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  1. After college, absolute adult life begins, a new stage - life at the university. And it seems to me that this is an even more exciting adventure.
  2. I am writing a speech now and I cannot structure it beautifully, but I can pass it very soon, more precisely, to present it. Can there be any kind people who can help me professionally?
  3. I read GOT books now. Finally! And also few blogs (one of them)
  4. "Thursday" (1998) Great film!
  5. Oh hi! Maybe you could help me in that case! I am looking for some information about the education in Europe for foreigners. I need to know are there any good conditions (like this https://leader-education.com/odessa/) when it's more profitable for young boys and girls do their studies abroad than in motherland. Thank you!
  6. Home schooling is a good option if you're star or something and don't have enough time for this but in other way I wouldn't choose it
  7. Good one! Sometimes I feel lack of those "wise words". And if you feel lack of help in writing resume before starting your career, ask these guys https://craftresumes.com/professional-resume-writer/ , they know what to do with it.
  8. Thaaaaank you for thissss! OMG xd
  9. Such a cutie pies, I'm in love with all of them!
  10. I'm pretty sure that success of a goof essay first of all depends on the topic you have to write about. So be carefull. Second part of a good essay for me is an ability to write good texts, to have your own opinion in particular question. And just to have fun doing it. As for me, I'm not good in writing but good in maths! So I have to order my paper works in litterature or languages not to lose good marks. Good for me there are wide choice of services like https://paperleaf.ca/ which offer professional help. My life would be much more difficult without it.
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