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  1. Hahaha... I read somewhere that the comment Yuqi made on the lipstick was when going through security at the airport (she had forgotten to put a lipstick into the scanner and she found it when the metal detector went off, a fan overheard her saying that "ZWJ gave me that." I assume as a joke. ) _But_ that doesn't preclude us using that in fanfiction and speculating on the significance of that comment! Nice to see interest here still- I might add as encouragement that funnily Lofter has a hard core group that is _still_ churning out dozens of new chapters across as many fanfics daily. They're even getting creative (more creative) in terms of having fanfics within fanfics (where characters write or blog about fanfics) and other crazy ideas. Mandarin readers you should check those out! Happy weekend all!
  2. Thanks all, no wonder his cantonese is so good! :) Lin Yushen sounds nicely humble and I love it that he got a big break with HSDS 2019. I'm sure all the Buhui step-mom club ladies will be watching out for his new show. Speaking of which anyone watching Joseph's new modern drama on studying abroad with his dad? Didn't someone post a kiss he had with his costar? (Already! It took us more than 80% way through HSDS to get a kiss! Garh!)
  3. Wait, he speaks Cantonese really well! Which Province is he from? And well, even if what he's saying is for the fan-service, still I'll take it! Desperate beggar-fans can't be choosers! ZWJ/ZM forever!
  4. Haha, very cute and I'd agree hom swallowing nervously and flicking his tongue is a nice touch from Joseph!
  5. @Angee86, Deminni, LaurenPanna and I all have fanfics that are regularly updated linked to their AOOO (Archive Of Our Own) accounts (you can find it on their and my signatures). Chipz03 is just about to get an AOOO account and her/his stuff is also temporarily held just in posts to this site. Graceeandedward has part of one that s/he posted here awhilst back. And if you can read chinese then you're really in luck, because there is literally hundreds of fanfics at Lofter that are ZM/ZWJ with a half dozen or dozen added every single day. Plus if you happen to be into ZWJ/Yangxiao and Yangxiao/Xiaofu, you're in even more luck because I'll bet there's easily a thousand of those. (Lauren is the only person I know who writes both in English AND Chinese, plus s/he is a studen of Wushu, so extra amazing to read her stuff!) Have fun!
  6. Adorable! Although I was a little shocked to be reminded that there was a BTS where he pretends to kiss Bambi and she pretends to hit him.... it's a fun BTS just that because they're in costume, I had a moment of "Noooo! ZWJ would NEVER, even in jest, kiss ZZR!" ;))) Ok, I get it, I'm a little too enthused about my OTP.
  7. Wowww... Yukee looks awesome!! Who is she fighting? A stunt person? Love it!
  8. @chipz03 Thanks! And actually for everyone I'm always looking for ideas and constructive criticism since writing fanfic is sometihng I want to get better at! Interesting punishment by the Empress Yishiu, reminds me of "1984"- constantly rewriting history!
  9. @LaurenPanna Nice- JY tied his novels together actually better than I realized! @chipz03 See you at AOOO All, another chapter of Haojiejie up @kur4p1k4 The Ad is fun! Oddly while I find Joseph very good looking at ZWJ he seems only so-so in the ad. Yukee thought looks gorgeous in the ad! And yes, someone who works at MAC is a HSDS fan! (#HSDS fans rule the world!)
  10. @kur4p1k4 Ahhh... it makes sense. All these years and it never occurred to me that the title of the book was about the overthrowing of the Yuan dynasty! Thanks for this- really cool insight actually!
  11. @chipz03 I like the dark character and dramatic angst! Zhou Dian scene... I imagined it was like Darth Vader remotely strangling the guy in the first scene he appears in Star Wars! So cool! :) Thanks for sharing and definitely get on AOOO so you can keep it around. @LaurenPanna I like your short reflection of Chipz's story! It's interesting how people 'sound' different in different languages! BTW, I think this type of inspiring and cross-referencing is fanfic community at it's best. More! @LaurenPanna
  12. Hahaha... coincidence, but I wrote a fanfic on just this scene that I posted last night. :) Go to the 6th story: "Shame" https://archiveofourown.org/works/18228215/chapters/43804078 Also another chap in the modern AU https://archiveofourown.org/works/18790927/chapters/45208360
  13. He's one of my favorite TVB actors ever (after Tony Leung)! :) BTW, Yuki is acting in another wuxia: https://cfen.si/2019/05/28/luo-yunxi-chen-yuqi-cast-in-wuxia-romance-drama-and-the-winner-is-love/#more-62086
  14. Lauren you're a SERIOUS JY fan! You even study with Wudang... you're a living, breathing JY-crazy!
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