewelsc @J13 @nuttyz miss you all what do you watch now? btw The Best of Times airing now Just check it till ep 5,love his character too here and his new project Falling in Love. Sr.weibo
  5. @hush puppy I read it from here I prefer pics bcos I'm not like you who good describe everything with words that's why I only read(thanks to you this page full information of SWL,so we're new fans know him better too) btw found cute pics Cr.Logo His face look like manga character
  6. Found gorgeous airport fanpics Cr.Logo @hush puppy i read it with google translateI dunno chinese(my friend said I'll get headache but as long as you know the point,it still enjoy to read,I read ever night with this method tooand when I re read the engsub when it's available it's the same) About Zhang Ping cute I think it's the situation make him cute(it's not act cute) and for person like him(he's quiet person)but he always curious with the case and try to investigate and solved it,I think it's make him cute Thankfully since I c
  7. I love all of them @hush puppy and love all your post you do great job to get all this information sorry been busy reading Zhang Gongan recently. For me to love this actor,handsome and acting is not first,but character,if I love his character I'll try watch all his project. So far on SWL he have 5 character i love so much. Yuan Song,Ling Xiao,Rong Zhi(and unlike most of you,I love the episode after they're married) Fang yuke,Feng Chengjun(this feel same like RZ,like but not satisfied,but still if I can rewatch it,he's good) and I think I'll love Zhang Ping character too
  8. I keep wonder where they know each other(SWL and Sehun) so it's bcos catman
  9. I'm still rewatching between Find Yourself and Go Ahead recently and In a Class Of Her Own (his scene only) @hush puppy you can describe him so well Does not seek to impress people, just being himself and quietly helping others,I really love this part of him. About acting,not many actor at his age can get 2 good drama in the same year. people always discredit him in reviews but I watched Go Ahead bcos SWL in the poster,without his character and him as cast i won't watch it even it's really great drama And see from the safeguard events I think many peopl
  10. Thank you so much @hush puppy he stare at me I found old fanpics I think this Yuan Song times. Cr.OHSOLAR0325
  11. So many gorgeous pics today Cr.logo sorry @hush puppy I only good post pics actually one thing i like abt SWL he's handsome but he's not lazy actor (who only use his handsome) bcos every role i can see him as different person,he's really working hard with his acting.
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