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  1. @cybertron That’s how I understand it too. They just said that Ye jin is clasping her own hands. That’s it..
  2. I think HB will undergo some kind of test from her friends. One of her friend, Lee Jung Hyun who got married last year mentioned in an interview that she and her boyfriend went on a trip with her friends so they can know him better...
  3. Glad you noticed it too. We used to say that Ye jin is good at hiding her feelings. But that hair smelling part gave it away for her..
  4. Anyone else noticed that Ye jin smelled HBs hair in the hospital scene BTS?
  5. I love her hands too. Loved it since a moment to remember movie. I also noticed HBs hand look manly and elegant. Even their hands have chemistry
  6. I really love the back hug scene in CLOY. But I really find the thumb caressing sweet and intimate. It feels too personal and real for me..
  7. i don’t know if that is her real house. It is Seri’s room in CLOY. I think they just pointed out that JH wound was treated in her room and not the guest room. So there’s a probability that they where sleeping in the same room in CLOY.
  8. I think they’re trying to show that the room where JH wound was treated is Se-ri’s room.
  9. I will definitely go for A. And hopefully Ye jin will share some of their moments together in her IG. I don’t think they will act together even if they are not a couple. Them pairing together after a movie is already not common. And with CLOYs success it will be hard..
  10. Hello! May I have a copy or link of the Great Ambition and Sun-Hee and Jin-Hee too? Its okay if its not subbed. I wanted to watch it too but can’t find it anywhere. Thanks
  11. I started to have some reservations regarding Hyun Bin because of the scandal of his friends. But after some thinking I realized that it’s really unfair to judge him just by that. The fact that Ye jin is very comfortable around him makes me think that he is a good person. He seems to be a real gentleman..
  12. Hello. It’s my first time to post in this thread but I’ve been checking it ever since it started. I am a silent shipper of these two. I‘ve been a fan of Ye jin after watching SITR. I think I really liked her way longer than that but officially became a fan after watching SITR. As I’ve been checking on her regularly I saw the dating news and became curious. I can say that there is really something special between them. I read in one post that ye jin is also sweet in her SITR bts but for me they where just both in character. But with the CLOY bts I see the sweet hyun bin and ye jin not their characters. Maybe its just me. P.S. ye jins IG post with the book Memories of Cuba is quite interesting/puzzling... Sorry for the long post. Keep on shipping friends and happy shopping anniversary
  13. It’s in between a touch and a gentle push, haha. But so cute and sweet c:
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