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  1. Cute the comments below are fun too... the rumors of Yuqi claiming that a lipstick she has was given by "zhang Wuji" (perhaps spoken in jest?) has given fans loads to gossip about! I know, sad. We don't have much juicy gossip to go on, so even this little bit counts!
  2. @LaurenPanna Hahah Tieba is great because it has a diversity of views, I think some of them lean one way or the other and it's fun to read! Thanks for sharing the cut scenes pictures- I'm really keen to see those scenes too! BTW, Yukee is starring in another wuxia drama that just put out stills- and it's looking very pretty, plus Yukee gets a role that has some cross-dressing so I'm sure I'm going to get ZM-vibes! I'm not 100% that I like Yu Menglong's acting, but still will probably drop by for a look when this comes out just to get my post-HSDS fix on ZM-like-stuff https://cfen.si/2019/01/16/first-stills-for-yu-menglong-chen-yuqis-happiness-over-two-lifetimes/
  3. Thanks for sharing- you're the only person I know who writes both English and Chinese fanfic- the rest of us envy your bilingualism!
  4. Thanks! There'll be fluff and soft-smut and some funny ZhouDian (who is rapidly becoming my favorite POV character!) But yes, it's mostly silly fun with a hint of reincarnation angst!
  5. New chapter up for Hao Jiejie (Good Sister)- my English modern AU HSDS fanfic https://archiveofourown.org/tags/倚天屠龙记 | Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber (TV 2019)/works?page=1
  6. So adorable, she nearlt falls off and he helps her stay on her stand. ThaThanks for sharing!!
  7. Love it, the fun they had carried over into positive vibes for ZWJ/ZM! Although I must say Yukee is unusually shy, i feel like most younger actresses are pretty comfortable joking around and taking kiss promotion pictures while she seems easily embarrassed. (As evident from the challenge Joseph being get to relax in their kiss scene... perhaps because that kiss scene took so long the director figured it wasn't worth putting them through another one? )
  8. @LaurenPanna Awesome, I'll try that! A little off topic but here's the trailer for Joseph's latest modern drama - he looks very cute in here, but in some ways it just makes me miss ZWJ more. It's just not the same...
  9. OMG you have a Lofter account and posting there? How did you get around the need for a China cell phone number to post? I've been trying to comment on various fanfics there without success! Share your secret! Thank you!
  10. Totally! I just saw a sniplet from Ep 18 and I thought "Oh wow, Wuxia in cantonese again!" Nostalgic kick actually made me like it better than the chinese (sorry guys) even though I understand chinese better overall. I didn't mind ZWJ's voice, although it did take a few seconds to adjust. Yinli's voice is nice, ZZR's voice is too girlish but the fact that her voice is annoying might be appropriate for later in the story. @bluesky888 I definitely think WJ had something for ZZR early in the story but never got around to re-setting ZZR's expectations when he fell for ZM (due to him not being entirely sure he should be in love with her) but that makes me think part of the misunderstanding from her is his bad. (It doens't justify her actions, but I can see why she misunderstood) Love this ZWJ, but see this as a flaw of his- he's a nice guy and doesn't say "no" clearly enough. (Funnily he's better at that with ZM who he loves than the other girls, who he doesn't! ) So much love! Joseph is killin' it!
  11. Nice find @kur4p1k4 although you need a China cell phone number to vote! Alas... but yeah I was fascinated that "favorite book" is Legend of the Condor Heroes (33%, with HSDS only 25%) but unforgettable couple is ZWJ/ZM (52% with GJ/HR at 22%).... so there is a significant segment of people who like Condor Heros best of all the stories, but ZWJ/ZM of all the couples. Interesting! [Blame Tony Leung, Gigi Lai and the other unforgettable actors/writers/directors who have made the world mad for ZWJ/ZM for so many years!] @jackieusa Joseph has a new drama? Do you have any other information? Be fun to see him in modern garb... but I get the feeling I'm going to be growling/barking at his leading ladies for awhile because none of them will be Zhaomin....
  12. Hahah! Jean Luc is awesome! Sorry had to say that. Back to your regular programming....
  13. Ah, the title claims they played the scene backward.... so the clip has the same scene going forward and backward, so it looks a little different and like a full make-out session but is just that one kiss scene. :) Hahaha... desperate fans will do anything. @chipz03 I signed up quite a few years ago, but I don't think you need any invite, just have to wait through a lag period (a few days?) before they approve you! Its a super easy-to-navigate interface after that.
  14. @chipz03 I like dark and tragic fanfics! BTW, for everyone who's writing fanfic if you post on AOOO or fanfiction.net then you'll be able to share with more readers, keep it active for longer and also track comments etc. I also find it easier to read vs. in posts! Final note: Read another interesting c-fanfic which is a role-reversal-cum-time-travel AU: ZM/ZZR change roles (i.e., ZM is the fisherman's child who feeds ZWJ and gets rescued by ZSF, and ZZR is the person born a princess of the Yuan empire) plus ZZR has gone back in time so remembers the story as it is. Of course, since I read only Ji-min (ZWJ/ZM) fanfic, ZM still creams ZZR, by firstly managing to escape Ermei and return to Wudang, getting ZSF to be her shifu, and hence being Wuji's Shishu ('uncle')! I'm waiting for the "Hao Shishu" (Good Uncle) scene, and of course ZWJ is already grateful to ZM for feeding him and is dazzled by ZM's Taiji (as his only female disciple ZSF decides to pass his 'softest' wugong to her). In this story ZSF with ZM turn up at WanAn to rescue the Wudang people captured by ZZR. Brilliant plotting! (Although I think the writing a little uneven, and the role-reversal is sufficiently fun that the time-travel just adds complication without too much interest- mostly ZZR is constantly angry at ZM!) http://tangduanfa.lofter.com/post/1e719940_12e9a274e Hahaha... I haven't thought about those scenes in a long time, and yes, I remember all of them. '86 had them all I think. Which is awesome. Perhaps this series has them too? Just that they cut them out? Wasn't there rumors that there was a lot of edited footage?
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