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  1. Han seo joon is still alive because,in many countries a death penalty is not done as soon as possible. The convicts must serve a minimum amount of years before they are executed. Yeah,I find it weird too. I don't have many theories regarding this drama as the first 2 episodes shows the drama can, if wanted take a really twisted turn. I mean they are really not shying away from showing drak scenes. One theory I do have is like what you said. Han seo joon's son is Lee seung gi character, jung ba reum. He is a psychopath like his dad. But like other psychopaths, he i
  2. Hi.. I was just lurking around the forum reading all your posts. I was not going to post anything but, Yesterday's episode just creeped me out . The 40s step mom and husband. I feel like puking... it's soo gross. I'm also curious to know more about the mistresses . I also agree with all of you, it's time they show or provide more solid clues about the 3 women. I read somewhere that this drama has a sequel with more episodes. Is that true? Are they planning it like penthouse?
  3. Since they already established JW and Jaime are twins, if the crazy scientist lady is really JW's mom then, she is Jaime's mom also. Maybe in her experiments only JW always showed high and positive results. That's why she is obsessed with him. She thinks of him as the key to cracking this formula. I also felt like that, did the writer change the plot according to the actors, Maybe that's why the plot became a mess. I felt something off about the character development of Jaime nowadays after watching these latest episodes. It's so obvious that the writer made it all into
  4. After watching ep 14, even though the plot is moving fast it's feels like something is missing. The blue house guy has created a new identity and living a lie by hiding. He is waiting to kill his son, so he could get his son's identity. What a great father! After today's episode I feel like the crazy scientist lady is really JW's mom. She is not just obsessed. If I am right we got a great mother too. She is just not crazy, she is something more horrible.Using your own kid as test subject for experiments. This new serum they injected,maybe it could help JW cure his
  5. I honestly don't want to continue this drama now but I will have to finish it. I am doing this sacrifice only for NGM . The writer had a good theme. Now it's a mess. I don't even wanna talk about this.
  6. I don't know what they were talking about. I don't have that much knowledge in understanding korean. I can only understand few things. It seems the misunderstanding is still not cleared .. Maybe jae woong will help JW to finish this. That seems like a logical conclusion for jae woong.
  7. They are siblings. It's true. The writer ruined everything. Now I wonder whether this is how the story was supposed to go. Did the writer change it according to the actors ? If the writer really changed the story for the actors, maybe that's why the story became a mess. Maybe this was not how the story was supposed to go. I really didn't want JW and Jaime to be siblings, but it's true. I have no other option but to accept it. And now after watching the live stream it's seems hye won is getting more time than Jaime. Jaime is more like a Cameo in each e
  8. The surgery was done and they never mentioned what kind of surgery but they did say cyberknife was used. It is used to remove tumor or abnormal growth in brain. It's not shown whether she had any powers before surgery, only thing that was shown was that she has OCD which is a side effect of the experiments and a higher IQ. She also have trauma and memory loss, apart from that nothing about her powers is mentioned. Even now also they are trying to implement she is just human and JW and jae woong are the only ones who have powers. I don't know if they will show whatever powers sh
  9. They probably won't explain it like we want to ... 1) At this point they are telling Jaime is just human. She doesn't have any super powers but she has an high IQ. Or else we will get to see her powers later in the episodes as she now finally remembers everything. 2) I couldn't figure that out but I think Maybe it was because he was just more close to Jaime. Or he couldn't get it because of Jae woong's DID. They really can't seem to connect with eachother due to this. 3) They explained this earlier in the episodes, WNV was started as an orphanage but just not you reg
  10. You guys are right, after every episode the viewers are only decreasing. The drama had a lot of potential, if the writer had really spend a little more time on developing the characters and avoiding the loopholes. Then we would have had a solid script and a good drama. In today's episode Hye won quit her job after knowing her father's involvement in the foundation. At this rate, one major character's death is unavoidable. The possible candidates are JW( he is already dying, he has the majority in this scenario) Jaime ( her death is unlikely as JW is ready protect her,e
  11. I think all should see the next episode because according to TVN website the preview description says Jaime , JW and jae woong all meet at WNV town after all these years and jae woong who is angry at them for abandoning him attacks them. So maybe tomorrow we will get the truth behind the incident that happened in WNV . Jaime will probably regain her memories .
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