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  1. Everyone in different forums are going crazy after ep 6. They all are trying to come up with theories and putting scene by scene analysis of the characters. At this rate I am pretty sure, people will probably start to analyse even the advertisements shown during the break of the drama. Ps: Episode 6 was great...
  2. Watched ep 3, the episode was good and we already lost 2 characters, dr Daniel and our sweet grandma. I really thought dr Daniel was very important to the plot, I guess not. At this rate, I am wondering whether the writer wants to kill every supporting character to show one death per episode. Don't you guys think the killer/ han seo joon's son reveal was so easy and so obvious. Anyone could figure this out...I am damn sure the writer is planning some brilliant plot twists. I am looking forward to it... For a psychopathic killer,the doctor seems to be too careless.
  3. Han seo joon is still alive because,in many countries a death penalty is not done as soon as possible. The convicts must serve a minimum amount of years before they are executed. Yeah,I find it weird too. I don't have many theories regarding this drama as the first 2 episodes shows the drama can, if wanted take a really twisted turn. I mean they are really not shying away from showing drak scenes. One theory I do have is like what you said. Han seo joon's son is Lee seung gi character, jung ba reum. He is a psychopath like his dad. But like other psychopaths, he i
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