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  1. I am yet to watch episode 14 but I have already spoiler myself by reading the posts & watching videos. I have a question though. The PSM case was solved by the end of episode 6. But his mother showed up at the law firm in episode 13. I mean if she knew her son was not guilty, she could have come sooner to KJR. Even if to curse or resent him. Why wait for last trial? "Ahjumma, where were you all this time?" Correct me if I am wrong, as I don't know much about laws and regulations. Of course. Wendy's what if love and the newly released photographs are my favorites. But the whole album is so likeable and beautiful.
  2. @jeonghyang Thanks for the tag dear. Sure the end is not far away. I am both excited and sad. Will post again after watching the episode.
  3. @jeonghyang and @turtlegirl Thank you for the live recaps. We really appreciate it
  4. @mimima That's such a good edit. YIN surely would look ravishing in a wedding gown.
  5. I don't think OJS is that wrong either. The thing when a public figure announces her/his love to someone, it's just not their responsibility, their manager and entertainment company has to get involved too. Not to forget fans. I heard even many companies have that in their contract that the actor/actress will not date publically. And many fans even go as far as threatening the other person. She is just being cautious. And of course it might be her last chance in the industry.
  6. I am done crying. I am so sorry for the lame posts I have been making for the past 2 days. About the episode till around 46 minutes into the show everything was going on fine. And then the dreadful call came. Even though, OYS told her Oppa clearly not to put his nose in her dating life. He did just that. Why don't people listen? And what's with you exactly, depyonim? I don't get even if KJR & OYS are dating (which they are) why is he getting nervous? I really liked manager Oppa and law firm depyonim from the start but I am so heartbroken and disappointed. At this point, even the entertainment industry CEO would have solved matters the better way. About KJR.. this guy.... he really touched my heart in so many ways. He is wise, considerate, loving & super adorable. I just loved the way he said, "whatever it is I won't be the first one to talk about breakup" and then he reflected on his own words. The way he congratulated her on her achievement was priceless. When he said, "Oh Yoon seo ssi" my heart broke into so many pieces. The silence of the situation made it more difficult to hold back my emotions. About the precap, our lawyer couple has started dating.. yay. They look cute together. As for our main lead, it's a sad week. They both immersed themselves in work so much, so no one can guess what's happening in their mind. They both are sad. Again with law firm CEO, someone is working like madman, I bet almost ignoring his own health. Are you happy now? And manager Oppa "Is that guy still on your mind?" That guy has a name and it's Lawyer Kwon Jeong ruk. It looks like PSM's mother is here to ask KJR to be her son's representative in some case. Maybe that's why he said, if he doesn't take this case he won't have confidence to be anyone's lawyer anymore.
  7. Kwon Jeong ruk I just watched the episode. My heart breaks for him. I haven't been able to sort my thoughts and emotions yet. I might post again on this matter.
  8. @USAFarmgirl That's such a warm and beautiful explanation. That's the reason I am unable to get upset with him even after today's episode.
  9. I agree with you. PSM must have harmed himself. Even so, considering his disability and deciding the punishment is solely dependent on the honorable judge. Attorneys does not get to decide how much punishment should the guilty person gets. His mother should have filed a request to lessen his punishment (because of his disability) in the very first place. P.S. I am sorry if I sound angry or irritated right now. It's just I am so heartbroken right now. Sorry.
  10. But, her son committed a murder & KJR put him behind the bars. That was right, it was his job. I guess something happened to that guy after that. But you can't possibly sue a lawyer for doing his job, right?
  11. It does have a happy ending. I am more concerned about the separation part.
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