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  1. Watching the last episode... I don't understand what Haerin and Seojun was saying but this couple so cute.
  2. The drama just ended since I don't understand korean I don't know what CY what saying in the end. They are hug and kiss. I think the grandma will give the approval to the relationship since she keep seeing CY so miserable and crying.
  3. The stalker is Jay, a member of the rock band Trax. Sorry can't attach a picture, still don't know how.
  4. Really wandering if Lee dong wook and Yoo in na are not close in real life, because when they hug in this episode their head is not close. Also in Goblin in the last episode their farewell hug in the bridge there is a gap between them.
  5. Very excited this coming saturday episode really looking forward to see Haerin and Seojun. Love the development of their relationship.
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