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  1. Uhhh...it's breaks my heart to see him not recognizing su jin ...she came there to say something but I guess it was too late..it seems like her face disappeared from his memory. But didn't understand the part in the end of episode 8 where ah ram is playing with a man ..who is it? They didn't show the face of the man ..was it our lead or someone else ...seems like the story will either end with hero's death or he completely becoming in a fully forgotten state where he even forgets to how to speak. I am really curious how su jin behave since now everything is out.. is she gonna start taking care of him or just approach him to give lots of pity . IDK how the writer will take the plot from here.. I really don't want more heart breaking scenes . My personal opinion; if she really respects and understand why DO Hoon did all this ,she should move on and live happily with her child like he wanted her to be.
  2. Yep..she finally knows about his illness.. That was was difficult to watch. And the thing that really kills me is that he forgot who she was...he don't remember su jin
  3. This is drama is getting too emotional ..I can't even watch it. I know he loves his wife so much and from his point of view it the only right thing to leave his wife and not be a burden on her . But su Jin also has the right to decide what to do . What bothered me was that the lead showed the symptoms when they were together ,su jin was so busy with thought of having children I think she unknowingly ignored his illness or didn't get that something was off with her husband. I think in tomorrow's episode she finds the truth . This is going to be a mess.
  4. I don't know why this is happening..poor SJ ...he is such a nice person and now he is dying ...so sad to watch . Ms Hong needs to be taught a lesson ...and SH as expected is becoming worse than his mom ..how is this going to unfold I don't know ..it's too depressing to watch
  5. This is getting way out of control ... Ms Hong has ultimate advantage over the Choi family.she knows about SJ'S illness .This will be used by her to control the Choi family .Poor SJ ,seems like he will be the last one to know that he is dying. If he gets to know this now,he will be crushed ,it's painful to watch..And He really needs to go after Ms hong now...even though it will be like a bloody fight ,it's time to take action . someone needs to stop her
  6. Alber.....what !....what the hell is wrong with these dramas ....a fictional disease... everyone in this drama is mad...come on , which doctor discloses patient information to others . And Finally someone called SH - Mama's boy. Happy to hear that ...I don't know what is going to happen next ..what are the writers aiming at .
  7. Yep... it's a usual typical kdrama plot...but it is also true that people still watch and are interested in these kind of dramas .It is also a fact that , this plot will be again presented with a few changes or with an attractive male and female lead and people will again continue to watch this ..I don't think this plot is going to die anytime soon
  8. I really don't know what is going to happen next..SJ passing out in front of SH. It's really not what I was expecting .If he gets to Know about SJ's illness ,then everything goes out of control. If he doesn't find out only SJ does ,then he is going to be crushed ,with no one helping him..it's sad and depressing to watch. What I think is going to happen is that when SJ finds about the illness,he is going to push SY away .I think by this time Ms Hong is going to take over the company and SJ finding out everything about Ms hong from SY and connecting everything .Then as usual kdrama cliche ,while he is dying he is going to fight and take care and correct the wrong doings by his family towards SY 's family , help SD as well ,get back his company from Ms Hong bring the truth out before everyone and patch up things with SH and JY, fight for SK ( maybe help her get divorced ) . Then on the other side SY will be falling head over heels for her hero SJ and everything turning sentimental with SJ rejecting her and finally the truth about his illness revealing and everyone going mad and sentimental and he finally dying ( hope not) . SY finally moving on and becoming successful or SJ's illness magically getting cured (thanks to kdrama gods) and SJ and SY finally ending up together. We got about 50 episodes left and I don't know how they are going to do it all . When SJ's illness reveals all the characters in the drama will go through some major developments.
  9. Yes...that too in front of SH. If he comes to Know about SJ's illness , what happens...I can't even watch it.
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